The Best Supplements for Muscle Growth In 2021

If you are about to start your muscle growth journey, you will appreciate every help that you can get along the way. One of the ways that you can benefit is lifting weights and using the best supplements for muscle growth.

While lifting weights is definitely one of the top ways to grow muscles, it requires you to take the right diet, in most cases, more calories. It also requires you to embark on a strict exercise regimen.

But even that might not be enough to give you the bulk that you need. That is why you need muscle building supplements because they will fuel your muscle growth.

After doing intense research, we have found these nine products that fuel muscle growth. They will help you complete your journey faster by helping the other processes.

Listed Here are the Best Supplements for Muscle Growth:

  1. CrazyBulk’s D-Bal
  2. Gold Standard’s Whey Protein
  3. CrazyBulk’s Ultimate CRN-5
  4. BCAA by PMD Sports
  5. Prima Force’s Synburn (Bitter Orange Extract)

Who needs supplements for muscle growth?

Supplements are necessary for muscle growth. Thus, if you are trying to grow muscles for any reason, you need to boost your progress with these supplements.

If the following describes your needs, you will benefit from muscle growth supplements.

Perhaps your goal is to lose fat. You need these supplements because they will help your body to metabolize fat for energy. You want to expose the muscles usually hidden beneath layers of fat.

If your goal is to gain strength, these supplements come in handy. You need to eat so that your body can have fuel to burn to make energy.

You can then use this energy to train longer and harder in the gym. Just as the word “supplement” suggests, these products can also take the place of a meal, especially to help you meet your recommended daily intake of nutrients.

They have almost double or triple the effect, helping your body metabolize more fat and produce energy and strength.

Reviews of the 9 Best Muscle Growth Supplements

Always buy the best rated supplements for muscle growth. There are so many of them in the market, so it can be impossible for a first-time buyer to choose the best one.

Any of these nine will meet your needs just fine, well, some are certainly better, but we have chosen each on its features, the way they work and how they help to repair worn out tissue.

1.    D-BAL – Best supplement for muscle gain

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What is it? D-BAL is one of the best supplements for muscle growth made by Crazy Bulk, one of the best sports supplement manufacturers. It gives the user the results that they would get from anabolic steroids but this time, without any downsides. It is a formulation of natural ingredients so there are no side effects at all.

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The science behind it

D-BAL is a blend that is designed to increase protein synthesis in your muscles. Protein synthesis is so important because it enhances cell function and structure. The ingredients are mixed in GMP-approved labs. They work together to increase your performance potential. That way, you can work out and lift weights better and longer to bulk up.


By features, we mean the ingredients. These are downright the most important considerations when you buy a muscle bulking supplement. D-BAL is a formulation of MSM, L-Isoleucine, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Ashwagandha, Tribulus Terrestris fruit and Sodium Hyaluronate. The ingredients work together to increase testosterone, heal injuries faster, strengthen bones and tendons, increase libido and reduce fatigue and stress.

How it works

Mainly, D-Bal enhances the flow of your blood to the muscles. Nutrients can get to the muscles faster to enhance injury healing, tissue repair and energy production in the cells. This supplement for muscle growth also packs your body with strength. You can train harder and bulk more. Within two weeks of using this steroid, you should start to see results.

How to use D-BAL

You should use D-BAL on your workout days and on your rest days as well. During workout days, take three capsules about half an hour after working out. If you are not working out, take three capsules with your breakfast. One bottle comes with 90 pills, for a month’s dosage. However, for the best effect, take it for two months.

Pros Cons
You can gain lean muscle fast Available on official website only
Faster results in as short as within two weeks Time of results may vary from person to person
No prescription needed  
Minimal calories per serving – just 12  

Where to buy it and price

You should buy D-BAL on the official website only. One bottle of 90 capsules costs $59.99. If you buy three bottles, you will pay the price of two, meaning you will get one bottle free. If you buy six bottles, you pay the price of four, so you get two free.

2.    Whey Protein: best supplements for muscle growth

There are different types of Whey Protein from different brand names. Here, we shall look at Gold Standard Whey Protein from Optimum Nutrition.

