The Best CBD Pre Rolls on the Market

Due to exceptional health benefits, cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is becoming more and more popular, and demand for CBD products is also increasing worldwide. While people were afraid of using CBD products in the past, most of them are now aware that CBD does not produce euphoric effects or those associated with being high. If you still doubt whether CBD is actually non-psychoactive, the answer is YES. Hemp-derived CBD does not contain THC, meaning that the consumption of CBD products is not the same as smoking marijuana. 

In fact, CBD pre rolls are among the most popular CBD products on the market. These pre-rolled CBD joints offer dozens of health benefits while causing almost none of the side effects of smoking or vaping marijuana joints. And if you are looking for pure CBD pre rolls, you should definitely refer to Game Up Nutrition, a leading company offering pure CBD products and related accessories. 

What Are CBD Pre Rolls and Why Should I Use Them?

To make things more explicit for individuals willing to try CBD prerolls, let’s start by explaining what they are and why you might want to consider smoking CBD joints. 

CBD prerolls are a pre-rolled CBD joints that do not contain psychoactive cannabinoid THC. CBD prerolls are derived from hemp since the plant is rich in CBD and the content of THC is less than 0.3%. 

While smoking weed can also be relaxing, the presence of THC promotes the effects of being high and other characteristics of being high. On the other hand, pure CBD prerolls allow individuals to receive health benefits without altering their state of mind and mood. 

Obviously, there are a number of ways one can consume CBD products. In the case of edibles, you just take them orally. Other popular CBD products are available in forms of topicals, meaning that you need to apply the lotion, cream, or gel, directly onto your skin. CBD prerolls are among other CBD products that are intended to be consumed by smoking or vaping. If you wonder why you should smoke CBD joints instead of taking CBD in another form, here are some advantages.

Some of the advantages of smoking CBD pre-rolled joints include:

  • Your body absorbs more CBD (approx. 34-56%);
  • CBD enters your lungs directly and is transferred to the bloodstream shortly;
  • CBD is absorbed in less than 10 minutes.

Although CBD prerolls are in demand worldwide, it does not necessarily mean that you should also consume CBD via smoking or vaping. 

Where Can I Purchase the Best Pre Rolled CBD Joints?

When it comes to purchasing any of the CBD products, you should be extremely attentive while selecting the right one for you. Due to the lack of regulations regarding the content of CBD products, many of them contain other cannabinoids as well. And in some cases, CBD products might even include THC. Although trace amounts of THC are not that likely to produce euphoric effects, the consumption of such CBD products might lead to THC showing up on a drug test.

To avoid unwanted situations and purchase pure CBD products, it is essential to find a reputable company selling products that have been experimentally tested on THC content in them. 

If you are seeking pure CBD prerolls, you should consider purchasing them at Gameupnutrition. Game Up Nutrition is a leading CBD shop founded by UFC fighters Nick and Nate Diaz. 

Here you can see the famous video clip of Nate Diaz smoking a CBD pre-rolled joint during an open UFC 241 workout.   

The products offered by GameUpNutrition include:

What makes Game Up Nutrition so reliable and trustworthy is that it shares CBD Lab Reports for every CBD product sold through their platform. To make sure you are about to purchase a pure CBD pre roll, you can check the corresponding report with the data obtained through cannabinoid tests. 

What Is the Average Price for CBD Pre-Roll at Game Up Nutrition?

The price of a CBD pre-roll at GameUpNutrition depends on its flavor. Generally speaking, you can purchase a single machine-rolled cone filled with top-quality crushed hemp flower for as low as $9.99. Depending on the desired flavor, the price of a single pre-roll goes up to $13.99. 

If you want to save up some cash, you can purchase a CBD pre-roll pack. The pack comes with 4 individual machine-rolled CBD prerolls and the price ranges from $36.99 to $39.99 a pack. 

For individuals who prefer rolling hemp flowers on their own, Game Up Nutrition offers 3.5 grams of high-CBD hemp flower starting at $39.99. 

The Best CBD Prerolls by Reviews

Although every single CBD pre-roll listing on has a 5-star rating, two options are among the best-sellers. These are a single CBG Pre-Roll Hemp Joints and High-CBD Hemp Flower packs.  

