Sign PDF Online with Free Electronic Signature

Workflows are built around efficiency, which means that methods that can speed up the process or consume fewer resources are always preferred.

The old way of doing business involved setting up meetings, getting the paperwork ready, and then waiting for people to go through it in-depth and then put their signature or it.

Not only does the process consume a lot of time and resources, but it also takes away the element of convenience as well. This is why businesses and professionals are moving away from the old and methods and adopting eSignature for their work processes.

Part 1:How to Sign PDF Document Online?

CocoSign is the most professional free electronic signature that provides a quick and instant way to sign a PDF document directly online. 

In order to get someone’s signature on a PDF file, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Upload the file

Go to the Sign PDF page here. There are multiple options to upload the PDF file online. You can drag and drop the PDF file directly in the drop space. You can also upload the PDF file manually through the ‘Choose File’ button. CocoSign supports PDF, Doc, Xls, and JPG files. You can also upload files from Google Drive, One Drive, Box or Dropbox.

Once you have uploaded the document, you can also choose to add more documents. Click on the ‘Next’ button when you are done uploading.

Step 2: Sign the PDF file

Signing a PDF file can be done in various ways. You can draw the signature with a mouse or a touchpad. You can also upload an image file of your signature. There is also the option to choose a signature style suggested by CocoSign. Besides signature, you can also choose to add the following:

  • Date/Time
  • Initials
  • Text
  • Email

Step 3: Download Signed PDF

When you have completed the signature process, you can click on the ‘Next’ button. For completing the download, you need to create an account with CocoSign (which is completely free). The signup popup will open and you can create your account there, or sign in with your Google ID directly.

When you have signed up or signed in, the popup will close and you can click on the ‘Next’ button. You can then download the file from the button on the top right corner, or send the file directly to your email inbox.

**You can also choose to send the file to multiple people for collecting their signatures. In order to do this, uncheck the box ‘I am the only signer’ which will be showing you during file upload in Step 1**

CocoSign Official Website:

Part 2: The Most Professional Free Electronic Signature

When it comes to signing documents electronically, CocoSign is the first choice of users. It verifies documents electronically with the advantages being second to none.

2.1 Use CocoSign on the Go

  • Multiple Device Support

CocoSign uses the web browser of any device to create signatures on the document. This means that you have the ability to sign documents from a computer, mobile, or a tablet.

  • Multiple User Support

CocoSign provides support for getting signatures from multiple users. In order to get signatures of multiple people on a document, the only thing required is to share the document’s CocoSign link with various people.

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage

Signing documents on paper creates the need to store them in files and folders, which requires a lot of space. However, CocoSign provides unlimited cloud storage space so you can store countless signed documents online.

  • Flexible Signature Creation

There are a variety of ways through which you can create your signature using CocoSign. Upload your own signature or use the signature presets provided by CocoSign. There is also the facility to draw your signature with a mouse or a touchpad.

2.2 What Are the Advantages of Using CocoSign to Sign PDF Online?

CocoSign utilizes the next-gen technology to make sure you get better service than anything you have used and anything you will ever use. Some of the advantages of using CocoSign include:

  • Completely Free

There are no charges when you use CocoSign to create signatures on a document. This leads to considerable savings as compared to conventional signing methods where documents need to be sent via courier or by hand.

  • Word Class Encryption

CocoSign uses the best encryption measures present in the world, that are used by the most secure websites out there. This means that your signature, as well as stored documents, are completely safe on CocoSign.

  • Legally Authentic

The validity of signing documents through CocoSign is the same as signing them on a paper with a pen.

  • Date and Time

The date and time of signing the document can be automatically added with the eSignature. This means that you will always know about when you signed a particular agreement, even if you forget it.

Get CocoSign here >>

Part 3: Who May Need to Use Electronic Signatures to Sign PDF?

Electronic signatures are being employed in every aspect of professional workflows. Here are just some of the cases in which one may use electronic signatures:

  • Freelancers

Freelancing and working from home is widely gaining popularity. These independent professionals cater to a variety of businesses all over the world. In order to facilitate this remote working environment, eSignatures are quite helpful.

  • Businesses

For businessmen, getting signatures through conventional methods requires setting up meetings and waiting for people to show up. However, electronic signatures provide a way to save all this time and money, which can be spent to better uses.

  • Healthcare Professionals

Medical processes often require consent from different people. However, at times this consent can be needed in urgency if the person is away. This is why more and more healthcare organizations are adopting eSignatures for electronic patient forms and records.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to buy a subscription for signing a document online?

There is no need to pay for anything when you are singing a document using CocoSign. CocoSign is completely free for signing as well as storing documents.

Can someone copy my electronic signature?

No, it is not possible for anyone to copy your electronic signature because CocoSign uses the imposter prevention feature and added security measures.

Can more than one person eSign on a document?

Yes, multiple users can sign on the same document using CocoSign. For this purpose, the user just has to share the document link with those people.

Can I draw my own signature on the document?

Yes, it is very easy and simple to draw your signature in your own handwriting. You can use a mouse, touchpad, or a graphic tablet to draw your own signature.

How can I sign a document from my phone?

CocoSign supports document signing from phone, tablet, and computer. You just need to open CocoSign’s website, upload the document, and sign it using one of the various methods provided.


Creating eSignatures on documents is a piece of cake. Simply use CocoSign, upload any document, and sign it instantly with a method of your convenience.

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