What is it? This is a whey protein isolate product that contains 24g of protein and an impressive amino acid profile, blended to help you amass muscle within a few weeks of using it.

The science behind Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein

This is one of the most popular muscle growth supplements. It is a blend of science-backed ingredients that are processed in world-class labs. With a big chain of amino acids, this product not only helps you build muscle, but when you continue taking it, it also maintains the gains that you make even when you are not working out. Amino acids are included to help in recovery after extreme workouts.


Despite its potency at building muscle, the ingredient list is short. This product contains 24G of protein, 3G of carbs, 1G of fat, and amino acids for every scoop.

This product comes in various flavors but the Gold Standard Whey Protein reviews show the double rich chocolate to be the most popular. Others include cake butter, banana cream and rocky road.

This powder comes in a red and black container and it has strong external and internal seals.

How Whey Protein works

When you work out, your muscles tear. The protein helps to build new tissues, which fills up the gaps in the tears, and that is how bulking occurs. The carb pack your body with energy so that you can work out longer while the amino acids help in recovery.

For the best effect, you should use Whey Protein for at least 60 days.

How to use Whey Protein

The best time for taking whey protein is immediately after working out. It is recommended that you take a maximum of two scoops a day. You can mix the scoop of whey with water or milk. Mix one scoop of 100 percent Whey with 8oz of water, milk or your favorite drink.

Pros Cons
Available in different flavors It has an amount of artificial sweeteners
It is gluten-free Has soy and lecithin
It has enzymes that help in digestion  
Sells at an affordable price  

Where to buy and price

Although Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein is available on many online marketplaces, you should buy from Optimum Nutrition official website or from Amazon. One bottle costs $10 and it contains 30 servings. Thus, if you take two scoops a day, you need to get two bottles for 30 days. It is recommended that you take it for 60 days for the best results.

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3.    Creatine (CRN-5 by CrazyBulk)

What is this muscle building supplement? Creatine has the characteristics of amino acids and it occurs naturally in the body. However, due to age and other factors, your body does not produce enough so you have to supplement it if you want to build muscle. It is so popular because it enhances on the spot exercise performance, giving you explosive energy to lift heavier and longer.

The science behind it

To reiterate, it mimics the functions of amino acids. It has ingredients such as Tri-Sodium and Potassium, which help the muscles to contract when you are lifting. Sodium also helps to keep you hydrated. Aquamin® Mg & Ag increase your fatigue tolerance so that you can work out longer and harder in the gym. They also help in protein synthesis to fuel muscle growth even when you are not working out.


The Creatine that we are discussing here is the Ultimate CRN-5 from CrazyBulk. It has five main ingredients, which are tri-creatine malate, Creatine hydrochloride, Creatine ethyl ester, Creatine monohydrate and creatine citrate pyruvate. These five ingredients have clinical trial backing and they help your body to build muscle, by enhancing your exercise performance.

How creatine works

Creatine works by providing your body with short bursts of energy to lift heavier. It also increases strength in your body so that you can train longer and harder. Lastly, you enjoy better exercise performance because it delays fatigue.

How to use Creatine

Follow the instructions provided for use. However, to use the Crazy Bulk Ultimate CRN-5 Creatine, you just need to add a scoop (scoop is provided) to 400ml of water in a shaker. Shake thoroughly and then drink it 30 minutes before exercise.

Pros Cons
It helps the user to build lean muscle Only available in mango or orange flavors
Draws water to the muscles to keep them hydrated for longer It is costly
Gives you short energy bursts which help in Hiit exercises  
You can get good results in as few as 30 days  

Where to buy and price

Here, we recommend that you use the Crazy Bulk CRN-5 Creatine product and you should buy it from their official website. One bottle has 30 scoops and it costs $48. To save money, you can order three creatine bottles for the price of two. Any order that you make with a minimum of three bottles, you get one extra bottle free. So, if you order four bottles, you will pay the price of three and so on.

4.    BCAAS

What is BCAAS? This is an acronym for branched chain amino acids. We have nine amino acids and among these, three are BCAAS. They are Leucine, Valine and Isoleucine. The main benefit of BCAAS is that it increases protein synthesis, which leads to increased muscle growth.

