Streamline Your Booking Processes With Resource Central

Resource Central simplifies how you manage your meetings and events — whether held in a boardroom, home office, or seminar room. This online reservation system assists with scheduling appointments, event details and logistics, travel booking, on-site management for each appointment during the day of your meeting or event. Resource Central supports all aspects of your meeting and event management needs. For example, Resource Central can be used for organizing a board meeting, planning an annual conference, managing seminar appointments, running an onsite training session or planning a networking event.

Resource Central is created by members of the Corporate Meeting Management (CMM) community who share a passion for helping others to more effectively manage their meetings and events. CMM provides a centralized community for meeting professionals to gain access to expert resources and other meeting professionals in order to share best practices, cutting edge tools, solutions to common challenges, and a place for professional networking. CMM members are more than just users of Resource Central — they help drive the evolution of Resource Central.

Resource Central features a multi-user, web-based interface that allows meeting professionals to manage their bookings and events from anywhere using any web browser. Users can access logs of past bookings, generate reports, add new appointments and events, as well as create custom modifications to the Resource Central database. All of this information is securely stored in the cloud so that users can access it whenever and wherever needed — even on mobile devices.

Resource Central also features customizable dashboards that help meeting professionals stay organized, informed, and in control of their meetings and events. Resource Central users can create custom dashboards to view multiple time periods, week-at-a-glance views of bookings and events, or a detailed calendar view with calendar icons for each appointment. Users can also choose to display a single graphical dashboard on the screen to show multiple sets of data at the same time. Resource Central also provides a native iPad app that serves as both an on-site tool and an online room booking system for the Resource Central interface. The iPad app allows users to view a variety of reports, such as scheduling and event history, as well as view all of the appointments for the day in one location.

Resource Central was designed with meeting professionals in mind — meeting professionals who want more comfortable access to their bookings and events. Resource Central was built around the needs of meeting professionals so that they can better take advantage of their time, manage their bookings and events more effectively, and get more out of each one.

Resource Central provides a number of features designed to streamline how meeting professionals manage their bookings and events. Resource Central offers an on-site scheduling tool that allows meeting professionals to easily create an appointment calendar showing all meetings, seminars, training sessions, as well as other types of meetings and events they are planning throughout the day.

Increase Your Efficiency with a Microsoft-Compliant Resource Central

Microsoft has unveiled a resource center which features a library of online content from leading Microsoft partners. This resource allows students to sort by subject, browse the library for educational videos and articles, complete assessments, check out books from their library, and even use the search bar! The resource central is compatible with Windows 10 devices in school or home settings.

Microsoft also offers an online course for teachers, Microsoft Professional Learning Courses, which is a part of the Microsoft Learnings Center and can be used to teach students about the new resource center.

Some of the most popular features include:

  • Course Content – Site visitors have access to a variety of content including lessons, assessments, and instructional videos. Students will be able to use one-stop guides including “Teaching with Technology at School, “Teaching with Technology at Home”.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) – Site visitors can register for free access to Microsoft Learnings, a learning management system that includes courses on various Microsoft technologies. Users can track their progress as they complete activities.
  • Assessments – Site visitors will be able to take a variety of assessments to help them improve their skills and knowledge in different areas, including technology, teaching methods, and professional development.

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