The 5 Best 4/20 Deals in San Francisco: Monday 4/12/2021 – Tuesday 4/20/2021

This year, Amuse is changing the game on what it means to experience 4/20 week deals. Starting this Monday, 4/12, and running through Tuesday, 4/20, Amuse will be dropping at least SIX new products each day that are only $4.20. These deals are sponsored by the Bay Area’s best selling brands and will sell out very quickly. SFWeekly is here with the scoop, unveiling each Amuse drop in real-time each day (4/12 – 4/20) at 10 a.m. 

To kick things off on Day 1, discounted products include: (1) Pacific Stone Bango 1/8th, (2) Chemistry Huckleberries (0.5g) Vapes, (3) Kiva Wild Cherry Gummies (100mg), (4) Island Citrus Wave Prerolls (5) Old Pal Cosmic Cookies 1/8th (6) Albert Einstones Overflow El Blunto (7) Moxie Super Silver Haze Vape Cartridges 

On Monday (4/12) these products include: 

4/13: menu sneak peek

4/14: menu sneak peek

4/15: menu sneak peek

4/16: menu sneak peek

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