The Best Portable Dry-Herb Vaporizer In 2021

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As any longtime user of cannabis, knows that routine use with a bong can really do a number on the lungs over time. Not only that, portability and smell are problematic for those looking to keep things discreet. For those looking to lighten the load on their lungs but still want to enjoy the quality smoke that comes with consuming cannabis flower or other dry herbs, a switch to either a table-top or portable dry herb vaporizer such as the Firefly 2+ is a great option to consider.

Cooler Than Smoking Weed

Dry herb vaporizers work by using temperature control to heat the weed up just enough to vaporize the active ingredients you need out of the bud (cannabinoids and terpenes), without heating it to the point where it combusts and produces hot, potentially tissue-damaging smoke from toxins that are released due to the overheating. Not only is vaporizing largely believed to be a healthier way to consume dry plant matter,  it also makes for a more efficient (and often tastier) method of consumption. People who make the switch to using a weed vaporizer find that they go through significantly less flower (often upwards of 50%!), making it a more economical option than traditional smoking.

Get Higher Vaping

There are several cannabinoids and terpenes present in marijuna that come together to create the incredible range and varieties of ‘highs’ we experience. In fact, there are 483 known compounds in the cannabis plant and at least 65 cannabinoids, which all have different vaporization or boiling points. This means that the average vaporizer device, which has one heat setting, may not allow for the enjoyment of the full spectrum of cannabinoids, this is also problematic with table-top home vaporizers that require manual temperature adjustments.

Made By a Former Apple Engineer

An intelligent piece of equipment, the Firefly 2+ was created by a designer who formerly worked for Apple. Built with no expense spared the Firefly 2+ was built with the plant in mind and designed with ease-of-use and aesthetics top of mind. The Firefly is lightweight, discreet, easy-to-clean, easy-to-charge, and easy-to-disassemble.  Learn more about this cannabis vaporizer in this insightful article on it.

Price – $249

The FIrefly 2+, is offered at a price of $249.99 but readers of this article can get 10% off using the code VAPOR10.

Best Weed Vaporizer With Optimal Temperatures For Vaping

The Firefly 2+ is equipped with something called Dynamic Convection heating technology. Let’s break down what that means quickly. Dynamic refers to the temperature range the device is able to capture. When you set your temperature on the Firefly 2+ the device will heat up in increments so that you’re able to capture any THCa as it vaporizes at 248° and then the THvC all the way at 428°. The Firefly has a temperature range from 200° to 500° which can be set via a desktop app for Apple users or an app for Android users. Convection technology refers to the heat method used to vaporize the herb. You can think of it like an oven where heat is applied around the herb indirectly, rather than directly applied like a stove top. The Firefly 2+ works with both flowers and concentrates.

Magnetic Cover

Taking the device apart to repack is as simple as removing the cover, which happens to be magnetic and therefore a breeze to snap on and off. This also allows for easy cleaning access to the glass cooling chamber.

Glass Bowl

The bowl itself is made from borosilicate glass, which is an incredibly durable glass able to withstand extreme and fast temperature changes. This is handy because the Firefly 2+ not only heats up quickly, it cools down at the same pace, which is great for ensuring each puff is fresh and never burnt, and also means that residual heat that could potentially continue to cook and waste your weed won’t stay trapped in the bowl.

A Comfortable Draw

The air that flows through the Firefly 2+ is fed by a borosilicate vapor path cut across the front of the device, where the air travels into the bowl through laser-drilled holes, allowing for a cool and comfortable draw for the vapor inhaled on each pull. This portable weed vaporizer offers an improvement of 33% more airflow over the original Firefly, allowing for the smoothest of vapor pulls.

The Firefly 2+ is a fantastic option for the prospective vaporizer enthusiast.

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