Best Online Seed Bank in 2021: Reputable Seed Banks In the US (Best Place To Buy Cannabis Seed

Buying legalized cannabis has become relatively easy with renowned cannabis seed banks. Now, everyone can thrive in their business and become successful.

There are many people out there who have yet to start their business in cannabis. But before they can create a business in this, they would have to buy marijuana seeds. Some people go for online best marijuana seeds; however, it has its ups and downs. But what if these people can legally buy marijuana seeds and start their business in it. A company in this industry will likely thrive because medical marijuana has become popular in many health centers. It is used by a wide range of people, so naturally, its demand has swiftly increased. Following are some of the points which will be covered in this post:

  • Five best marijuana seed banks
  • Pros of the best marijuana seed banks
  • Cons of the best Marijuana seed banks
  • Why it is not suitable to buy marijuana seeds online without verification

Top 5 Seed Banks that Ship to the USA

The following covers the best seed banks that are available within the USA, Canada as well as internationally.

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana(Editors Choice)

The company was founded in 2012 by Robert Bergman and has become popular in several years to the extent that it is now known as one of the best marijuana seed banks. Even though it was founded in that year, but before that, it worked for over 25 years. It is safe to say that it has a lot of experience and expertise in this field. The company has, without a doubt, a lot to offer to its customers.

It is a suitable seed bank for the USA and Europe. In addition to this, many people will be glad to hear that it offers free shipping. Since there are no shipping charges, the person would only have to pay for the seeds. The company provides a range of different marijuana seeds. There is so much variety, and almost every consumer will get what they are looking for. It depends on the type of grower the person is to know which seed he would prefer. That is why LGM highlights that they offer beginner or feminized seeds. They also provide the nutrients that will help the consumers grow them, growing kits, auto-flowering varieties, and even medical marijuana.

The company offers utterly authentic strains of the seeds, so they also give their customers a germination guarantee when they make a purchase. It is a known fact that seeds do not grow in every environment. But not to worry, because the company offers seeds for particular environments. So, they also offer versatility in their seeds.

Customers can make easy transactions through various payment methods such as debit or credit cards, bitcoin, and even bank transfers. If some customers tracked shipping, then the company also offers that with $25.

The Pros of this company are the following:

  • If you are not satisfied with the product, you get your money back
  • Shipping is free to America and Europe
  • Delivery time is 10-15 days
  • Packing is extremely discreet, so you need not worry

The cons of this company are:

  • Customers are spammed with email offers
  • The tracked delivery has an additional cost

#2 Quebec Cannabis Seeds(Canada)

The company has over 20 years of experience in selling cannabis to experienced growers. Its website is active for the last 15 years. However, the website gives the impression that the  company sells to people who are experienced in growing cannabis for a considerable period.

Customers can get a variety of strains from this company. Some of the strains are regular weed seeds, mixed packs, feminized seeds, and so on. It depends on the kind of grower and if he is a beginner or experienced. If someone does not know about a particular strain, they can request information on it, and the company will send a form in which they will tell all about that specific strain. So, rest assured that every customer can make an informed decision.

The company cannot be said to be a sophisticated marijuana seed bank. Still, people need not worry since it is highly reliable, and they can purchase seeds from here online. their packaging is discreet, but they have a few problems concerning their delivery time. It varies a lot for different packages.

This company is based in Canada, so American citizens can also pay through dollars since they do not need to worry about converting dollars. There are several payment methods for the customers so that they can pay in their choice of ease. However, if someone has a bitcoin, it is better to choose that payment method since they will get a 20% discount on the entire package.

The pros of this company are:

  • They offer stealth shipping
  • An experienced company since it has been in the industry for over 20 years
  • Offers seeds of different varieties so that the customers can choose the best for themselves

The cons of this company are:

  • If a customer pays with a credit card, then there will be a 3.8% fee on it
  • Does not offer different shipping methods. Has only one standard shipping mode
  • There is a minimum order limit that is a customer has to order a product whose cost is at least $70

#3 Seedsman(EU)

This company is best suited for people who won’t buy marijuana seeds online. Everyone can rest assured that this is a trust-worthy vendor, and they have high-quality seeds for you. Apart from this, they interact with their customers through a photo-cup competition. They ask the customers to click a photo of the photo their seeds are growing.

A fascinating thing about Seedsman company is that they have a complete list of their breeders. Not only this, but they also have this list posted on their official website. With the breeder are the types of seeds that each breeder has. People can look for the breeder they want seeds from and the variety of seeds they and select it. This ensures that everything according to the customer’s requirements.

