Stop Getting Ripped Off by Credit Card Processors!

NRS PAY – An Honest Payment Processing Solution for Retailers 

Operating a retail business in this era of uncertainty carries many challenges. Common retailer pain points include obvious challenges of stocking the store, attracting customers, and increasing revenue. Merchants struggle with the reliability of their technology equipment plus high, unexpected fees incurred in running a business. Surprise fees, hidden from retailers when they first sign up for credit card processing, are a breach of trust. Hidden charges can be debilitating for a small business that’s trying to survive amidst higher-budget competitors.

The “World’s Greatest POS” just got greater. National Retail Solutions (NRS) is committed to supporting independent retailers with providing powerful, cost-efficient technology and tools to help them manage and grow their business. In a retailer market hungry for tools to compete, the NRS point of sale (POS) system is an all-in-one ecosystem for success. The NRS POS, which helps control costs, optimize inventory, and process transactions efficiently, comes with its own free, built-in customer loyalty program. The POS’ sleek, customer-facing screen features relevant ads. Retailers can also optionally run their own promos. The POS has a handy remote access web portal for downloading reports and a user-friendly app. Boss Revolution® pinless recharge on the POS, makes recharging phone cards a snap. The NRS POS also seamlessly integrates with newly launched NRS PAY (and almost all other credit card processors), for a one-stop-shop.

NRS is no longer just a POS company. A year and a half ago, National Retail Solutions (NRS), operator of one of the nation’s largest point-of-sale networks for independent grocery, liquor and tobacco stores, launched NRS PAY, a payment processing service that enables any independent retailer – store-based, mobile and virtual – to reduce their payment processing costs and boost their bottom line. With the low rate of 2.49% plus 10¢, with even better pricing for large volume processing, the numbers speak for themselves. But what truly sets NRS PAY apart from other credit card processing companies is the integrity upon which NRS was founded.

National Retail Solutions (NRS) has a reputation of honesty, backed by an established parent company. In an industry that can be shady, NRS takes great pride in offering honest credit card processing services with transparency, and without hidden fees.

“Too often, we hear about unscrupulous credit card companies. Everyone has a cousin, friend, or neighbor who sells – or knows someone who sells – credit card services. But how many of these companies can you trust not to rip you off? Our customers know that we have their back. We’ve proudly built NRS on trust, and we take this very seriously.” Elie Y. Katz, Founder, President & CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS)

Retailers can save even more money with the NRS PAY FeeBU$TER Program. Credit card processing fees are complicated and, with hidden surprises, can be overwhelming for retailers. In recent months, Visa, Mastercard, and other companies have been raising their rates. It’s taking a toll on merchants, especially in the small and mid-sized independent retail industry, where average purchases can be small. Since its launch less than a year ago, NRS PAY has advanced to include its new FeeBU$TER plan. For a flat monthly fee, this unique offering passes the credit card processing charges along to the customer, significantly helping cut retailer expenses in processing credit cards. Customers have the option to pay with cash and save the fees or pay with a credit card and benefit from credit card points, miles, and rewards with their purchase.

Sign up for NRS PAY and start saving and making more money! Learn more: or call NRS at (833) 289-2767.

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