Russian Brides: Find a Russian Wife Without Going to Russia

Essential Information About Russian Mail Order Brides

Russian brides are extremely popular with men worldwide. About 350 thousand women of this nationality emigrated to set up families abroad with foreign husbands during the period between 1993 and 2016.

Why are Russian wives so attractive to American and Western European men? The answer is simple. Many men believe ladies of Slavic nationalities to be more appropriate for marriage than Western women.

Russian girls are more family-oriented and housewifely. They are not inclined to pay more attention to their careers than to their families. They are usually excellent at cooking and housekeeping and do not mind having several kids. Moreover, Russian brides often look more feminine, beautiful, and bright than Western ladies.

So, thousands of Western men start happy families with Russian mail order wives. How to become one of them? There are specialized Russian mail order brides services that can assist you in dating Russian brides for marriage. These are online international marriage agencies that help Russian women and American or Western European men to find each other and keep in touch until they get married.

Best Sites to Find a Hot Russian Bride:

What Features Do Russian Mail Order Brides Services Provide?

These online platforms do everything possible to make Western men closer to their goal of finding Russian wives. They ensure a convenient environment and assist in every step of searching for a future spouse. Here is the list of features and services Russian brides services provide.

Qualitative And Diverse Catalogs

Good Russian brides websites have catalogs of thousands of women. Moreover, they can boast not only of a large number of female users but also of high quality of profiles. All of them are verified, contain a few photos from different angles, and include essential information about the girl’s character traits, life views, interests, preferences, and family values. This helps to get a complete impression of a woman at once.

To make a search even more convenient and easy many websites provide the opportunity to set filters. A man can set up the filters regarding the age, appearance type, interests, life principles, or family values of the girls. This will make a search more targeted and increase the chances of success.

Moreover, some Russian brides websites offer matchmaking services. So, a user does not have to waste time looking through numerous accounts. A mail order brides platform will offer good matches for him taking into account the psychological compatibility and preferences of both a man and a woman.

Convenient And Stable Chats

Keeping in touch constantly is an integral part of long-distance relationships. And for this, you need user-friendly and stable chats. They are provided by all Russian brides online platforms.

Men can choose any convenient way to communicate with ladies:

  • Text chats. They are great for communicating during the day when both sides may be busy and are not comfortable replying immediately. Also, they are perfect for getting acquainted. It may be confusing for both sides if a man calls at once to a woman he does not know. Using text chats, both a man and a woman stay comfortable.
  • Voice calls. They are ideal for having more heart-to-heart, opener, and longer conversations. With the help of them, you can discuss the topics that may be not really proper to write about, the issues that require hearing the intonations and reactions of each other.
  • Video calls. This is the closest way of communication for those who are building relationships at a distance. Video calls allow seeing each other as if you met each other in person. Of course, they cannot be a full-value replacement for real meetings. But they can be great as a temporary alternative during the time you have no opportunity to see each other in person.

Also, the functionality of many Russian brides websites is expanded with virtual gifts. They help men show their feelings more vividly and emotionally.

Professional Help

Western men often forget about the fact that not all Russian women speak English. But a language barrier will not prevent them from dating Russian brides for marriage. Many online international marriage agencies offer professional translation services for understanding each other perfectly.

Also, some good Russian brides websites assist users in organizing personal meetings. They can find a place of meeting convenient for both sides, help to make the needed reservations, supply the couple with a professional entrepreneur, etc.

The Differences Between Russian Mail Order Brides Platforms And Common Dating Sites?

The main difference is having another specialization. While common dating sites are targeted either only at people from one particular country or at the whole world, Russian mail order brides services are only for Russian women and Western men. So, users choose only out of people of the nationality they like.

One more significant and rather favorable difference is support and assistance at every stage of relationships. While common dating sites are only the places for getting acquainted, Russian brides platforms care more about their clients and offer professional help with overcoming a language barrier, organizing real meetings, etc. So, it is easier to develop relationships than in the case of using usual dating websites.

Why Russian Mail Order Brides Services Are the Best Place for Finding a Russian Bride?

They Are Popular With Russians

Online international marriage agencies are extremely popular with girls of this nationality. Plenty of them dream of finding foreign husbands. Hundreds of Russian brides join the specialized websites every day. So, every man can find a girl of his taste on the platforms that are so popular.

They Can Be Accessed From Anywhere

Websites and apps for finding Russian brides can be easily accessed from any device: PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. So, you can meet beautiful Russian brides wherever you are: at home, at work, or at any other place.

