Tapestry Girls Review: The Must-Have Dorm Décor

All things vintage and bohemian are back in style – even more so with Gen Z. If you’re heading off to college or want to make your dorm room feel more like home, a tapestry adds a touch of personality to any space. Whatever your aesthetic or décor style, there is a tapestry out there that is guaranteed to catch your eye. We decided to take a look at Tapestry Girls products to review, and found out that they offer dozens of styles for you to choose from that are both are stylish and practical. They even make the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photos.

What Are Tapestries?

Tapestries have been used as artwork for generations, with modern tapestry dating back to medieval Europe as a form of self-expression and storytelling. You can look even further back to ancient Egypt for the first types of tapestries. At Tapestry Girls, they continue the tradition by offering handmade tapestries that will stand the test of time. Tapestries were originally used as a status symbol before becoming one of the versatile types of home décor. These textiles and fabrics often recreate popular images and motifs like elephants, mountains and zodiac signs.

Tapestry Decor and College Dorms

Every tapestry has a story behind it and can capture your imagination. Heading to college is often one of the first times you get to express your personality and design your own space. A tapestry is usually at the top of every college girl’s shopping list. Decorating your dorm is one of the most exciting parts of moving to college.

At Tapestry Girls, they offer both bohemian and lifestyle-inspired tapestries. Whether you dream of traveling the world or believe in the power of tarot cards, you can make a dorm your own with our tapestries.

When you arrive at your dorm, it can often feel like a boring grey space. Adding a tapestry to your dorm can bring a pop of color, liven up your space, and make your room feel more personal. College can be a stressful time, and you want to create an area where you can relax and destress after a day of classes and assignments.

Where to Hang Your Tapestry

If you’ve ever visited a college girl’s dorm, you’ve probably seen a tapestry hanging on the wall next to her bed. Your tapestry can double as a faux headboard if you have space on the wall behind your bed. While this is one popular option, you can also add a tapestry over your sofa or living area.

Tapestries are something every college girl has thought of buying. While they’re popular and something that almost every student treats themselves to, you can still make them your own. You can also add a set of fairy lights around your tapestry to illuminate your space and brighten your tapestry.

Decorating with A Tapestry

The beauty of tapestries is how versatile they are. You can pin them across your wall as a piece of art or even use them as a blanket. If you have a smaller tapestry, you can throw it over an old canvas and easily hang it on your wall as a piece of artwork. You can hang larger tapestries over a rod or railing, including by repurposing an existing curtain rod. 

At Tapestry Girls, you can find our budget-friendly tapestries in dorm rooms all over the country. You can even mix and match with their other products like bedding and light fixtures, or take a look at Tapestry Girls reviews to get inspiration. Whether you know someone heading to college or you want to spice up your dorm room, their curated collection of tapestries has something to offer everyone. Check them out today!

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