Testogen Review [2020]: Results, Ingredients, and Side Effects

As many men get older, they find their performance in the gym faltering. Men produce less testosterone as they age, which results in lower muscle mass, lower energy levels, increase fat, decreased sex drive, and other negative effects.

Luckily for men, testosterone supplements exist. Testogen is a testosterone booster for men that claims it can help increase testosterone levels and help you get the most out of your workouts, boost your energy levels, increase your sex drive, and more.

In this Testogen review, we’ll explain everything you need to know about this product including how it works, the ingredients, where to buy it, and how much it costs. 

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Results from Taking Testogen

First, though, let’s cover some of the touted health benefits of taking Testogen. Testogen claims that it can:

  • Increase muscle mass and strength
  • Improve stamina and endurance in the gym
  • Supercharge your sex drive and libido
  • Boost your overall confidence
  • Burn fat and lose weight

These are all pretty standard claims of testosterone boosters. Testogen claims that it is a natural and safe way to increase testosterone levels and combat the dreaded effects of low testosterone.

How Does Testogen Work?

First, let’s talk a bit about what testosterone does in the body, then we can move on to how Testogen works.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays several roles in both men’s and women’s’ bodies. Testosterone is produced naturally in the gonads (testes for men and ovaries for women), specifically in a structure called the Leydig cells, and is also produced in small quantities by the adrenal glands.

When testosterone is circulating in the blood, small quantities of it are converted into another hormone called estradiol, which is actually a form of estrogen. Testosterone exerts its effects in the body by binding to androgen receptors in various tissues. In general, men produce about 20 times more testosterone than women, although both sexes require a delicate balance of the hormone.

So now we can answer the question: How does Testogen work?

Surprisingly, Testogen does not actually contain testosterone. Free testosterone (or free Ts as it is sometimes called) is broken down by the body too quickly to actually be of any use. Instead, Testogen contains a blend of ingredients designed to increase testosterone production naturally.

This is a good feature because taking raw testosterone can have some very nasty side effects, such as acne, oily skin, prostate swelling, decreased testicle size, and high blood pressure.

The natural ingredients in Testogen have been thoroughly tested to make sure they are safe to use and actually do what it says it does. So if you are unhappy with losing your libido and vitality, Testogen has the right ingredients to increase the production of testosterone naturally.

You see, as men age, testosterone levels start to decline. Even as young as age 20, testosterone production starts to decline and plateaus once you hit about 40 years old. The average 20-year-old contains about 900 Ng of testosterone per dL of blood. Byt the time you are 40, those levels will decrease to about 400-500 Ng/dL. That is a pretty significant drop in T-levels and carries those unwanted side effects of lost vitality, decreased libido, and lowered motivation.

Here are some things you can look forward to with Testogen

  • Boost testosterone levels in a natural way
  • Improve muscle mass and strength
  • Increase libido and performance in the bedroom
  • Improvement in mood, focus, and virility

Testogen Ingredients

Like we said earlier, Testogen itself does not contain testosterone but instead contains ingredients that stimulate natural testosterone production.  Here are the main ingredients in Testogen:

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic acid is an amino acid regulator that functions to produce what are called “luteinizing hormones.” Clinical studies show that D-Aspartic Acid can enhance testosterone production by almost 45% in just a matter of weeks. Testogen is unique because it contains more D-Aspartic acid than any other testosterone supplement on the market.


Each dose of Testogen also contains up to 200mg of magnesium. Magnesium is an extremely important essential mineral that also plays a role in testosterone production. Studies show that men taking 750mg of magnesium per day can show a nearly 30% increase in testosterone levels in just 4 weeks. Magnesium also promotes healthy sleep which is an important part of both muscle regeneration and testosterone production.

Research has shown that most people, in general, don’t get enough magnesium in their diets, which leads to lethargy, insomnia, and poor coordination, all bad things that you don’t want in the gym. Natural sources of magnesium include nuts, leafy greens, and seeds.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has been shown to have an intimate connection with testosterone production. Studies indicate that men with sufficient vitamin D levels have higher testosterone levels than men with vitamin D deficiencies. Vitamin D also has been shown to increase the amount of free testosterone (testosterone that is not bound to a protein) in your bloodstream and prevents the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Vitamin D also works better when combined with various minerals which are also found in Testogen.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle leaf extract is a source of a chemical that binds to proteins called SHGB. Research has shown that SHGB routinely picks up testosterone and facilitates its conversion to estrogen. Nettle leaf extract can prevent testosterone from binding to SHBG, leaving more free testosterone in your bloodstream. Nettle leaf extract has also been shown to increase muscle mass and boost your libido.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean red ginseng comes from the root of the ginseng plant and is a common ingredient in several workout supplements. Red ginseng has been shown to reduce the damage to the testes from oxides and other so-called “free radicals.” Considering that your testes are one of the major producers of testosterone. Red ginseng is a good ingredient to have in Testogen. Red ginseng also acts as a stimulant and can increase your concentration and overall mental and physical clarity. In fact, many athletes will chew on raw ginseng root to get a burst of energy.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek Extract is a well-tested ingredient that is known to boost natural T-levels. Fenugreek extract can increase your strength, stamina, and vitality, and also has powerful antioxidant properties that prevent cellular damage from free radicals. Fenugreek extract is an extremely popular ingredient in workout supplements, and for good reason.

Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 helps keep bones strong and healthy. But its real benefit is that it helps the body more readily absorb vitamin D3. That is why it is included in Testogen; so you get the most out of the Vitamin D3 you are taking too.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B5 performs over 100 different functions in the body, including fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, and the synthesis of neurotransmitters. Vitamin B6 deficiency is also linked to decreased testosterone levels and increased estrogen levels. Vitamin B6 in Testogen is meant to help keep you energized and improve overall stamina.


Zinc is an extremely important mineral and is involved in several processes in the body. For our purposes, Zinc is essential for keeping your sperm and testes healthy. Zinc is water-soluble and so can easily be sweat out of the body. That is why those on a regular workout schedule need to make sure that they are getting adequate amounts of zinc in their diet. Natural sources of zinc include fish, shellfish, nuts, and certain vegetables.


Boron is a trace mineral found in several green vegetables and fruits. Studies have shown that even small amounts of boron can increase testosterone levels by up to 28% and cause a similar decrease in estrogen levels. Many male bodybuilders load up on boron which helps them put on and retain muscle mass.


Bioperine is a substance derived from black pepper and functions primarily to increase the bioavailability of the active ingredients in Testogen. In other words, Bioperine itself does not do anything but makes it easier for your body to absorb everything else so you get the maximum effect.

Other Ingredients

Testogen contains a few more ingredients such as gelatin, maltodextrin, and magnesium stearate, but these are all inactive ingredients and are for taste/consistency/bulk. Specifically, gelatin acts as a matrix that suspends all of the other ingredients so you can consume Testogen in convenient capsule form.

Dosage and How to Take

Taking Testogen is super simple too. All you have to do is take 4 capsules each morning and wash it down with a glass of water. Each capsule is in soft gel form so it’s easy to get down. While not required, it is recommended that you take Testogen with some kind of food. You should start to see results in about 4 weeks of regular dosing. If you start to experience negative side effects, you can decrease the dosage to 2 or 3 capsules per dose.

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What Do Testogen Reviews Have To Say?

Testogen reviews are unanimously positive. Men of all ages report seeing great gains in their workouts and physical condition after taking Testogen for as little as a couple of weeks. Most men report significant gains in their strength and stamina in the gym, as well as improved performance in the bedroom.  These impressive results are one of the reasons why Testogen is considered one of the best testosterone boosters on the market.

For example, Tony from the United Kingdom says that he went from lifting 30lbs to 100lbs in just one month after taking Testogen, with little to no side effects. Nolan from the US claims he gained over 7 lbs of lean muscle after taking Testogen for just 2 months.

There is one important caveat to all of this praise though. Testogen is not a magic pill that will make you buff by itself. You still have to put in the work and eat a proper diet along with regular workouts in the gym. It would be pretty cool if all you had to do was take Testogen, but unfortunately, that is just not how the human body works.

However, it seems when combined with proper diet and exercise, Testogen can be extremely beneficial.

Where to Buy Testogen?

You can only buy Testogen from the company’s official website.  Testogen is not available over the counter at stores like GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, or Walmart.

How Long Does It Take For Testogen To Work?

According to customer reviews, most men start seeing results from Testogen in as little as 4 weeks. During the first month, you should notice health benefits such as increased energy, better libido, and better performance in the gym.

By the 2nd month, you should notice an improvement in muscle mass and strength as your testosterone levels continue to rise. This is the time where your friends and family are likely to take notice as your body starts to change for the better.

By the 3rd month, you should feel a much better sense of well-being and a noticeable reduction in body fat.

Testogen Booster Drops

Testogen also offers testosterone booster drops which can supplement your normal dosing routine. Simply place a few drops of the booster in your food or drink and you can get a quick burst of testosterone for your workouts. The testosterone booster drops allow immediate delivery to your bloodstream so you see the results very quickly. Combining the drops with the capsules can help you maximize your workouts. 

Does Testogen Have Side Effects?

Testogen does not have any reported side effects because the 11 ingredients included in this formula are all-natural. After looking at a countless number of Testogen reviews and customer feedback, we didn’t see any men complain of any negative side effects from taking Testogen.  As long as you take the recommended dosage, Testogen should be safe to use.


  • Natural ingredient stimulates testosterone production
  • No harmful side effects
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Generous discounts for multiple bottles
  • Free worldwide shipping


  • Not available in stores like GNC or Walmart
  • 4 Capsules per day could be inconvenient for some people

Final Verdict: Does Testogen Really Work?

If you’re looking for a testosterone booster that can increase libido, reduce body fat, build muscle, and increase strength, Testogen is a quality product that is worth considering. Compared to other testosterone booster supplements, the reviews for Testogen have been overwhelmingly positive. That’s why the company is able to offer a full 100-day money back guarantee with every purchase.

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