The science behind BCAAS Supplements

Foods such as meats, dairy products and eggs contain BCAAS. But they do not have enough quantities so you must supplement your daily intake of the same especially if you want to build lean muscle. BCAAS also decreases muscle soreness, and helps in recovery.


The ingredients of your BCAAS product depend on the product that you are using. However, most of them contain Leucine, L-Isoleucine and Valine.  

How it works

BCAAS are perfect for use as pre workouts as well as post workouts. When you take it as a preworkout, you give your body the fuel that it needs to increase muscle mass rather than reduce it. When you take it as a post workout supplement, you give your body the resources that it needs to recover and beat after workout soreness.

How to use BCAA

Always read all the instructions of the BCAAS muscle supplements that you buy. Generally, take the preworkout in the recommended dosage at least 15 minutes before working out. That way, it gives your body fuel to burn so that it does not burn its muscle. If you are taking PMD Sports BCAAS, mix one scoop with about 400ml of water in a shaker, shake well and drink 15 minutes before working out.

Pros Cons
Your body burns fat You have to use more than one bottle for the best results
It boosts your exercise performance  
It is easily absorbed into the bloodstream  
Good as a pre workout as well as post workout supplement  

Where to buy and price

The best place to buy your BCAAS product of choice is on the official website. If you are using PMD sports BCAAS, it costs $44.99 only per bottle and you can buy it from Amazon. One bottle has 30 scoops, so if you take one scoop a day, you have enough dosage for 30 days. It is recommended that you use this product for at least 60 days for results.

1.    Bitter Orange Extract

When reading reviews for the best muscle building supplements, you will most likely find the Bitter Orange Extract in the mix.

What is it?

Bitter Orange Extract comes from the Bitter Orange Tree that grows in Asia. For ages, different parts of this tree have been used as medicine for different ailments, including obesity.

More specifically, the bitter orange extract is used to enhance athletic performance, burn fat and help in amassing muscle mass. Many sports nutrition companies blend bitter orange extract products. However, for the sake of reference, here, we shall consider SYNEBURN, which is one of the top bitter orange extract products.

The science behind it

This product is blended to increase the rate of metabolism. Thus, if you are working out, the body burns fat reserves. High fat metabolism leads to lean muscle formation and fat burning. This extract also has p-synephrine, which improves blood sugar regulation as well as glucose transport to the muscles, enabling you to train harder.


Considering our example of the Syneburn Supplement, it has ingredients such as Magnesium Stearate, Advantra Z Bitter Orange Extract, Silicon Dioxide AND Microcrystalline Cellulose. It is packaged in capsules and one bottle has 180 capsules.

How bitter orange extract works

This extract increases fat metabolism in the body to target fat cells. Thus, your body burns fat reserves for energy. It also increases energy so that you can work out longer and harder to build muscle. 

How to use it 

Read the instructions for use. However, for SYNEBURN, take one capsule three times a day, a few minutes to your meals. Thus, one bottle is a month’s dosage and for the best effect, take it for two cycles, 60 days.

Pros Cons
Increases your fatigue tolerance when working out It might take long to notice any changes
It helps in blood sugar regulation  
It can help you lose unwanted fat  
It regulates circulation so that nutrients can be taken to the muscles faster  

Where to buy and price

As with all supplements for muscle growth, you are better off buying your bitter orange extract online on the official website. For instance, you can buy SYNEBURN from Amazon. One bottle costs $24.99 and that is pretty much the price range even for most other brands making this product.

6.    Beta Alanine

What is it? This non-essential amino acid helps the body to produce carnosine, a compound that helps the muscles to withstand longer, high intensity workouts. Food sources that give beta alanine include meat, fish and poultry. However, they do not give you enough so you have to take Beta Alanine supplements.

The science behind it

Beta Alanine works by helping the body produce carnosine. Now, the work of carnosine is to soak up the acids that your muscles produce when you exercise. Thus, you do not suffer from the effects of lactic acid so you can increase your workout duration.


Beta Alanine is used as an ingredient in many workout supplements to prevent the build up of lactic acid in the muscles. Since this is a naturally derived supplement, it has no side effects at all.

