Seeking Arrangements Reviews: Is Seeking Worth it?

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How to use Seeking Arrangement? How much does Seeking Arrangement cost? Is it really one of the best sites for sugar daddies, or is it just a marketing thing?

They’ve rebranded and are no longer a dating site for sugar daddies and babies.

Read this full Seeking Arrangements review to understand how this website works and why it’s so popular.

4,200 words, 15 minutes of reading, only real facts. Let’s start.

Seeking Arrangement overview

You’ve surely seen ads, you’ve probably heard people whispering about it, you’ve definitely read the reviews—it’s the website you just can’t ignore if you’re interested in dating. It’s the biggest online dating platform in the world, it’s the dating site that always makes it to the top lists of the best dating sites (and if it doesn’t, it’s not the best top list to consider), and it’s the leader of the market.

It’s Seeking Arrangement—and it’s the name that speaks for itself.

But even the biggest names can have issues. Seeking Arrangement is not a perfect dating site—and before we start praising it, we need to talk about its flaws (and about its strong sides, of course).

The pros of using Seeking Arrangement

  • Background and income verification are available—verified members typically get more messages from girls because they look trusted.
  • Ladies don’t need to pay to send messages to men (however, there is a separate premium subscription for girls).
  • The male-to-female ratio is just perfect for men—there are 4 girls for 1 man on Seeking Arrangement.
  • More than 20,000,000 members—Seeking Arrangement is the most popular dating website in the world!
  • Video chat feature (available only to girls with verified emails and approved photos and to men with a premium subscription).
  • Seasonal sales and discounts for both new and existing members (not always available).

The cons of using Seeking Arrangement

  • Sometimes, minors slip on Seeking Arrangement through the verification—the website is 18+ only, but the team of the website just can’t ask every member to provide a photo of their ID, so such things happen.
  • They don’t delete abandoned profiles, so you’ll probably waste a few hours browsing profiles that haven’t been online since 2015.
  • Men can’t send messages for free—if you’re a man, you will need to buy a premium subscription.

How to use Seeking Arrangement

Now, when you know a little more about Seeking Arrangement, let’s talk about something more useful: about how to actually utilize this dating site. Registration, search, profile browsing, messaging, some useful tips for safety, and verification processes—we’ll talk about everything you should know before creating an account on Seeking Arrangement.

Let’s start with the registration process.

Sign up process

The registration is extremely easy on Seeking Arrangement. Unlike other sites, this online dating platform doesn’t require the photos of your ID or the photos of you with a handwritten nickname, etc. Basically, the registration process will not take more than 2-3 minutes.

➤ Register on for FREE

Here, we’ll talk about the Seeking Arrangement registration process in the smallest detail. If you feel like you don’t really need it, skip to the next paragraph—we’ll talk about how to use this dating site there. This step-by-step guide is for those who have never used dating sites before.

  • First, you’ll have to click the Join Now button.
  • Then, you’ll need to choose your sex and the sex of your potential partner. After that, you’ll have to choose whom you’re looking for on this dating site—”Looks&Charm” stands for girls, “Success&Wealth” stands for successful members (men).
  • Then, it’s time to upload a photo—you need to click “Choose a photo” to choose it on your PC/laptop/whatever. The guidelines and rules regarding profile pictures are quite clear—there must be no nudity, and the photos must be larger than 400×400 px. You can also choose a username on this page—choosing a username is not required, as well as uploading a photo. You can skip this step by clicking the “Skip for now…” button.
  • Here, you’ll need to choose the city you’re located in. It’s the first question from the “tell about yourself” category.
  • Now, you have to enter your height, body type, and ethnicity. You can either skip all these questions or answer them correctly—we recommend choosing the latter option because if you answer all the questions, you’ll get better matches.
  • Your education level goes next, together with the relationship type (what kind of relationship are you looking for?), the number of children, and your attitude to smoking and drinking.
  • Now, the finances. They ask about your money first. You can skip this question, too—but this will make it harder for potential girls to find you.
  • At this page, you’ll need to describe what you’re seeking—and that’s the first question you can’t skip. Just choose a few (up to 7) tags that describe what you’re searching for in a relationship best.
  • Now, it’s time to complete your profile. You can write a short profile heading and an “About Me” section here—or you can skip this part, too (but the profiles without the “About Me” part look quite boring, to be fair).
  • When you see this pop-up, congratulations—it’s (almost) done. You’ll need to verify your email after that, but as you probably already figured out, you can skip this step, too.
  • Go to your inbox, open the email, and click “Activate My Account” to activate your account. This is probably the easiest part.

