The first cannabis, craft beer and wine tour from San Francisco to Sonoma County

In 2018, it became legal for adults 21 years and older to legally purchase marijuana in California. Businesses are popping up everywhere to serve up a wide variety of cannabis products.

One company is taking it in a different direction — whisking locals and visitors alike from San Francisco to Sonoma County to enjoy wine and craft beer, and learn the ins and outs of the cannabis industry with a full-day tour. The Sonoma County Experience picks up and drops off at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco then makes its way through Sonoma County’s best wineries, breweries, and cannabis destinations for a day of learning, drinking and fun.

Sonoma County has been famously known as a top destination for world-renowned wine and attracts visitors from near and far every day. In the recent years, craft beer has boomed in the area, making it the official microbrew capital of the United States. With its close proximity to San Francisco, scenic views, and now home to the newly-legal cannabis industry, Sonoma County is a truly unique place to visit and enjoy the best of wine, beer and cannabis.

The Sonoma County Experience aims to showcase the similarities between the three thriving industries. All experiences tie together the agricultural, industrial and overlap between producing wine, beer and cannabis products. Sonoma County’s weather and soil play a big part in producing them in the highest quality as well as the hops and cannabis plants being family members.

The upcoming Craft Beer and Cannabis Experience starts with a stop at CannaCraft, the largest cannabis manufacturer in the country. Visitors get an exclusive tour of the state-of-the-art facilities, and learn how cannabis is manufactured for consumption.

The next stop is Solful, a dispensary dedicated to helping people learn how to get the most out of cannabis and access to high-quality products. Visitors will get a private presentation from the owner to learn about their story and history, ask questions, and browse the final products on the shelves. The visit to Solful truly ties in the flow process of cannabis production, seeing where it begins and where it ends.

Join us for the Craft Beer and Cannabis Experience on May 11th and 25th. Interested in wine? The Wine and Cannabis Experience will start running every other Saturday starting May 26th. All experiences include a complimentary drink for the drive up to Sonoma County, lunch, and all tasting fees. Use promo EXPERIENCE for 25% off your first tour.

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