How it works

It works by reducing the amount of lactic acid that your muscles release when you are working out. Thus, you can work out harder and longer. When the lactic acid is mopped up, you can tolerate fatigue longer. Beta-alanine also gives short bursts of energy that are very helpful when engaging in Hiit exercises.

Beta Alanine also enhances glycolysis, which is the process of breaking down glucose to provide fuel for working out.

How to use it

To use Beta Alanine, you have to read the user instructions that come with these muscle building supplements. However, generally, you should take between 2 and 5g of Beta Alanine daily, which is up to three scoops of the Beta Alanine powder.  It is recommended that you take 90G of beta-alanine over 30 days. If you buy the one packaged in pills, you have to take three pills a day, with your meals.

Pros Cons
It enhances athletic performance by keeping fatigue away It may take some time to see the desired results
It enables you to pack in more performance in the gym  
It has no side effects  

Where to buy and price

There are different types of Beta Alanine products, under different brand names. We recommend that you buy the product of your choice on the official website. For instance, you can get the Bulk Supplements Beta Alanine from Amazon. A pack of 300 capsules of Bulk Supplements Beta Alanine costs $27.00.

7. HMB – One of the best muscle building supplements

What is it? Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate is one of the best muscle building supplements in the market today. When the body breaks down the amino acid Leucine, it produces HMB. However, since you can only get very small amounts of this compound from foods, you have to supplement it with HMB supplements.

The science behind it

This supplement is very good for preventing muscle loss related to age or disease like HIV. However, in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, HMB supplements are used to prevent muscle decrease. It does this by enhancing how the body uses oxygen when you are performing any exercise. Research has also established that HMB supplements increase muscle strength so that you can work out for longer durations.


Depending on which brand you buy, most HMB supplements contain 1000mg of HMB. Most of them also come packaged in capsules, with most manufacturers packing them in bottles of up to 90 capsules. Each capsule contains 1000mg of HMB.

Again, depending on the manufacturer, the HMB that you buy will have some ingredients. The most common ones are silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, rice flour and gelatin. They might differ from one manufacturer to another, but most of these will be there.

How HMB works

When you start taking HMB, it works by helping the muscles retain their mass. Thus, even if the supplement does not do anything too noticeable, at least you will not lose muscle. This supplement increases muscle strength, so you can perform your exercises longer to enjoy more benefits. Also, even if you are using a caloric-deficit diet, the supplement is going to prevent your muscles from wearing away.

How to use HMB

When you buy your HMB supplement, first, read the user manual to see how to use it. However, for most of these supplements, the usual dosage is 3 grams per day. Thus, if a HMB capsule has 1000mg of HMB, you have to take three of them in a day to meet the recommended dosage.

Pros Cons
No prescription is needed to use this supplement It will help you maintain muscle mass but you might not gain any
Ingredients are naturally-derived so there are no side effects  
Prevents muscle loss even when you reduce caloric intake  
Most HMB supplements are affordable  

Where to buy HMB and price

Again, the price depends on where you buy your HMB. It is best to buy on the official websites, but most manufacturers also sell on different online marketplaces such as For instance, if you buy from Amazon, you will pay $31 for one bottle of 90 capsules, which is a month’s dosage.

8. Casein Protein Powder

What is it? This is a slow digestion protein supplement that fitness freaks and athletes take after working out to help with recovery. It also prevents muscle breakdown

The science behind it

It is very simple actually. As a slow-release protein, casein releases its amino acids so slowly in the stomach, so that makes it very good for muscle repair after working out. It qualifies to be referred to as one of the best supplements for muscle growth because to increase muscle, you have to tear tissue and grow new tissue to fill in the gaps in the tears. 


The best Casein protein powder should be made of natural ingredients so that users do not experience any side effects. It is very important that you check the ingredients before buying. Also, get yours from reputable supplement manufacturers to ensure there are no impurities. The protein content should be about 29 grams, have about 100 calories per serving and it should be sugar-free.

