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Surprising Things That May Hurt Your Job Chances


You’ve probably heard that you need to dress for the job you want, not your job. But what about all of those other things you do? Are there any behaviors or habits that could hurt your chances of getting the job you want? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. So let’s take a look at some of them.

How to network without being sleazy

Networking is often seen as a necessary evil, and many job seekers go about it in the wrong way. Martina Shabram, author of “The Sleaze-Free Guide to Networking,” advises against treating networking as a numbers game. “People can see right through that,” she says. “It’s not about how many business cards you collect or LinkedIn connections you make. It’s about making genuine connections with people.” Instead of collecting as many contacts as possible, Shabram suggests focus on quality over quantity. “

The Don’ts of job interviews

There are a number of seemingly innocuous things that can hurt your chances of landing the job. For example, many people believe that making a good first impression is important. However, research has shown that hiring managers form their opinions of candidates within the first ten seconds of meeting them. As a result, it is important to be aware of your body language and be careful not to come across as nervous or hostile. Additionally, avoid fidgeting and make sure to maintain eye contact. It is also important to be careful what you say. Avoid making any negative comments about your current or previous employers, as this will make you appear to be a difficult employee. Finally, avoid asking about salary and benefits during the interview, as this will make you appear to be more interested in the money than the job itself.

Why you should never lie on your resume

One of the most common pieces of advice given to job seekers is to never lie on their resumes. While it may seem like a small white lie could never do any harm, the truth is that even a small falsehood can damage your job prospects. In many cases, employers will verify the information on your resume, and if they discover that you have lied, it will reflect negatively on your character. Furthermore, if you are caught lying after you have already been hired, it could result in you being fired from your new job. As a result, it is always best to be honest on your resume, even if you might not get the job.

Things you should never say in a job interview

Anyone who has ever been on a job interview knows that there are certain things you should never say. phrases like “I’m not a people person” or “I’m not really a morning person” will almost certainly guarantee that you won’t be getting the job. However, a few other surprising things can also hurt your chances of landing the position. For example, listing too many activities in your hobbies and interests section can make you appear overscheduled and stressed out. And using clichés like “out of the box thinker” or “thinking outside the box” can make you seem unoriginal, which is the opposite of the effect you intended.

Job Hopping

In today’s job market, it’s not uncommon to see job seekers with a few different jobs on their resume. In fact, many employers expect that candidates will have some experience with changing jobs. However, there are also a few surprising things that can hurt your job chances – and one of them is job hopping.

While job hopping may seem like a good way to advance your career, it can actually send the wrong message to potential employers. For one thing, it can make you appear to be disloyal or uncommitted. Additionally, Job hopping can also make it difficult for employers to assess your long-term potential. If you’ve been switching jobs every few years, it’s hard for an employer to know if you’re truly interested in the position or if you’re just looking for a short-term opportunity.

Being Unprepared

When you show up to an interview without knowing anything about the company or the position, it sends a signal that you’re not taking the process seriously. Likewise, failing to do your research before a meeting or presentation demonstrates a lack of attention to detail and commitment to excellence. To make a good impression and impress potential employers, it’s essential to be prepared. Make sure you have a clear understanding of what the company does and what the job entails before walking into an interview. Doing your homework will show that you’re serious about the opportunity and give you a better chance of landing the job.


So there you have it, six things that may be hindering your job prospects without you even realizing it. Be sure to take these into account the next time you’re applying for a job, and you just might find yourself with a better chance at success.


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