The Best Online Filipino Dating Sites

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There are lots of dating sites to meet Filipino women—and around 90% of them are not worth your time and money. We’ve found, tested, and reviewed the top 7 dating sites in the Philippines—they are reputable, extremely popular and certainly worth trying. Choose the best Filipina dating sites, and chat with attractive Asian women today!

Top 7 recommended dating sites in the Philippines

Rank Dating Site Registration Get Started
#1 EasternHoneys Free Visit Site
#2 AsianMelodies Free Visit Site
#3 TheLuckyDate Free Visit Site
#4 OrchidRomance Free Visit Site
#5 CuteAsianWoman Free Visit Site
#6 DateNiceAsian Free Visit Site
#7 LoverWhirl Free Visit Site

These are the best Filipino dating sites—they are different, they offer various services, and they have different strong and weak sides. What unites these online dating sites is that all of them are the best options for Western men interested in Filipina women. Let’s talk about these popular dating sites in more detail.

#1 Ranked Filipino dating site — EasternHoneys

  • Free and fast registration
  • Thousands of women from the Philippines and from other Asian countries
  • Convenient live chat

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EasternHoneys is a perfect dating platform for those interested in attractive Filipino women. This platform has everything you need—from various search filters and convenient live chat to a great mobile version of the site and thousands of active members.

EasternHoneys is not free to use—you’ll have to pay to send messages here. However, basic profile browsing is free, as well as registration and using all the search filters. What’s more, you’ll get 30 credits for free right now if you sign up and verify your email—so even though it’s not a free site, you still don’t have to pay right away.

We recommend checking out EasternHoneys reviews right now.

#2 Ranked — Asian Melodies

  • Great welcome bonus for new users
  • Nice mobile version of the site
  • Live chat with video messages

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AsianMelodies is one of the most popular dating sites in the Philippines. It’s a simple, easy-to-use, and user-friendly online dating platform that will be great for those interested in dating Filipino singles.

The number of messaging tools is quite high (chat, mails), the assortment of search tools is quite wide, and the number of free services is also quite high—AsianMelodies is not a free dating website, but such services as viewing photos and profile browsing are available even to free members. Unfortunately, you can’t use your Facebook account or your account on any other social media site to create a dating profile here—only the email registration option is available.

We recommend checking out Asian Melodies reviews right now.

#3 Ranked — TheLuckyDate

  • Free registration
  • Welcome bonus for new users
  • Easy-to-use interface

> Start a Free Account Now

TheLuckyDate is not the most popular dating site with Filipino singles, but it’s certainly worth your time. This platform has a very simple user interface so you will not have any problems with it even if you’ve never used such apps before.

TheLuckyDate is exactly what you need if you don’t want to pay right after the registration—the site is not 100% free to use, but you’ll get 2,000 credits after creating an account. You’ll be able to spend these credits on messaging with potential matches, but that’s not the only option covered by free membership—free members can also locate potential matches using geolocation, browse other users’ profiles, and add Filipina women to their favorite lists.

We recommend checking out TheLuckyDate reviews right now.

#4 Ranked — OrchidRomance

  • Well-optimized mobile version of the site
  • Live chat with photos and videos
  • Free credits for new users

> Start a Free Account Now

If you’re searching for the best Philippine dating sites, OrchidRomance is probably the right choice for you. This is one of the most popular dating sites in the Philippines with more than 4,700,000 monthly visitors—not all of them are Filipino members, but this is still an extremely popular platform (probably the most popular one when it comes to Asian dating).

Premium users enjoy unlimited messaging, gifts and bouquets, and lots of advanced features—they can send mails and use live chat, send photos and videos, view profile videos, and make a request for a meeting with Filipino members.

We recommend checking out OrchidRomance reviews right now.

#5 Ranked — CuteAsianWoman

  • Video chat
  • Voice calls
  • Android dating app

> Start a Free Account Now

Unlike other sites on the list, CuteAsianWoman doesn’t look like a simple and 100% user-friendly dating platform. However, it’s still one of the best dating sites to meet Filipino women due to the number of services and quality of profiles. Premium members can write their own success stories here—users with a paid membership can send messages, buy gifts, use video chat, and call women on CuteAsianWoman.

If you prefer mobile dating, you’ll also love the CuteAsianWoman app (only available for Android smartphones). This platform can be safely called the best dating site in the Philippines—especially for those who are searching for a top-notch dating website.

#6 Ranked — DateNiceAsian

  • Android dating app
  • Welcome bonuses and seasonal offers
  • Live video chat and voice calls

> Start a Free Account Now

DateNiceAsian is one of the best Filipino dating platforms in the USand it’s that popular for a good reason. The number of features offered by this popular dating app is extremely high—you are not limited to text messages here, you can also call other Filipino members and even have a video chat with them.

Obviously, all these services are only available to the users with a paid membership—while viewing photos and browsing profiles is free, sending messages and calling other users is not.

We recommend checking out DateNiceAsian reviews right now.