How Casein Protein Powder works

It works by slow-releasing the amino acids that are important for repairing muscle. Thus, it is recommended that you take it before going to bed so that your tissue can regenerate as you sleep. It can also help in weight management. It enhances a sated feeling so that you do not eat too much. Casein protein also enhances fat metabolism, so you burn fat but you do not lose muscle.

How to use it

Take it before bed and the recommended dosage is 25 to 50 grams. Mix the powder with about 300ML of water in a shaker and shake thoroughly. You can also blend it with ice in a blender. Every Casein protein supplement comes with its instructions for use, so you should follow what the manufacturer advises.

Pros Cons
It helps your muscles to recover after extreme workouts Some people can experience abdominal discomfort
Can help keep hunger pangs away because it is a slow-release protein  
You Can find the powder in many pleasant flavors  
Natural casein supplements are free of artificial additives  

Where to buy and price

Many supplement manufacturers have Casein Protein powder in their product lineup. Thus, once you have made up your mind on the brand to buy, always order from the official website. For instance, to get Transparent Labs Grass-Fed Casein, you can buy it for $59 for one container on the official website. It gives you 30 servings.

9. Nitric oxide boosters (Cellucor NO3 Chrome Nitric Oxide Supplement)

What is it? Nitric oxide boosters are very useful in muscle building because they help the blood vessels to dilate. With more blood rich in oxygen and nutrients flowing to the muscles, you can improve your performance during exercise.

The science behind

The Cellucor NO3 Chrome Nitric Oxide is one of the best muscle building supplements and mainly, it increases Nitric Oxide production in the body. It has been formulated using top-rated natural ingredients so it has no side effects. As a vasodilator, you are supposed to take this supplement before working out so that it can give you that extra pump to extend your exercise duration.


Any supplement is as good as the ingredients used. Cellucor NO3 Chrome Nitric Oxide is a blend of Vitamin C, Calcium, Arginine Nitrate, Grape Seed Extract, Citrulline Malate, and others. All of these ingredients have their own potential. Blended, they give you the pump that you need to take your workout performance to a higher level.

How it works

This supplement does not contain nitric oxide itself, but it contains ingredients that can trigger the body to produce it. Nitric Oxide also helps to relieve the stiffness in arteries and it reduces blood pressure. It relaxes the blood vessels so that more blood can flow to different muscle groups. When more nutrients and oxygen get to the muscles, you can work out for longer durations and build muscle.

Nitric Oxide supplements also help to reduce muscle soreness, especially delayed muscle soreness that comes about 72 hours after working out. When you want to bulk up, you need to stay consistent with your training but muscle soreness can hamper that.

How to use it

Take 3 capsules in the morning with a glass of water before eating anything, at least 60 or 90 minutes before working out. You should never exceed 6 capsules a day.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Better blood flow to the muscles Pump does not last too long – about 40 minutes
Gives you incredible pumps  
It has no side effects  
It can prevent muscle soreness  

Where to buy and price

Buy Cellucor NO3 Nitric Oxide Pump amplifier on the official website. One bottle has 90 capsules and it costs $29.99. This is a month’s dosage. It is recommended that you do at least 60 days for better results.

Bonus muscle building supplement: CrazyBulk Bulking Stack

What is CrazyBulk Bulking Stack? This combination of four different products helps in bulking. For maximum effect, you should take this stack as advised.  These products are Decaduro, TestoMax, Trenorol and D-BAL. You also get a free user guide to help you reap the best benefits from the stack.


The science behind it

All of the CrazyBulk products are blended using natural ingredients that create the best environment for muscle growth. They also enhance protein synthesis, which in return enhances muscle growth. With science-backed ingredients making these products, fast results, sometimes within two weeks are guaranteed. Your body is going to benefit in so many different ways, but mainly, you will grow your muscles.


This is a combination of four products manufactured by CrazyBulk. Each product is supposed to be taken at the right time. However, you must take all the four products in the stack daily. When you use it as advised, you are going to create lean muscle fast. They grow muscle across all parts of the body. So daily, you will have to take at least four pills, one from each bottle.

How it works

The Bulking stack from CrazyBulk works by creating an anabolic environment where protein synthesis can take place so that your muscles can grow. You will amass clean muscle mass. Here is how each product in the stack works:

D-Bal – It enhances the flow of blood to your muscles. That way, the required nutrients can get to the muscles to help with protein synthesis.