Only when your Seeking Arrangement account is finally activated, you’ll be able to enter a password. When it’s done, you can start using the website.

Seeking Arrangement for dating: More about search and profiles

First of all, you’ll need to complete your Seeking Arrangements profile—if you skipped all the questions during the registration, you’d still have to spend some time answering all of them and uploading a photo. Before it’s done, girls won’t be able to find your profile.

When it’s finally done, you can start using this dating site.

First, you need to click “Search”. There are lots of advanced search filters available on this dating site—you can search by body type, age, ethnicity, height, hair color, education, number of children, language, by other options (ID verified, Premium, profiles with photos, viewed and favorite profiles, etc). The search tool is 100% free on Seeking Arrangement, and you don’t even need to complete a profile to use it. What’s more, you can also choose the location—it can be your city (you can edit distance) or any other location in the world.

When you click on the profile of a girl, you’ll be able to browse it without any limits (except for private photos; you’ll have to make a request to view them). To send a message, you’ll need to buy a premium membership first—when it’s done, you’ll only need to enter your message to that field near the profile picture and click “Send”. You can also take a look at the gift wishlist of a girl—most ladies on Seeking Arrangements have such a list, so you can buy them something from it right away. If you didn’t know how to start the conversation with a lady, buying her something from her gift wishlist may work as a cool ice-breaker.

As you can see on the screenshot, the profiles of girls are very detailed on Seeking Arrangements. That’s another reason why this website is so popular, by the way—most women on Seeking Arrangements have detailed profile descriptions, lots of photos, and long gift wishlists.

P.S. Some online dating sites offer pre-written ice-breakers while the Seeking Arrangement site doesn’t. Is it a bad thing? We believe that it isn’t—pre-written first messages always look awful and we believe that if you’re searching for honest relationships, you need to start it with a honest first message. As we’ve just said, the majority of hot ladies on Seeking Arrangement have very detailed profiles, so it won’t be a problem for you to come up with a fun first message.

Let’s talk about the Seeking Arrangement prices in more detail. Continue reading this Seeking Arrangement review to understand how much does paid membership really cost on this site!

How much does Seeking Arrangement cost?

According to some Seeking Arrangements reviews, this online dating site is affordable. According to the other ones, the premium Seeking membership is too expensive. But the truth is: the Seeking Arrangement costis just right.

Let’s start with the basics.

Free services

This dating website is free to sign up, but the registration is not the ony Seeking Arrangement free service—you can also browse profiles and use the search tools here even if you have a free account. This is not an exhaustive list of services and features available to the users with a free subscription—you’ll find the full list later. All we need to understand here is that the users with a free account can not send messages to the girls.

To send them messages, you need to become a premium or a diamond member.

Premium services and membership

Premium members of Seeking get exactly what they need, from unlimited messaging to anonymous browsing (we’ll talk about the paid services later in this Seeking Arrangement review).

This website doesn’t have a credit system like some traditional dating sites—you don’t buy credits here, you buy a subscription that provides you access to the services. You are not limited here, that’s what we’re talking about—you can chat with 10 or more ladies, and you can send messages to multiple women without any limits once you become a premium member of the site. Some Seeking Arrangement reviews claim it’s not that convenient, but we believe such a system is much more convenient than the credit system.

