Stickr Co Review: Advertise on Your Car. Earn Passive Income

Everybody is looking to make a little more money these days. The most sought-after method for building a bank account is developing a means of passive income, but it’s not always easy to find one that isn’t just a scam.

One increasingly popular way vehicle owners have started to make money is through Stickr Co. This company promises its customers can earn passive income as easily as slapping a sticker on their car.

But, like similar companies, Stickr has been met with a bit of outside skepticism. In this Stickr review, we’ll paint a clearer picture of what this program does. Including deep-diving into the process, breaking down how much you could get paid, and looking at whether or not the platform is just another scam.

Advertise on Your Car. Earn Passive Income – View Available Campaigns

What Is Stickr?

Stickr is an advertising company that offers cash and other forms of compensation to users in exchange for them placing sticker advertising on their cars. Essentially, users transform their vehicle into ad space for any company they want to work with that is partnered with Stickr.

There is a brief screening and application process, and the program limits access to just the United States, but just about anyone interested can participate for as little or long as they want to.

The ad stickers the company gives users are from high-quality, break-resistant material. That way, a team won’t have to send their stickers back if they’re damaged in transit. Additionally, the stickers are small, see-through, and fit comfortably on a window for minimal intrusion.

Stickr’s hassle-free approach to passive income might sound too good to be true for skeptical users looking out for a scam. In this review, let’s look closer at the company’s process for red flags or signs that the platform is a reliable way to make money.

How Stickr Co Works

While the company doesn’t promise users enough compensation to treat their advertising as a full-time job, it does claim you can make as much as $2,300 when you sign up. But first, you have to go through these steps before you can participate.

Sign Up For An Account

Of course, you’ll need to sign up for an account before you can make money. Though this is typically a quick process, according to other Stickr reviews, you will have to complete a questionnaire before progressing.

The company looks for a few things before verifying users. For starters, they want to know your zip code to ensure you’re in the United States. The website will also quiz you on your driving history and auto insurance to see if you’re cautious enough to make money through driving-based services. Some of those questions include:

●      What is the make and model of your car?

●      How many miles do you drive each year?

●      Do you have experience driving for restaurants or rideshare companies?

●      Who is your insurance provider?

Essentially, Stickr is looking for verification that their drivers will stay safe on the road before handing out incentives. There aren’t many more application steps on the website, and if you check the right boxes, they will quickly verify your account, and you can start looking for work.

Pay Service Fee & Monthly Membership Fee

Stickr’s platform includes a few fees that eat away many drivers’ compensation. And judging from the opinion of other reviews, the costs are one of the low points of the service.

Specifically, users have to pay a monthly fee for membership, a separate one-time service fee, and on top of that, drivers pay for every advertising decal they order. There are a few optional costs as well, which the company designs to increase their drivers’ compensation.

For example, the “double your revenue” package lets you pay a flat fee to get paid as though you drove two cars rather than one. There’s also the premium package, which removes the shipping and decal costs for a one-time payment.

Below is a list of the most common required and optional fees that Stickr offers:

●      Membership Cost: $7.99 to $9.99 monthly

●      Service Cost: One-time $3.29 payment

●      Decal Costs: Prices vary based on the company and advertising campaign

●      ‘Double Your Revenue’ Cost: One-time $29.99 payment

●      Premium Package: One-time $19.95 payment

Select Your Advertising Campaign

A long fee list is a classic warning sign of a scam. However, if a monthly fee from your paycheck isn’t enough to dissuade you, you can select an advertising campaign you’d like to support.

In our opinion, being able to select the companies you advertise for is one of the best parts of Stickr, and other reviews agree. Any drivers hoping to advertise a national brand or product they personally endorse can accept a decal they personally believe in and reject all others. 

Users can select advertising campaigns from their phone or on the Stickr website.

Ship and Stick Your Advertisement

Most reviews state that users wait three to seven days from ordering their car decal to receiving it. But once you do, you can place it on your car right away and start receiving cash for it.

You won’t need in-person approval from the company or a Stickr team member before you get paid. Instead, place the decal in a visible spot on your car window, and you’re eligible for compensation.

Of course, Stickr will want to make sure you’re fulfilling your end of the bargain, which is where the confirmation photo comes into play.

Send a Confirmation Photo

Many online reviews lament the rigidity of Stickr’s daily photo system. And while it sounds simple enough at first to contact the company and submit a picture of your car, the specific requirements and penalties for not doing it are a bit strict, in our opinion.

The biggest difficulty with the picture system is that you only have a 36-hour timeframe to send it, and you can’t change the period to a later date in the week. Stickr always requires monthly visual verification between 2 a.m. EST on the first day of the month and 2 p.m. EST on the second day. And if you miss the deadline, the company will not pay you.