#7 Ranked — LoverWhirl

  • Free registration
  • User-friendly interface
  • Comfortable live chat

> Start a Free Account Now

Low number of inactive accounts, user-friendly interface, very convenient live chat, search tools that can help people find a perfect mutual match—LoverWhirl is one of those dating websites you just can’t ignore if you’re interested in Filipino dating.

The site claims to make international communication effective and enjoyable, and that’s exactly what you can expect from this dating platform. It’s user-friendly, fast, and it has thousands of Filipino members—so you just need to try it.

We recommend checking out LoverWhirl reviews right now.

Best Dating Sites by Country

If you are looking for someone of a specific demographic, there may be a perfect site for what you’re looking for! We have included links to the best international dating sites by demographic:

You can also find more Filipina dating websites here.

How we rate online dating sites

This article is all about the best websites for online dating—and when we say “best”, we do really mean it. We test dozens of sites to find the ones that will help our readers find an ideal partner, read hundreds of dating site reviews, test the websites ourselves, and even purchase a premium membership to make sure the site is real and not a scam. Here are the factors we pay attention to when choosing a dating platform:

  • Reputation
  • Convenience
  • Tools and features
  • Number and quality of profiles

Now, let’s talk about each of these factors in more detail.

Reputation of an international dating platform

First of all, you need to check the reputation of a dating platform. This is basically the very first thing to pay attention to, which is also the most important factor to consider. The point is, when you’re using a dating website, you provide personal information to it, and you spend money on it—and we believe that the reputation of a website you pay for must be perfect.

If anything is wrong with the reputation of the site, it’s always a red flag—it makes no sense to create an account on such a platform. If the dating site has a lot of negative reviews or the owner company of the site has a bad reputation, this means you should not start writing your success story on this site.

Examples of reputations of dating sites on


Eastern Honeys

That’s why we always check everything related to the reputation of a dating platform. Reviews, history of the owner company, statistics, data, and web traffic insights—we analyze everything.

Convenience—registration, interface, mobile version

Our goal is to provide our readers the best possible Filipino dating platforms. That’s why we don’t just check the reputation—we also analyze if the site is convenient and comfortable enough for an average user.

The registration must be free (obviously) and fast, the interface of the app must be easy-to-use and user-friendly, and all the details must be located exactly where an average user expects them to be. Search tab, favorite list, “block the user” button, etc.—every detail, even the smallest one, must be intuitive.

The mobile experience is also very important to us. Websites like DateNiceAsian, for example, have a mobile app—this makes mobile dating much more convenient. The platforms like AsianMelodies, in turn, provide great mobile experience because of a well-optimized mobile version of the site. There are two different approaches to mobile versions of a dating site, and both of them are quite convenient for the end user.

Tools and features—search, messaging, extra-services

Another thing we analyze carefully is the number of features and tools offered by a dating website. First, it’s about search filters—if you want to find only the woman with blonde hair, green eyes, or only the ladies who have a negative attitude towards smoking, you should have the opportunity to find her (or them). If there is a location-based search, it’s even better—in this case, you will get matches within a certain radius whether you’re in Los Angeles city or in Quezon city.

Now, messaging tools. Most of these sites offer more messaging services than traditional dating websites because long-distance dating is a completely different thing that requires different communication options, e.g., live chat with photos and videos, video chat, etc. We test the messaging options on all the sites on our lists to make sure our readers will be satisfied with the amount of messaging tools and their quality.

But it’s not only about search and messaging. Platforms such as CuteAsianWoman, for instance, have a much longer list of extra features (video chat, voice calls, etc.). The platforms like Filipino Cupid have a message translation (only for Platinum users, not for Gold users). Different dating sites offer different features and services—and we test them all before we add a site to our list.

Number of users and quality of profiles

Another thing we do to find the best Philippine dating sites is analyze the profiles. First of all, the number of users—some platforms share information about how many members they have on the very first page, while with platforms like OrchidRomance, you need to google it yourself. Most Philippine dating sites have 300,000-700,000 members which is a good result—but in special cases, we add sites like TheLuckyDate (less than 50,000 users) to our lists, too.

The quality of profiles is extremely important, too—it makes no sense to chat with attractive Filipino women if these women are not real. It’s quite hard to spot fake profiles, and it’s impossible to find a dating site with 100% real profiles, of course. That’s why analyze as many accounts as possible and ensure the real-fake profiles ratio is good enough.

Benefits of online dating in the Philippines

Online dating is better, and a regular user has almost no chance to argue with that. Meeting Filipino women offline is also an excellent idea—but meeting them online is much more convenient. It’s not only about convenience and comfort, actually—it’s also much cheaper, faster, and much more efficient than going to the Philippines and approaching women there. Here’s why.

It’s cheaper and faster

You only need to pay around $100-$150 per month if you’re going to meet Filipino singles online. Doing it offline will cost you around $4,800 for a 2-week trip!

