The Best Pay For Essay Websites In 2021

Essay writing on demand has become increasingly popular in the last decade. This trend has been especially articulated in 2020 – the year that brought us the Pandemic and the associated increased number of essay assignments directed at testing students’ creative writing skills. 

Based on a survey conducted in the US, Canada and the UK by a student-oriented website, out of roughly 10,200 responders, 81% mentioned that they paid for essay writing at least once. Since more and more students chose to seek assistance from professional essay writing services to fulfill their ever-demanding academic assignments, we’ve decided to investigate further why among the seeming abundance of the pay-for-essay sites some gained more popularity than the other. 

Based on students’ feedback, we’ve shortlisted 4 most popular academic writing services today – 3 in the US and 1 in the UK (a more in-depth analysis is available further down): leads this chart for their ease of use, very affordable pricing and volume of successfully delivered academic writing assignments. comes second, catering to those who seek extra-reputable writers and excellent customer support. is the next in line, providing unparalleled quality and wide variety or assignment types on top of the great pool of writers. is for the UK residents, combining affordable prices with the top-notch quality and an assortment of academic services.

In our research, we took a holistic approach paying attention to various criteria: price-performance ratio, trustworthiness, the scope of services, ethical principles, payment methods, quality, and essay delivery speed. While the most popular pay-for-essay services tend to show no particular weak sides, each one of them exhibits certain distinct advantages that set them far ahead of the competitors.

Academic institutions pay very little attention (or possibly just do not care much) to how much their students are struggling to combine studies with part-time employment. In a 2020 US study, a request has been sent to a number of national universities to find out how they monitor this, but from 85 responses only 8 knew how many hours a week their students spend in part-time employment (about 20 hours on average), while only 3 could link this information to their academic performance.

A similar study conducted earlier in the UK had an alarming finding that those students, who work for 16 hours and over had a twice lesser chance of achieving the same grades as their free from employment peers. Empirical observations by college professors confirm the difficulties the working students experience with regular assignments, especially the take-home essays. Under these circumstances, there is little wonder why the pay-for-essay sites are flourishing and why more and more students opt to pay for their essays to keep up with the studies.

The demand for essay writing assistance increased by 34% compared to 2019, with more than 70% of all the requests accumulated by a handful of the most popular pay-for-essay online services. Below we present you our review of the four most successful pay-for-essay services with a description of their unique features and pricing policies. is probably the most popular among those seeking great essay quality at an affordable price. They have earned their strong reputation largely due to the flexible service model and fast essay delivery with an always-meet-the-deadline attitude. In 2012 99papers was among the first ones to sense the increasing demand for customization of essay writing tasks. 

All clients are different in their requirements to essay quality, volume, payment methods and pricing, and even stages of the essay writing process. Some may not be willing to pay a high price for an essay. Some may require help with writing an essay from scratch, while others seek assistance to finish off an idea or a sketch they have already started. founders responded to those demands by implementing a highly versatile and agile service model, offering flexible essay pricing and award-winning customer support.

Their website front page says it all – these guys always put user experience and speed of essay delivery first. The layout, color choice, ease of navigation, basic facts, and payment procedure – all key elements are fine-tuned to save your time and energy making a decision and placing an order. The fastest essay delivery speed is 3 hours – quite impressive.

We also like the live statistics feature available on the front page: a monitor displays the current customer satisfaction rate (9.6 out of 10 as the average quality score), essay orders delivered on time (over 500,000 orders), and a number of active/available writers.  

And all this comes without sacrificing the essay quality. Clients also chose to come back to this service as they offer some of the best discounts for returning customers. 

Payment options are: Credit / Debit Cards, Bit Pay.

N.B.: The minimum essay pricing starts at $9.95.

What you pay for/features:

  • Great site design; 
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Some of the cheapest essay rates on the market;
  • 50% advance payment;
  • Great customization and flexible pricing on bespoke essays;
  • Unparalleled attention to deadlines. has earned its reputation of old-and-faithful for being on the essay market since 2010. It has some of the biggest client bases among the competitors, with many clients being loyal to them since nearly «day one». This is not surprising as the site offers excellent progressive discounts on essays to loyal customers and highly values its reputation. On their website, one can find a dedicated page to customers’ reviews and writers’ rankings based on user feedback and the number of successfully completed essay assignments. Open customer feedback on Bookwormlab is highly welcome.

Clients have an option to either rely on a professional support team to select the best writer for their essay tasks, or to choose a writer themselves. It’s worth noting – there is also an opportunity to chat with your assigned essay writer before, during, and after the work is completed. Within minutes after placing an order you will be emailed a link to chat with your writer. The communication can go both ways: you can provide the writer with any last-minute changes to the assignment (for example, a direction you would like your essay to go to, a research question you would like to address, etc.) or the writer can contact you if the essay assignment is missing any critical input. 

In any case, you will pay only after approving the quality of the completed essay sent to you by email. In addition to essay writing, offers professional editing and proofreading services, writing theses and dissertation samples, research papers, and term writing assignments. Payment for services is, obviously, always carried through a secure protocol.

A nice bonus to those looking for inspiration and ideas on how to begin their essay is what Bookwormlab calls a Free Database of Essay Samples. It is a huge catalog of some of the best essay samples available for free (as a reference, of course, as all essays are protected by copyright), conveniently classified by topics and authors. If your primary concern is reliability and trustworthiness, you cannot go wrong with

Payment options: Credit / Debit Cards and Bit Pay.

N.B.: Pricing for their essays starts at $15.