That’s how premium membership works—it costs $99 for 30 days ($90 for 30 days if you buy a 3-months package that costs $270), and it’s exactly what you need to use this platform with no limits. There is another option here—it’s called Diamond subscription, and it costs $270 per month. Diamond users get all the benefits of Premium membership.

Do you need a Diamond subscription to attract girls?

Diamond membership is a show-not-tell thing. Instead of talking about the money, men can show that they have the money by buying an expensive subscription that… doesn’t add anything essential.

Actually, the only great thing about this subscription is that the website pushes the profiles of diamond members better—their profiles are highlighted, they are ranked higher, and they have a Diamond badge on them. This is a great thing for you if you want more initial contact messages from more ladies—this might work if you’re looking for something specific or if you live somewhere in a small city. If you’re not looking for anything specific and live in a large city, it would be smarter to add that money to the allowance you’re going to offer to a girl.

But it’s up to you, of course.

The main problem of diamond membership is not its price. Its main problem is that it can attract the wrong type of babies. Unfortunately, there are lots of babies who are solely focused on the material side of the relationships—if you’re looking for it, that’s ok, but if you want at least some emotional connection, you may be unpleasantly surprised by the babies attracted by your Diamond badge.

P.S. According to some Seeking Arrangement reviews and to what real babies say on their forums and Reddit, a Diamond badge is often a red flag for them. They say that such men are more controlling, more demanding, and more narcissistic than the men with premium accounts. But again, it’s up to you to choose.

Can a girl use Seeking for free?

Yes, they can. That’s how most dating websites work, and Seeking is not an exception. While a new man can only get a free trial account with limited privileges, a new girl can send messages for free!

There is, however, a paid membership option for babies. It costs only $20 per month ($15 per month if you buy a 3-months package), and it’s certainly worth the money—premium girl users can hide their recent activity, they can see when a male user reads their message, and they get ranked higher than standard members in search results.

Most babies are college women, according to Seeking—and if you’re one of these college girls, you can get a premium account for free. Just sign up with your college email address (the one that ends with “.edu”), and you’ll become a premium user for free!

P.S. If you’re a girl without a “.edu” email, you can get it for free (or for a few bucks). Just google it, and you’ll find a lot of ways to get such an email address without paying anything. According to some Seeking Arrangement reviews, this method can work great. Such a “college” free membership requires an email address only; no proof of student status or personal data is needed.

So, now let’s sum up all we said about pricing and specialties on the SA website.

Paid features on Seeking Arrangement

If you’re a man, you have no choice but to buy a subscription on Seeking Arrangement—so, let’s talk about the features you’ll get after the purchase.

  • Unlimited messaging—you don’t need to pay for each message or for each sticker.
  • Anonymous browsing—hiding your profile, last login time and country, join date, and online status
  • Boosting profile—premium profiles get ranked higher in search results than the standard ones
  • Inbox filters—you can filter the messages you receive
  • Notes—you can write notes on other members of the site

The Diamond users get access to all the services and features from the above list, but that’s not all. Here’s the list of the diamond features:

  • Diamond badge
  • Boosting profile—such profiles are ranked higher than the premium ones

Free features on Seeking Arrangement

Seeking is called one of the best dating sites because of several reasons. One of the reasons is the number of free services and features available to standard users. Here’s the list of Seeking Arrangement free features:

  • Registration and profile verification/email verification. It’s free to create an account and to get a Verified badge on it.
  • Profile browsing. You can take a look at the profile of any girl on the site—the only thing you can’t do is view their private photos. You can, however, read their profile descriptions, view their public pictures, and even view their wishlists.
  • Search filters. There are lots of advanced search tools on Seeking, and all of them are available for free!
  • Reading messages (only the first ones from a certain girl) is free for men.
  • Sending messages is free for babies only.
  • Submitting questions and reporting issues through a Support Ticket function.

