Soul Snack – Top Life Lessons Channel on Youtube

Although there are various sources of entertainment in the 21st century, people still tend to watch movies, TV shows, YouTube, and TikTok videos whenever they have some spare time on their hands. As a matter of fact, a significant number of movies are being produced to raise awareness of different social issues within societies. Nowadays, numerous studios make short video clips intending to share life lessons, positive messages, and simply inspire people. Life Lessons is one of the most recent channels with over 100k subscribers in just a couple of months.  

According to SoulSnack, the channel was created for passion, purpose, and positivity. During the last four months, SoulSnack managed to get over 20 million views on YouTube. Here is how it all started and why SoulSnack became so popular in such a short period of time.

How It All Started

A leading spokesperson for SoulSnack mentioned that the channel was created with the aim to inspire people with short video clips full of passion and positivity. The SoulSnack Life Lessons videos have been written and produced by Marcus Freemont and feature various actors/actresses, including Natalia Cruz, Brian D. Long, Miriam Benard, Shirley Bryant, Peter, Merlo, Tim Womack, Richard Forbes, Justin Reid, and others.

As the channel gained about 100k subscribers in just 4 months and continues to grow pretty rapidly, the studio is incredibly grateful to the audience and promises to continue producing high-quality inspirational videos for people all around the world. SoulSnack hopes that their videos will keep encouraging people to live a better life and motivating them to treat others as they wish to be treated.

How Did SoulSnack Life Lessons Become So Popular?

SoulSnack posts 5- to 10-minute inspirational video clips on a couple of social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Soul Snack Studios started posting inspirational video clips full of life lessons in early 2021. As of May 2021, SoulSnack has produced about 20 videos and gained over 100k subscribers solely on YouTube.

In fact, TikTok accounts manage to grow pretty fast since just a single video that goes viral can bring thousands of new subscribers. Besides, reaching the audience seems to be a much more straightforward process on TikTok compared to YouTube. However, SoulSnack’s YouTube channel managed to reach the 100k point in just 4 only 4 months. As SoulSnack is still rapidly growing, it is widely considered as a fast-growing YouTube channel.  

But how did SoulSnack manage to gain so many subscribers and even more views?

The main reason for this is that the channel shares messages of positivity and tells stories that inspire people worldwide. By teaching life lessons, they aim to change their viewers’ lives for the better. Besides, SoulSnack produces family- and kid-friendly content, meaning that the videos can be watched by individuals of all ages. This enables the parents to teach their children how to be better people in life.

Another reason why inspirational videos often go viral on different social media platforms is that people love watching real-life situations. You have probably heard of Dhar Mann Studios, one of the fastest-growing social media content creators globally. Dhar Mann produces inspirational and motivational videos about various aspects of life, such as love, family relationships, and business. Dhar’s videos have been driven by his personal life experiences, including success stories and even the greatest failures.

Most Popular SoulSnack Videos and their Life Lessons

Soulsnack has had many of their life lesson videos go viral, check out some of the most popular below.

White Realtor Disrespects Rich Black Doctor and Pays the Price.

Road Rage: Police Officer Arrests Innocent Black Teen.

White Cop Arrests Black Grandma With Dementia

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