What you pay for/features:

  • Reliable and trustworthy;
  • Choose-your-essay-writer option;
  • Chat with an essay writer opportunity;
  • A free database of essay samples.
  • Helpful customer support. Those who always demand the best and can afford to pay an extra price are welcome to use this essay service. It seems like there is no compromise on essay quality when it comes to Essaybox. Under their umbrella, they have gathered some of the best authors, most of whom come from academia and hold Masters or Ph.D. degrees in a variety of disciplines. has made quality their top priority and you cannot go wrong if you are looking for the same in your essay. You simply get what you pay for on their website.

Other than essays, Essaybox offers help in composing a professional resume, case studies, research papers, and dissertations in a variety of academic disciplines. If, for any reason, you are not happy with your essay, you do not have to pay. Instead, you are entitled up to a full refund and get your essay redone by another writer for free. Their customer support team seems to always put clients first, really pay attention to their needs, and will be happy to assist with any request or complaint.

For those concerned with plagiarism, offers unparalleled quality control over the end product. As a default feature, all bespoke essays are tested for plagiarism using some of the recent technologies – Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). Being much more reliable than the previous statistical analysis tools, CNNs are based on the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) technology and able to detect plagiarism in essays at the level of sentences, even if only a few words were mixed or replaced.

If that is not enough to convince a highly demanding customer, their service offers direct communication between a customer and essay writer. Besides communication prior and during the process of writing an essay, once an order is complete and a client receives their essay, they can follow up with a writer to clarify certain points or make extra amendments to the text or the format of the essay. What is not usual here and can be qualified as a premium feature – such communication and the follow-up once the essay is completed, if requested by the customer, can happen in the form of a phone call. A live human communication, or a human touch to the service – this is what differentiates great pay-for-essay services, such as, from simply «good ones».

The “downside”, if only this is an appropriate word for top-notch quality, is that you should not expect low price tags for their services. Neither should you be looking for any major discounts. If you are not willing to pay for a premium essay quality – you should probably be looking for help from other companies in this list.

Payment options are quite common: Credit / Debit Cards, Bit Pay.

N.B.: The essay price tags start at $12.

What you pay for/features:

  • Unparalleled essay quality and a satisfaction guarantee;
  • Excellent customer care;
  • Some of the biggest pool of essay writers;
  • A technologically-advanced and accurate plagiarism checker;
  • Direct communication and follow-up option with the essay writer;
  • Price-quality balance.
  • 50% Post-satisfaction payment If you are a UK resident, studying in one of the most prestigious UK colleges, or simply have a negative bias towards foreign pay-for-essay services, look no further than Essayfactory. The company based in the UK, have implemented some of the highest quality essay writing standards at an affordable price.

One of the first things clients notice upon visiting their website is how intuitive and easy their service is. They stick to minimalistic design emphasizing user-friendly interface and maximum practicality. Ordering essays from them is literally as easy as 1-2-3: you have an option to fill in a simple online order form or call their customer support who will be happy to guide you through the essay order process. You also only pay half of the price first and the other half after the work on your essay has been finished and you’re fully satisfied with it.

The team of essay writers is highly knowledgeable and experienced. In addition to essay writing, the company also does research papers, degree theses, and doctoral dissertations. As the difficulty and volume for such tasks are significantly higher than for essays, you should expect to be asked for a partial prepayment.

Customers of can also enjoy many extras that normally have their price tags among competitors. Here you do not have to pay for them. For example, the title and bibliography/reference pages are offered gratis, as well as a free 1-page essay sample of the client’s assignment.

Payment options: Credit / Debit Cards, Bit Pay.

N.B.: Essayfactory essay prices start at just 11.5 GBP

What you pay for/features:

  • UK based essay writing service;
  • Affordable and reliable;
  • A wide scope of services;
  • Many essay extras gratis;
  • Post-satisfaction payment
  • Easy essay ordering and site navigation.


The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard spreading fear and forcing many countries to shut down academic institutions. Schools and universities had to abruptly change their studying processes and exam policies to give more weight to homework, which translated into more writing tasks, such as essays, and more pressure on students (especially the ones involved in part-time jobs).

Despite general, though light, global economic decline due to the turbulence caused by the COVID-19 situation in 2020, the online pay-for-essay market showed no signs of weakness whatsoever. On the contrary, the demand for these kinds of services has increased forcing pay-for-essay sites to broaden their scope of products, improve terms of use, employ more essay writers, and pay higher wages.

As our review has revealed, the pay-for-essay market has become more competitive. Some of the best companies are now competing with each other to gain their market share and to be the service of choice for today’s demanding customers. There are clear trends to reduce essay costs and increase speed along with providing many extra features and broadening the scope of services. The technology does not stand still either, bringing into play much more sophisticated essay plagiarism checkers based on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). The latter are forcing pay-for-essay services to care more for the quality of their products, tightening control over their writers, and implementing automatic plagiarism checkers on their sites.

In conducting our assessment of the best pay-for-essay sites we were equipped with the various online analytical tools (Sprout Social, Talkwalker, Union Metrics, to name a few) to help us scan the social media for relevant essay services “mentions”. Besides, we had the pleasure to interview many highly successful freelance essay writers, who supported our initial findings with a plethora of first-hand and insider opinions.

For example, Josh, a professional with 10-years of academic writing experience, now contracted by one of the four sites in our review has mentioned that he had completed over 1200 assignments in 2020, which is roughly 300 more than the year before, and he sees no reasons why the industry would stop growing in the year 2021.

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