Seeking Arrangement alternatives

We highly recommend Seeking Arrangement to any man and woman. High-quality matches, advanced search, Android app, reasonable price, lots of premium services, millions of members—Seeking is deservedly called the leader of the industry. However, the industry doesn’t consist of Seeking Arrangement—there are at least 6 websites that can be a good alternative to this platform. Let’s talk about other dating sites that are worth registration.

  1. SecretBenefits. This website provides everything an online dater needs—convenient live chat, lots of search filters, and a nice mobile version. The site is free for ladies and paid for males—there is a credit system here which means you’ll pay for each message you send.
  2. Ashley Madison—the website for those who want something simple and not overloaded with advanced features. Simple live chat, fast registration, easy-to-use interface.
  3. Emily Dates. Another simple and easy-to-use platform with a credit system, high-quality matches, and very active members. Free for ladies, paid for males.
  4. Rich Meet Beautiful—a good platform with professional and fast customer support, free registration, and convenient messaging tools.

Seeking Arrangement profile tips

The number of babies on is around 16,000,000 while the number of men is around 4,000,000. In simple words, it means that you actually don’t need to create a perfect dating profile here—on Seeking Arrangements, it’s men who choose women, not vice versa. Numerous Seeking Arrangements reviews and our experience show that even if you have 1 photo and no profile description, you’ll most likely get a lot of messages from babies.

You may ask then why you need to create a good profile if there is still a girl who will write you a message. The answer is simple: it’s all about the quality of babies. If you have a great profile with cool photos and an interesting description, you’ll attract the top ladies. If you have a boring, empty profile without photos, you will attract babies who either can’t or don’t want to compete with other women on the site. You’ve got the idea—even though there are more women than men here, your profile should shine like your car the day you bought it.

Seeking Arrangement profile heading

And it all begins with a headline. A headline is a short profile description women will see in the search results without even clicking on your account.

What’s a good headline for Seeking Arrangement? It must be brief, cool, fun, and catchy—if a woman can understand something about you by looking at the headline of your profile, it’s great. Quotes can work well, simple things like “let’s do something/travel somewhere/etc together” or “let’s make your dreams come true” can work well, and emojis are highly welcome, too.

Seeking Arrangement profile picture

Everything is simple with a good Seeking Arrangement heading—it must be short and express your personality. But what about your profile photo?

There’s nothing complicated here, too. The following rules will make it even easier for you.

  1. The photos must be interesting. What are your hobbies? Traveling? Basketball, maybe? Luxurious cars? You surely have a photo that shows your hobbies or interests with you being the center of attention—these pictures work best on dating platforms.
  2. Upload a photo with a friend. Some experts say you must not upload group photos, but the science says that the photos where you are the hottest guy in the framework great (it shouldn’t be your profile picture, of course).
  3. A photo on a yacht or at a beach restaurant will work great, too. But don’t make your profile look like a celebrity Instagram—fancy pictures are ok, but casual photos that show your everyday life work even better.
  4. Professional photos are great, but they shouldn’t be boring—a photo of you posing in front of a classic studio background is not what you need for an online dating platform.

Seeking Arrangement about me

The “About Me” section is probably the most important part of your profile.

First of all, the “About Me” text must be short. Long profile descriptions are not that bad actually—in most cases, a long profile bio means that it’s not a fake profile—but they are often very boring, and being boring is one of the worst things you can do on a dating platform.

It also must be interesting, catchy, and it must be about you—you can say something about your personality traits, about your interests (especially if you have some unusual hobbies), about some fun stories, etc. Talk about your interests, career, about your pets, about your relationship goals, about your dreams—everything will work great. Make it sound interesting, and you’ll grab the attention of the best babies—especially if you follow all the previous rules about the profile headline and profile photos.

Seeking arrangement profiles

The best Seeking Arrangement profiles are the ones with a verified badge. Such a badge means that a person has uploaded photos of their ID. If you’re a girl, we highly recommend you contact only verified men with verified income (there is such a feature here on Seeking). Men can verify their income and their background via Optimum Screening service (criminal checks, international warrants, address trace).

