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Sick of the lonely winter months? Here’s how to make the most of dating in winter.


The long, hot days of summer are now well and truly behind us. Winter is looming, and for the world of dating that means one thing: Cuffing season. This is when people attempt to find a new partner in order to combat the cold and ward off any loneliness in the long, bleak months ahead.

But this time in the dating calendar is actually pretty perfect for finding a new bae, the city transforms into a romantic haven, and there’s hundreds of cute ways to get to know someone in the chilly backdrop.

Here’s five reasons why dating in winter is actually so much better than summer.

1. Get close and personal to keep warm.

It’s cold. Who wouldn’t want a cuddle? There’s a reason why penguins huddle together to stay warm.

Getting cosy with someone in a warm bar, or getting dinner in a snug little restaurant is the perfect way to escape the cold and get to know someone. If you’re looking for recommendations for where to go, check out The Inner Circle’s spot recommendations. This is a list of tried-and-tested date venues in all different cities all over the world, suggested by members who have been and had a good time.

2. Fireworks, sparklers, ice skating…

There are so many cute date ideas that are only possible in the winter.

Christmas markets and ice rinks make really cute first date ideas, they are also good talking points so you don’t have to worry about awkward encounters. Firework displays are also good, and ensure any date goes out with a bang.

If you’re feeling spontaneous, why not cut to the chase with your matches and meet them ASAP. Chatting online for hours isn’t going to get that winter romance! Apps like The Inner Circle are designed for offline meetups, so if your serious about getting out there checking out their offline features will really help you out.

3. Party season has arrived.

Parties crop up every five minutes in winter, so why not take your date along and see what they’re like when they let loose.

Everyone gets into the festive spirit, so moods are high and your chances of having a good time with a new partner are even higher. That’s why The Inner Circle host singles events… they’re the christmas party that’s full of singles, meaning everyone’s up for a mingle. Keep an eye on the events page of the app, these sell out super quickly and are not to be missed.

4. Layer up, and dig in.

Don’t worry about the long-gone winter bod. Whack on some jumpers and big coats and indulge in all the treats of winter. This is why it’s so perfect for dating, meals out or cute hot-chocolate dates are guilt free, so embrace it.

5. Literally just sitting on the sofa becomes sociable.

Way more people get online. With the outside world a wet, cold, and miserable place, online dating activity goes through the roof.

With everyone going online to get chatting, it means only one thing:

Your chances of getting a date are sooo much higher. So download The Inner Circle for free today and start dating.


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