The 10 Most Popular Neighborhoods for Renters In San Francisco

San Francisco, a rather tiny city with roughly 49 square miles, is home for a multitude of cultures, aesthetics, and last but not least, a multitude of price ranges. Some of which are more affordable, and others which are borderline crazy expensive. So if you are thinking about renting a place in San Francisco, this article is for you. Keep on reading to find out what the 10 most popular neighborhoods for renters in San Francisco are.

  1. Western Addition

If you want to enjoy the diversity of San Francisco, while also living in an area suitable for families or young and aspiring professionals, Western Addition is your best option. The prices in this area tend to be lower than the city’s average, which means that you get to enjoy San Francisco’s unique lifestyle without having to break the bank. You can enjoy fun shopping sessions in Japantown, admire the views of Alamo Square, or dive into the neighborhood’s jazz scene; all this while also enjoying the elegance of the Victorianstyled buildings and apartments.

  • SOMA

SOMA, acronym for South of Market, is a neighborhood you do not want to miss out on. With a rather strange, yet unique mix of museums, nightlife bars, and pubs, and up and coming start-ups, SOMA is one of the most popular neighborhoods for renters in San Francisco. Because of its large area, SOMA offers great living opportunities. On top of that, SOMA offers great weather conditions. While going to the west means chilly and foggy weather, because of its position, SOMA seems to be one of the sunniest areas of SF.

  • Tenderloin

Another great option if you are looking to stay on a budget is Tenderloin. Although it is often looked at as the not-so-pleasing area, it has many treasures and hidden gems, all waiting for you to discover them. Cheap restaurants and food stalls, venues for classical concerts, underground art, and art spaces make Tenderloin a great neighborhood for you to live in. And if this is not enough, you might want to consider the fact that Tenderloin is situated in the proximity of the Financial District and downtown.

  • Financial District

And speaking of the Financial District, this is another great neighborhood that you might want to consider renting in San Francisco. Just like the name suggests, this is the area where the majority of the big companies are situated. Because of that, the prices themselves tend to be quite big. But this should not scare you away. On the contrary, if you are working for one of the companies situated here, then this is the perfect housing option. It involves almost no commuting at all, which is very important because commuting in San Francisco can be very tiring and time-consuming. You can also enjoy the numerous restaurants, brunch locations, and coffee shops, all just around the corner from wherever you are standing.

  • Mission

With an incredibly large, funky, hipster, and up and coming art scene, Mission is an art lover’s heaven. It has everything from colorful walls and murals to specialty coffee shops, unique and hip pubs and bars, and all kinds of themed restaurants. The best word used by both locals and tourists to describe this neighborhood would be eclectic; and it certainly does the area right. On top of that, there are a variety of rentals you can choose from. From luxurious apartments to older yet chic houses, there is something for everyone and every budget out there.

  • Downtown

The next neighborhood you might want to consider when renting in San Francisco is Downtown. It is the heart of the city and for good reasons. It is filled with some of the biggest shopping centers, company buildings, and lively pubs, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, and clubs. What’s even better is the fact that there are many properties available for renting; for both short and long term.

  • Hayes Valley

Less touristy than Downtown San Francisco, Hayes Valley is a neighborhood worth considering for rent. It is surrounded by other great neighborhoods such as SOMA, Castro, and Mission, which means that there is always something fun to do. It is suitable for both young aspiring workers as well as families and children, too. There are trendy, modern, or luxurious apartments available for all budgets.

  • The Castro

Castro is a lively neighborhood which has restored and maintained its charming traditional and ethical character. Many houses belonging to immigrants from Scandinavia, Germany and more can still be seen today. It is house to a thriving community of LGBTQ people. It is great for people looking to rent since it has everything from freestanding houses to multiple-standing units. The transportation system is really good in this area, so owning a car is not mandatory.

  • Laurel Heights

If you are looking for a quieter, more relaxing, and more laid back neighborhood, then Laurel Heights is the perfect option. Situated at the intersection between the bigger, more crowded, and bustling neighborhoods and the quieter, and more pristine neighborhood of Presidio, Laurel Heights offers all kinds of houses for rent. Modern and trendy apartments, Victorian houses, and even townhouses. There are also many leisurely places and activities for you, so why not give Laurel Heights a chance?

  1. Russian Hill

One of the most picturesque neighborhoods on this list, Russian Hill is certainly not to miss. Here you can find the famous Lombard Street, the tracks with the popular cable cars, and some of the most incredible views of the Bay area and the Golden Gate Bridge. It is situated, just like the name says, on a hill, and it harbors some shops and places to go out and eat.

In conclusion, renting in San Francisco is not easy, and more expensive than if you were to compare it to Florida, as Florida insurance shows. However, with the help of this article, you now know what the 10 most popular and suitable neighborhood for renters in San Francisco are.

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