The point is, it’s possible to meet a fake scam profile if you chat with unverified members. Scammers may either steal your money directly by asking you to send them allowance in advance or steal your credit card information and personal data to steal your money from your card/bank account later. Unfortunately, it’s a huge problem that only becomes more serious every year, but some basic rules will help you not lose money to a scammer (these are only the basic rules; read the Seeking Arrangement FAQ to get more details). Here they are:

  • Never reveal your personal information on Seeking. Scammers may use it to either still your identity or to blackmail you later.
  • Never send money to people you’ve never met in person. If a girl wants you to send her money before the date, she is most likely a scammer.
  • Always meet in a public place—this rule works for both males and females.
  • Do a Google reverse-image search of the profiles’ pictures before you even start chatting.

Conclusion: Is Seeking Arrangement worth it?

According to most reviews,this is a great online dating platform. In this review, our position is the same. Seeking is the best online dating platform to meet beautiful ladies and wealthy men. It’s more popular, more advanced, and more trustworthy than other dating sites. It’s a very good option for male users—there are two subscription options here, so you can choose the one that meets your requirements best. It’s a great option for attractive women—they don’t even need to get a paid membership to start using Seeking. It’s not a perfect website, right—but it’s very close to that title.

F.A.Q. about Seeking Arrangement website

What is Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement is a dating site created for people interested in finding a serious relationship. This online dating site is the biggest, the most popular, and simply the best platform for both men and ladies—it has more than 20,000,000 members, a more or less balanced male-to-female ratio, lots of premium features, and a good reputation.

Is Seeking Arrangement legit?

Yes. Seeking Arrangement is a completely legit online dating site—the majority of ladies here are verified and have very detailed profiles while most men have passed a background/income check. Of course, there are some prostitutes and fake profiles on this online dating site, but the absolute majority of profiles look genuine. It’s impossible to create a 100% legit online dating platform, but Seeking is pretty close to that title.

Is Seeking Arrangement safe?

Yes. The team of the site implements the most comprehensive verification processes and two-factor authentication, and the customer support reacts to the claims fast and blocks the suspicious accounts in a blink of an eye. At the same time, one should not expect this online dating site to be 100% safe because there are no 100% safe dating apps—unfortunately, there will always be credit card/bank account scams and identity thefts.

How does Seeking Arrangement work?

Seeking Arrangement takes all the best from classic, “vanilla” dating websites, and creates something new. It’s more advanced than other old and new dating websites—it has a video chat service, an Android app, and advanced search filters. At the same time, it has a perfect verification system, background check, and other services that make it an excellent platform for real relationships. It’s as intuitive as a classic dating platform, but it’s as safe and advanced.

How long does it take for Seeking Arrangement to approve your profile?

When it comes to email verification, it’s extremely fast—they’ll send you a verification letter right after you click the button. As for photo verification, it’s not that fast—you’ll most likely have to wait around 24-48 hours to get your profile approved. However, in some cases (if the site is experiencing a very high volume), you’ll need to wait for up to 72 hours. The background check, in turn, can take up to 5 business days to be completed.

How to start a conversation on Seeking Arrangement?

You need to become a premium member to start chatting with girls on Seeking. To purchase a Seeking Arrangement membership, click the “Upgrade” button, choose the among two options (one-time payment/auto-renewed subscriptions), then choose the package (30 days/90 days, premium/diamond), and pay for it. After that, open the profile of a girl, write text, and click the “Send” button.

What are Premium and Diamond members on Seeking Arrangement?

Premium members can use all the features and services of this online dating site. They can send unlimited messages, use inbox members, and hide their join date/online status. Premium membership is typically enough for most users to enjoy dating experience on Seeking Arrangement. Diamond users, in turn, get a special badge, get faster responses from girls, and they are featured on the dashboard of girls. The Premium membership costs $90-$99 per month, while the Diamond subscription is $250 per month.

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