They Help Their Clients at All the Steps of Relationships

Good Russian brides services surround their clients with professional help during all the process of getting a foreign wife: from finding a match to meeting her in person and relocating.

How to Choose a Russian Mail Order Brides Service?

There are a lot of websites for finding Russian brides on the Web. But how to choose the most appropriate option out of them? Pay attention to the following crucial criteria.

Stories of Success

If other men have already managed to find Russian brides with the help of a particular website, this proves its effectiveness and helps you to feel more confident in having high chances of finding a life partner.

Reviews on External Resources

If there are guides or reviews on the Web, this means that the platform is really popular. So, it is really effective.

The Range of Features And Services

Think in advance which of them you need and make sure that the website can offer you all of them. If the particular platform lacks some features you need, find another one.

Most likely, you will need to get registered to see the full list of available features and services. So, better go for the services with free registration.


First of all, there should compulsorily be the contacts of support on the website. This helps to ensure that this is not a scam.

Also, it is good if support works 24/7 as it allows adapting to any time zone and helping men from any country at any time they need.


Are Russian Mail Order Brides Real?

Yes, they are. All trustworthy online international marriage agencies who care about their reputations verify every account. This ensures the absence of fakes and the legal age of all Russian brides present in the catalog.

Moreover, good services for finding Rusian wives usually make it compulsory to add a few photos with a clearly visible face and to fill in the questionnaire with the essential information about a woman who wants to join the catalog.

And the final step of making sure that all users are real is monitoring the activity of accounts. According to some mail order wives services rules, moderators delete the profiles that have not been used for a while. Also, they can delete profiles of women at their request (for example, if a lady has already found a match anywhere else).

So, on websites with a good reputation, all mail order brides are real, and all profiles are filled in and relevant.

Are Russian Mail Order Brides Legal?

Yes, they are. Russian law does not have any acts that could regulate the work of international marriage agencies, both offline and online. So, their functioning is not prohibited. These websites are not banned in the USA or any Western European countries as well.

So, users should not worry about the legality of Russian mail order brides services. They have nothing to do with human trafficking or prostitution. These are online platforms that help people who want to start a family to find each other and keep in touch until marriage.

Can I Really Buy a Russian Wife?

No, you cannot do this. Mail order wives services do not sell Russian brides. Otherwise, they would be illegal because of human trafficking.

Specialized online platforms can assist you in finding a perfect match from Russia and keep in touch with her in all possible ways. But you cannot marry a woman or date her without her consent.

How can I Protect Myself from Scam?

For this, pay attention to choosing a trustworthy website. It should be free to join for you to evaluate its functionality and usability before paying money. Also, it should have contacts of support for easy and fast solving of any problems.

Moreover, even if a service is reliable, it is better not to be too trusting towards women you hardly know. If you transfer money to a lady by your own free will, the administration of a website will not be able to help you return them. So make sure you really have mutual feelings before giving valuable gifts.

How much does it cost to find a Russian wife?

The price varies greatly from case to case. The total sum a man spends consists of several items of expenditure:

  • Chats. All kinds of them are paid. Though they are not expensive, if you are picky when it comes to choosing a life partner and write to several girls for a few months, a total sum spent for chats may turn out to be significant.
  • Additional services. Men who want to make the process of searching for a Russian wife easier and faster usually use the additional help of professionals. They can order translations, assistance in organizing real meetings, etc. All these services are also paid for as they are provided by qualified specialists.
  • Personal meetings. Russian brides usually expect men to pay for all the process of courtship because it is inherent to the local culture. Moreover, there is a poor economical situation and a high unemployment rate in Russia. So, many women just do not have enough money to spend on real meetings with potential husbands. Therefore, they expect men to pay for everything. So, you should add the price of real meetings to the total budget for the search for a Russian wife.
  • Relocation. To bring a Russian bride to the USA or Western European countries, documents (visas, etc) are needed. Also, some women do not have funds for travel spendings. So, a man should help his Russian bride with relocation.

Do Mail Order Bride Services Guarantee That I Find a Wife?

These websites supply you with all the needed features, services, and favorable conditions for increasing the chances of finding a Russian life partner. You can order the help of professionals or contact support whenever you need it.

But you should understand that marriage agencies cannot give you a 100% guarantee that you find what you dream of. Relationships between men and women are too unpredictable to guarantee something.

The Most Interesting Russian Mail Order Marriages Statistics

  • Russians are one of the most popular nationalities that can be found in the mail order brides industry.
  • Russian mail order brides marriages are even more successful than usual marriages. The divorce rate of marriages with Russian mail order brides is 8% lower than the overall average divorce rate in the USA.

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