You’ll also need to submit the picture with a randomized password hand-written on paper displayed near your car. You won’t be paid if the image doesn’t contain the necessary word in the frame.

The significant plus side to Stickr’s system is that pictures are easy to send through their website, and you won’t have to do it more than once a month. But if you do miss that deadline, you won’t get any money that month, even if you’ve already paid your membership fees.

How Much Do Stickr Co Users Get Paid?

Now comes the big question of the review; how much money will you be paid if you advertise with Stickr?

Drivers can make up to $2,300 a year if they advertise enough companies and choose the most beneficial packages on the website. But that rate of pay is a high-end estimate, according to other reviews, so let’s look closer at how much money the average person can make with an advertising campaign.

Cash Payments

Stickr pays its drivers in two primary ways, but cash is the most common and exciting. The big catch is that the business pays through PayPal, so you’ll need to create a PayPal account before you start receiving money.

Another essential thing to know is that Stickr doesn’t adjust your pay based on how much you drive your car. Instead, your pay comes down to the campaign and companies you choose, rather than a mileage requirement. According to the average user review, most drivers make between $15 to $20 monthly in pure cash.

The lack of mileage requirements could benefit those looking for truly passive income, but it is a downside if you’re looking to make more money by working harder. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to increase your cash flow aside from selecting the best companies. The good thing is that it takes very minimal effort and its way easier than starting a business.

Gift Card Payments

The other way Stickr pays its workers is with gift cards for Those gift cards allow you to receive discounted meals at any restaurant partnered with the business. And since most users receive a $50 gift card every month they work, restaurant credit makes up the bulk of your average pay.

Stickr paying employees primarily through restaurant gift cards does have drawbacks, the big one being that you’re limited in what you can spend your money on and where you can use it.

Additionally, not every restaurant accepts gift card credit, so you might not be able to use your money at your favorite establishments. But the advantage to receiving gift cards for restaurants with Stickr is that you can access that money easily through their website.

When (and How) Do Payments Come Through?

You’ll receive your PayPal funds and your digital gift cards on the fifth day of every month, so long as you send them the picture of your car and the companies’ decals on time.

What Companies Advertise with Stickr?

You’re in luck if you’re picky about what you put on your car, as Stickr allows users to campaign with several businesses from across the country. Some of the most common and well-known are:

●      Pedigree

●      #YessMamm

●      1-800 Contacts


●      SecretShopper


You can receive gift cards and cash compensation by partnering with any of these brands.

Drive your normal routine, but get paid to have an advertisement in your back window!

Other FAQs

Is Stickr Legit?

Stickr will not “scam” you out of any money or gift cards they promise. If you put the decals on your car and send evidence, they will pay you what you’re due. However, the program’s membership costs and paying methods might not work for everyone.

Some users object to the company’s reliance on gift cards to restaurants, the range of fees, and the penalties for failing to send a visual of your car. But if none of those criteria bother you, Stickr is a reliable method for receiving easy passive income and incentives.

Is Stickr Co Accessible in All 50 States?

Stickr is available nationwide, regardless of the size of your home city. However, your pay, the gift cards you receive, and the offered campaigns might vary depending on your location.

How Do I Cancel a Sticker Co Monthly Membership?

If you try out Stickr and decide it’s not for you, you can cancel your membership easily through the website and avoid further service fees.

All you have to do is sign into your account and visit your dashboard. There, you’ll find a tab that says, “My Account.” Click it, and then hit the red button that prompts you to cancel your membership.

You will have to answer a few questions about why you want to cancel before you entirely deactivate your membership, but the entire questionnaire is short and won’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

You’ll still receive your payment and proper gift cards even if you cancel your Stickr membership early. However, depending on when you cancel, you won’t receive the whole months’ worth of benefits.

For example, if you end your partnership halfway through the month, you’ll only get half the cash and value in gift cards you otherwise would.

Final Thoughts on Stickr Co

If you take one thing away from our review, it should be that Stickr is not a service for everyone, nor is it something that will get you a lot of cash quickly.

With the fees and required photos, Stickr might require more effort and upfront costs than people want from their source of passive income. And if you’re forgetful with your finances, we would encourage you to stay away from Stickr so that you’re not subject to penalties and continuing membership fees when you’re not working.

But if you’re looking for an easy way to make money and rewarding gift cards for nothing more than placing decals on your car, Stickr Co is an excellent option. The platform will offer flexibility to your finances and incentives to try new restaurants every month with minimal work. Click here to join Stickr today!

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