As for the time, it’s obvious—you won’t need to waste 1 or 2 weeks in the Philippines trying to approach local ladies on the streets. You just sit in a couch, sign up on one of the dating websites, locate potential matches, and start chatting with them, that’s all.

It’s much more efficient

If you meet Filipinas offline, you have extremely high chances of being rejected because of a language barrier and their cultural values. Filipino singles you’ll find on are much more interested in meeting a foreign man, they speak English quite well, and their desire to meet a foreigner is basically the main reason why they have downloaded the app. They are interested in you even though you haven’t created a profile yet!

Finding the best dating sites

Finding a truly Filipina dating site that would be worth your time and money is quite hard. If you want to save time, just look at the above list—the best platforms for those interested in Asian women are already there.

If you happen to be a DIY-er, you can do it yourself. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Read the reviews
  • Pay attention to pricing
  • Analyze the profiles
  • Test the site

Read the reviews carefully

There are always negative reviews—even if we’re talking about the best dating sites. What you need to do is analyze them and spot the fake ones. We recommend you pay attention to the wording (ESL wording in particular), to the profiles of people who write the reviews (do they look generic?), and to the details (reviews without details are likely not 100% real).

Pay attention to the price and payment methods

You’ll have to buy premium membership to send messages and to use advanced features; that’s how all dating apps and sites work. We’ll cover this topic a little later—what we can say here is that the price must be comfortable for you. If you are ok with the idea of spending around $500 per month, go for it and choose a premium platform. If you want to spend $50-$100 per month, go for it and choose an affordable website with only text messaging options.

Make sure the profiles look real

It’s extremely important to spot fake user profiles, as you already know. We recommend you pick random user profiles, read their profile descriptions, and google their pictures—that’s how you will make sure the woman you’re chatting with is not a fake/scam account.

P.S. Can members browse photos for free? Yes, the absolute majority of dating apps and websites allow free members to do it even if they have no credits/premium subscription.  

Test the website yourself

You’re most likely searching for a website that would work great for a long-term relationship—that’s why it must be perfect for you (or as close to perfect as possible). Sign up, create a profile, chat with the ladies, pay attention to the details, and ask yourself a question: Does this site feel comfortable for me? If the answer is “yes”, congratulations—you’ve just found a perfect platform for international relationships.

How much does it cost to use a dating site?

As we’ve said before, most dating sites in the Philippines will cost you around $100-$150 per month. However, this is not a rule—you can easily spend much more than that on Philippines dating services. On the other hand, it’s possible to spend even less than $100—it all depends on what messaging services you’re going to use.

But it’s not always like that.

The point is, there are two types of traditional dating sites: the ones with a credit system and the ones with a premium subscription system.

The sites with a premium subscription system works like this: you pay for a subscription, you become a gold/platinum/premium member, and after that, you can send messages, use a live chat, and use all the other services of a site without any limits. The sites with a credit system are different—you buy credits and then, you exchange them for the services you really need.

The main advantage of the sites with a credit system is that you only pay for what you really need on these platforms. If you don’t need a voice call feature, you don’t have to pay for it—it’s simple. On websites like OrchidRomance, you’ll only spend 2 credits per 1 minute of a live chat which means 1 minute of a live chat will only cost you 0.4$ (in case you’ve purchased the largest credit package). Simple math—spending 10 minutes in a live chat two times per week will cost you only $8 per week or $32 per month!

On the other hand, a website with a credit system can drain your credit card if you forget about the price of its services—for example, 1 minute of video chat on DateAsianWoman costs 0.6 credits which is equal to $2.4 (in case you’ve purchased the largest credit package). If you spend 5 minutes daily in a video chat, you’ll have to pay $360 for 30 days—and this sounds quite expensive.

So, which system to choose? It’s up to you. If you want to save money, choose a website with a credit system—but be careful with the price of the advanced and premium features. There’s nothing wrong with spending a few minutes in a video chat—just don’t let premium services drain your wallet.

Another question you probably have after reading this is: are there free dating sites in the Philippines?

The short answer is yes. But as the Japanese say, there is nothing more expensive than something free.

Read also: How much does it cost to marry a Filipina.

Free dating sites: Are they worth it?

Free Filipino dating websites are not worth it, that’s a fact you have to keep in mind. An average free Filipino women dating site is full of fake and inactive accounts, has little to no premium features, and just can’t be useful for those looking for a serious relationship. The number of scammers and fake profiles is always extremely high on such websites—this makes it almost impossible to find a real Filipino woman there. Warn you – don’t marry a Filipina woman before reading these rules, they may save your life.

What’s more, the fact there are lots of scammers on such sites means you can easily lose money there—and this is not a problem to ignore because Americans lost around $300,000,000 to romance scammers in 2020. That’s why it’s much safer to choose paid platforms.

Final thoughts

Meeting Filipino women online is not that difficult—you need to choose a good website, create a profile, and start chatting.  It’s cheaper than meeting them offline, it’s fast, and it’s pretty convenient—so if you want to find an ideal partner, don’t waste your time and start doing it right now!

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