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San Francisco Talking: Are Professional Essay Writing Services Legit?


Students these days have so many options when it comes to choosing a professional essay writing service like, but the question is, which ones are legit. Not all services have a student’s best interest at heart and one has to search far and wide on the internet to find ones that are not only trustworthy but safe too.

You should go with the first option that pops up on the screen during a search. You have to do a background search on them to see how long they’ve been in business and their reviews. Before answering the question this article has raised, it is important to know how one can determine whether a professional essay writing service is trustworthy or not.

How to determine if a professional essay writing service is trustworthy?

  1. Thorough research – A trustworthy essay writing service will conduct research thoroughly before they begin writing your paper.
  2. Transparent with customers – A professional essay writing service that is working within the boundaries of the law will communicate with its customers at all times no matter the day or hour.
  3. Strict editorial process – A credible essay writing service will edit and proofread any essays they’ve written before handing them over to you.
  4. Error-free work – A good professional essay writing service will always make sure they create structurally and grammatically correct essays at all times.
  5. Reference work properly – Work that is written by a credible professional essay writing service will have a clear citation and formatting style.
  6. 100% original – Essays that are delivered to customers from a professional essay writing service that is reliable will be plagiarism-free and 100% original.
  7. Gentleman’s agreement – Lastly, a professional essay writing service will have an agreement with their customers to use their orders as a sample for their website. This lets other customers see the quality of work produced and help them decide on whether to use their writing service or not.

There are plenty of cases in America and all over the world where students have gone online for essay writing services and things have turned out bad. They have ended up with a low-quality paper, a plagiarized one, or been scammed. It is now more important than ever to be careful when it comes to essay writing service however if you come across one that meets the above requirements, know that it is safe to use and reliable.

Are professional essay writing services in California legal?

Students who are trying to further their education in California use essay writing services when they are struggling with an assignment. The question that they often ask themselves is “Are professional essay writing services legal?”. The answer to this question is YES. These services are legal and below are the reasons why.

#1. They will have a term of use on their website

These are the conditions that customers agree to before using a service or product offered by a business. In California, before a student decides to hire a writing company, they have to first agree to the terms of use outlined on the site.

The writing service will make it clear from the get-go that the essays produced are for reference or research only and are 100% plagiarism-free. This protects them from any claims of dishonesty and it is up to the student how they use the service on offer. The papers produced on the writing service can be used as part of a final example or assignment.

#2. They will have the ability to fulfill customer orders

A legit writing service will only produce content that will help students get through their course and not act as a stand-in or take their place. This is a solution for students who are too busy to do their assignments on their own due to work or family commitments.

#3. Students have full ownership of the paper

The majority of writing services in California will not claim ownership of a part they have written for a student. When speaking to them, a student will be told that they will own the final product. Booking the right service means a student never has to worry about ownership because it is automatically transferred to them by the author.

#4. They follow the law

In the USA, using essay writing services is legal and no law stops students from using them. They work within the parameters of the law in America which gives students peace of mind knowing everything will be ok as long as they are not given plagiarized content. The purpose is to help students improve their writing while giving them pointers.

Is hiring a professional writing service legal?

Most of the time, hiring a professional writing essay writing service is legal; however, times, when it is not legitimate, will be written in fine print. It is not just students that hire these writing companies, businesses turn to them as well.

They are paid to do a job and all the rights and ownership of the papers are surrendered to the client. Many colleges in California do not stop their students from hiring essay writing services. It is the same as getting help from a tutor, but the only difference is they charge a fee for their service. Lines are crossed when the writing service does something that puts the client in harm’s way like providing work that’s been plagiarized or scamming them.

Professional essay writing services are legitimate companies in the state of California because they work within the boundaries of the law and are registered. Their sole purpose is to guide students or act as a learning aid to help them improve their academic performances as well as their writing skills. Those that are fake bring a bad reputation to the industry by providing plagiarized content or even scamming students. Students need to take the necessary precautions before interacting with an essay writing service. Choosing those with an outstanding customer record is highly advised. No law stops students from using or reaching out to these services as pointed out above, but it is up to them to choose wisely.


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