The company offers a wide variety of seeds, which are not limited to Northern lights, white window, sour diesel. Some of these are also award-winning varieties. The company also offers special categories of seeds that are seldom available with other vendors since they belong to specific locations. Customers are also given the choice of the seeds they require in terms of weather and soil.

If someone buys seeds from the company, they are given loyalty points and some free seeds. Apart from this, if someone buys seeds from their website using bitcoin, they will be given a 25% discount on their initial order. After that order, they will be assigned a 15% discount.

The pros of this company are:

  • They possess a variety of seed types
  • The loyalty system of this company lets their customers stick to them
  • There are a lot of user reviews on their site, which can help the new customers decide if they are the best vendor for them
  • They give free seeds to their customers on every order
  • 15% discount is given to people who use bitcoin as a payment method
  • They have a complete list of breeders with them

The cons of this company are:

  • their website is filled with advertisements, which might be annoying for a lot of people
  • their delivery charges are relatively high that is customers would have to pay almost $8.98 for delivery in addition to $9.04 for the insurance fee
  • it can be said that the user reviews are mostly biased

#4 MSNL – Marijuana Seeds NL(EU)

This company works outside the US. It is based in the Netherlands and has been operating  since 1999. They have this unique feature on their website where they ask customers some questions like the kind of marijuana strain they are. Through these quizzes, their customers get a lot of help in knowing information about different types of strain. In addition to this, their customers are also familiarized with each see’s growth conditions and how the seed will appear after they are germinated. Hence, people know which seed best suits them with regards to the environment they are residing in.

The company highlights that their seed germination rate is 90%, which can be considered most honest and realistic compared to other company’s germination rate, which is said to be 100%. An expert also checks the company’s marijuana seeds from Amsterdam, who has good knowledge about marijuana seeds. That is why it can be said that this company sells high-quality seeds to its customers.

There are various strains that this company offers, such as High times cup, Buddha, and white window, etc.; on every order, the customers are given free seeds. Through this method, the customers will gain a different variety of seeds. Customers can buy seeds by choosing from multiple payment methods, whichever suits them best. However, people who pay from bitcoin are given a 15% discount on their purchase.

The pros of this company are:

  • the company’s shipping is discreet
  • the company sells high-quality cannabis seeds
  • a lot of free seeds are given to customers on every order
  • there are a lot of shipping methods for the customer to choose from
  • Bitcoin users get a 15% discount on their order
  • Bulk order receives a free delivery

The cons of this company are:

  • it takes approximately 6-12 days to deliver; however, it can take longer than expected
  • Delivery is not free unless the customer is buying in bulk. Standard delivery charges are $6.25
  • if the customer belongs from the US, then his delivery charges would be greater than standard delivery charges
  • some charts which give information about seed strains might be confusing for customers

#5 Crop King Seeds(Canada)

It is a Canadian seed bank that is based in the US. They offer different varieties of seeds such as feminized and high CBD etc. their website layout is entirely interactive and straightforward, which is why many users come here. In most of the other seed banks, the information is highlighted in a somewhat confusing way, due to which customers avoid buying seeds from there. But Crop king seeds provide an excellent germination guide for their customers to ensure that 80% of their seeds germinate.

They have a system of ‘five crown’ rating that enables them to get many unbiased user reviews. This way, new customers can quickly get information from this company’s existing customers about the best type of strains to buy from here.

Bulk orders which cross $300 are given free shipping. However, smaller orders are sent at a regular shipping cost of $10. The delivery takes almost 7-14 days. Some people want their seeds to get delivered early, so for them, the company offers express shipping, which costs $30.

The pros of this company are:

  • their website has a relatively simple layout, and it also has filtering options so that customers can easily view the products as they wish
  • there is a free germination guide for customers to help them with their marijuana seed germination
  • they highlight an 80% germination rate, which is realistic
  • bulk order exceeding $300 are sent with no delivery charges

The cons of this company are:

  • regular shipping might take more time than expected
  • Standard shipping and express shipping have a cost, while some marijuana seed bank companies do not take any delivery charges. So, in this regard, it might appear a bit costly.

Should you Buy Seeds Online with Verification? 

Many unreliable marijuana seed vendors have low-quality marijuana seeds. In that case, people worry if this mode of gaining the seeds is the safest. However, they can rest assured that the companies highlighted above also sell their seeds online, but they are 100% secure. Their packaging is too good to ensure that it is not detected during delivery. They are put in ordinary objects just as a DVD case. That is why it is almost impossible to see them; hence no suspicion will be raised.




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