Serene Tree: Best New Delta-10 THC Products

Lately in California, weed has lost a lot of love and charm. Dispensaries seem more like a car dealership than a dealer, and strains are sounding more and more like designer fashion labels. What could be more down to earth than getting weed the old fashioned way – right to your doorstep? Online cannabis business Serene Tree, already an expert on that cozy feeling, now has products featuring the latest and greatest wonder in hemp derivatives: delta-10 THC.

“Our Delta-10 THC gummies & cartridges are my favorite from our line!” said Maxfield Hulker, co-owner of the business. “Whether I’m taking an edible prior to going out with friends or vaping on one of our Delta 10 carts while out on the town, both provide amazing experiences and are of the highest quality.”

Right now, Serene Tree offers everything that supports Delta-10 THC: flower, vape juice, wax and more. So far, the most popular products have been Delta-10 Cartridges and the Delta-10 Flower/Moonrocks. The store’s online business model helps keep their products affordable and available.

“Purchasing online allows for consumers to order lab tested products from reputable brands from the comfort of their couch and have it delivered within a day or two,” “People love to shop online, and we love delivering the best cannabis products online straight to your door and for a cheaper price than a brick and mortar store.”

Delta-10 THC is the newest form of an ongoing effort by the industry to accommodate those interested in the psychoactive properties of weed, but who need something less potent than the regular fare available at dispensaries. Delta-8 and -10 strains are often referred to as “diet weed”; they’re adjacent to the regular delta-9 compound in cannabis, which is the “active ingredient”, so to speak, but are only half as strong. 

“The best way I could put it, is if you’re going out for a fun night, Delta-10 is the better option. If you’re looking to relax and potentially have a sleep aid, Delta-8 will get you there.” said Hulker.

The arrival of Delta-10 products spells great news for the “diet weed” market. Both Delta-8 and -10 THC are extracted from CBD, which means those strains are legal in most states that have heavier restrictions on marijuana. The new edge from Delta-10 cannabinoids shows that the molecule is more versatile than Delta-8 cannabinoid; in fact, Serene Tree has been able to source six different strains of Delta-10 THC.

“The potential benefits of the Delta 10 molecule are wide ranging and very exciting as they offer a wide spectrum of what further innovation will do,” Hulker said. “With each passing day we are finding more and more health, mental and lifestyle benefits that these different THC molecules can and do enhance the life of those who enjoy them.”

Serene Tree has been dedicated to offering high quality CBD and cannabinoid products at affordable prices since they were founded in 2019. They are a standout organization amongst other cannabis companies because of their dedication to keeping their consumers informed and keeping their sources local. 

“It’s important to us that consumers are educated on what a quality product is. Lab testing, an extensive catalog of reviews, and having a great knowledge base that’s kept in our blog section helps the consumer with their purchasing decision for something that they will put in their bodies.” said Hulker.

Hulker recommends that first time cannabis users do their research, start off with a small dosage and make sure that their choices have reputable 3rd party lab testing results – like what Serene Tree provides.

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