DecaDuro – It helps to increase nitrogen balance in the muscles. It also enhances the health of the connective tissue in the ligaments and joints.

Trenorol – The main job of this product is to prevent testosterone from being converted to DHT. When testosterone is bound, it will not serve its purpose. Therefore, you need free testosterone.

Testo-Max – It will stimulate the glands that produce the hormone testosterone, which increases strength, energy and general wellness.

You will experience the desired results within 30 days. However, depending on body type, some may take sooner or longer. It is recommended that you do an 8-week cycle, so you should buy two stacks.

How to use CrazyBulk Bulking Stack

Use Testo Max every morning, whether you will be working out or not. It helps stimulate the body to produce testosterone naturally.

Take DecaDuro and Trenorol before your workout. You should also take D-Bal after working out so that they can increase your protein metabolism to start amassing muscle.

CrazyBulk has many stacks, but you should never mix them. So, take the Bulking Stack until you complete the dosage and then start on a different stack if you need it.

Pros Cons
It fast-tracks your muscle growth journey Only available on official website
No prescription needed and no needles Popping multiple pills daily sounds hard
Stack is cheaper than buying each product in the stack individually  
It comes with an expert guide  

Where to buy and price

We recommend that you buy the CrazyBulk bulking stack on the official website only. You will find that the stack saves you 20 percent on the price that you would have to pay for these four products individually.

The bulking stack costs $179.99. This is a 30-day dosage. It is recommended that you use the bulking stack for at least 60 days for incredible muscle growth results. Thus, you should buy two stacks.

Best Supplements for Muscle Growth FAQ

Those are ten of the best muscle building supplements. If you need more clarification about these products, read our FAQ section.

What is the best supplement for muscle growth?

D-BAL from Crazy Bulk is made with natural ingredients so it does not have side effects. It is also absorbed easily from the gut into the bloodstream so it will not strain your liver or kidney. Besides helping with increasing strength and energy to build muscle, it also boosts your libido, bone and joint strength.

What helps build muscle fast?

After finding the best supplement for muscle building, you need to combine it with a healthy diet and a good exercise regimen. When you lift weights, tears develop in your tissues. Supplements for building muscle increase protein synthesis in the muscles. In return, this enhances tissue repair, in the process helping you bulk up.

What kind of supplements do bodybuilders take?

Bodybuilders mostly take protein supplements because they release amino acids that help in muscle repair as well as creating new tissues. Creatine, Casein protein powder and branched amino acids (BCAAS) are also very popular with people who want to bulk.

Can you build muscles without supplements?

If you do not supplement, a healthy diet and exercise regimen alone will not be enough to build muscle as fast as you would like. Thus, add natural supplements for muscle growth to enhance your bulking process.

Is creatine worth using?

Most importantly, Creatine creates a burst of energy that enhances your performance in Hiit exercises. If you are lifting weights, such a brief burst of energy will help you lift more weight for a brief moment.

Why do bodybuilders take supplements?

Muscle growth supplements can be combined with exercise and diet to help in bulking up. Also, some of them are slow-release proteins that drip-feed your body with amino acids. These are important for tissue repair. Others enhance the process of protein synthesis, which helps to release energy to work out longer and harder.

What supplement is the closest thing to steroids?

D-BAL from Crazy Bulk is the muscle-building supplement that gives results almost as fast as anabolic steroids. You can get results as soon as within 14 days of using it. However, the manufacturer recommends that you use D-BAL for at least 60 days for the best results.

Our Verdict: Why D-BAL is The Best Overall Muscle Building Supplement

There is a reason for ranking D-BAL as the number one product in the list of the best muscle building supplements. It is a formulation of natural ingredients. It can give you results as fast as within two weeks.

There are no side effects at all. It increases energy and strength so that you can train harder. It also increases testosterone level, which in return increases libido, alertness and concentration.

Within 14 days of using D-BAL, you should start to see some good results. Of course, we recommend that you combine D-BAL use with a good exercise regimen for building muscles and a healthy, protein-rich diet.


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