CBD Pre-Roll (Hemp Joint)

This is a machine-rolled vegan-friendly cone filled with 0.75 grams of crushed organic hemp flower (no leaves). The product comes in a travel tube, which makes the product intact during shipping and easy-to-store after arrival. The CBD (cannabigerol) content in the product is 13.6%, while pre-rolls contain only 0.05% of THC. You can check the content of the product by following the link to the lab reports

As stated in the description, the initial smell of a CBD pre-roll is of the fresh hemp plant and cypress. After breaking up, the aroma and flavor of the product escalates and gets more intense. 

Here are some of the customer reviews on CBD Pre Rolls sold on

  • “I have never tried CBG before and I can tell it helped me deal with pain. I even slept a lot better and will order more of this.”
  • “These CBD pre-rolls taste great and give a nice feeling while relieving pain.”
  • “Worked very quickly to reduce my chronic muscle pain. Very satisfied.”
  • “This product is worth every penny. It helped with my chronic back pain. I promise you will love it.”
  • “The CBD pre-roll alleviated my headache and relaxed my entire body.”

High-CBD Hemp Flower 1/8th 

Another best-seller product on is a pack of high-CBD hemp flower that has been organically grown and carefully trimmed (first by a machine, then with a hand trim). The pack includes 3.5 grams of crushed hemp flower with no leaves in it. This product is perfect for individuals who prefer rolling up hemp flower themselves. 

The smell and flavor of the product depend on the specific strain you select. 

The following are available strains for a High-CBD Hemp Flower pack along with CBD and THC content:

Strain CBD Content THC Content
Elektra 15.1% 0.2%
Special Sauce 15.1% 0.22%
Sour Space Candy 12.2% 0.13%
Hawaiian Haze 14.2% 0.16%
White CBG 13.6% 0.05%
Cherry Limeade 13.6% 0.25%
Frosted Lime 16.6% 0.14%

Here are some of the customer reviews on High-CBD Hemp Flower sold on

  • “I get injections in my knees every 6 months to alleviate bone-on-bone pain. The product made my knees feel much better and I will order again.”
  • “The Hawaiian Haze has an awesome flavor and relieves stress and anxiety quickly.”
  • “This is the best CBD flower available on the market. It smells and tastes just awesome. The product really helped me with my aches and pains of wrestling.”
  • “Every product I have ordered on has been exactly as advertised. I am delighted with every single purchase.”

When looking at the reviews, it is clear that Game Up Nutrition offers top-notch CBD products, including best-seller CBD joint prerolls. If you are looking for pure CBD pre-rolls with less than 0.3% THC content, go to Gameupnutrition and find the right option for you.

Different Flavors of CBD Pre Rolls Available at Game Up Nutrition

What makes the GameUpNutrition products even more desirable and popular is a wide selection of flavors. If you do not like that weedy smell, you should definitely consider ordering CBD products with different strains. 

The Most Popular types of Cbd Pre Rolls  at Gameup Nutrition are

  • Special Sauce – The strain is ideal for any situation. Special Sauce hemp flower promotes motivation and calms the entire body. Note that smaller buds offer a sweet and hoppy flavor of fresh berry.
  • Hawaiian Haze – Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is for individuals enjoying tropical and floral flavors. This strain is recommended for uplifting motivation for social events or other daytime activities. 
  • Sour Space Candy – If you prefer the aroma of citrus and tropical fruits with fresh undertones, Sour Space Candy hemp flower is definitely for you. The strain helps with depression, anxiety, and pain. 
  • Elektra – Along with having a deep citrus fruit aroma, Elektra is characterized by chocolate tones. 
  • Pineberry – With a flavor of fresh fruits and berries, the Pineberry hemp flower features intense tones of alpha-pinene. The strain will make you feel energized right after a couple of hits. 
  • Lifter – If you prefer an all-natural CBD pre-roll, go with the Lifter strain. This product is characterized by high-CBD content and slightly sweet flavor. 
  • Cherry Limeade – Cherry Limeade hemp flower is another high-CBD product featuring the flavor of tart cherries and citrus. 
  • Frosted Lime – Frosted Lime strain is also a high-CBD hemp flower with citrus scent and skunky aroma hints. 

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