The Digital Era of Chessboards

One of the best times to start playing Chess is NOW, thanks to the revolutionary introduction of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and automation in the game. Square Off has integrated game changing tech with traditional chess, making use of A.I. and deep learning and bringing advancement to the game for modern-day players.

The telerobotic chessboard designed by Square Off offers both single and multiplayer modes, transforming the way we play chess and improving its quality. However, the digital era of chessboards has a lot more to offer than just varying degrees of difficulty levels.

Keep reading to discover how A.I. and deep learning offer chess enthusiasts an enhanced user experience.

What is A.I.-powered Chess?

These A.I.-powered modern chessboards are genuinely a magical invention, offering an enhanced experience to users. Supported by the chess engine Stockfish 14, the game changing tech of Square Off blends hi-touch experience with next-gen automation.

Appearing what almost feels like playing with an invisible being, the telerobotic chessboard does not demand a physical opponent; all it takes is an app to activate this game and play with millions of users across the globe.

Square Off’s chessboards with game changing tech are one-of-a-kind, thanks to a metal disc at the board’s base and a specialised array of sensors.

How Square Off Brought Chess Into The Current Century?

Traditional chess has been played worldwide for ages, yet it is marred with several disadvantages that have made users demand an innovative twist to the game. The inability to gain insight into the gameplay and strategies of players and requiring a physical opponent are among the significant drawbacks of the traditional game. Square Off noticed this void and developed intuitive and automated chess boards.

Square Off launched its automated chessboard in 2015, introducing its signature game changing tech to the world. Since then, they have expanded their reach to the US and European countries.

How Did Square Off Get Off The Ground In Early Days?

Square Off was founded in 2015 with the release of the first telerobotic chessboard. The company rose to prominence in the chess market thanks to its revolutionary vision and a successful crowdfunding campaign. Square Off, founded by Atur Mehta and Bhavya Gohil, used game changing tech to design these modern chessboards that are now distributed to about 70 countries across four continents.

Atur and Bhavya came up with the inspiration to create this chessboard in 2013 when they were in college. In fact, Atur initially had the idea of building a chessboard for visually impaired people.

It took rigorous tours to several countries in order to gain feedback, and research of market trends for Square Off to finally get off the ground. The game changing tech of Square Off has helped it gain widespread recognition, and the company was recently recognised as one of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia’s ‘Consumer Technology Rising Stars’.

What Makes Smart Chessboards So Impressive?

It is no surprise that Square Off has become one of the most popular chessboard brands on the market. In addition to the worldwide availability of the internet, the use of A.I. in chessboards is a major factor in their widespread popularity. Besides customising the game’s difficulty, A.I. provides a means of reflecting on and improving upon previous performances, allowing the users to be at par with even the masters of chess.

Square Off is unique in that it lets its users compete against either the A.I.-powered chessboard with 20 distinct levels of difficulty or a remote opponent. Up until now, Square Off’s revolutionary chessboards have reliably provided players with a smooth, easy-to-use experience.

Drawing In New Chess Enthusiasts Everyday

Thanks to Square Off’s integration with, its users have access to a pool of millions of potential opponents from all over the world. And if that is not enough, players can also record their games to watch later or study in depth.

Square Off’s game changing tech is attracting tens of thousands of chess fans every day due to its global reach and unique features. However, much credit goes to their engineered precision and robust A.I. algorithm, which made their products like the ‘Grand Kingdom Set’ and the ‘Square Off Pro’ quickly rise to prominence among chess fans worldwide.

Some features, such as the ability to watch live chess games by professionals on your chessboard, have also played a significant role in drawing in casual players.

Check out the brilliant chessboards made by Square Off on its website.

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