The Importance of Knowing the Signs of Colic in Babies and How to Properly Soothe a Baby’s Belly

All babies cry. It’s their first and only form of communication as newborns letting parents know of their post birth needs. Chances are, their tears are signaling one of three things: hunger, diaper wetness or time to sleep. 

What parents in the beginning often struggle with is the difference between recognizing the signs of colic and a newborn that simply cries a lot. 

Some common symptoms of colic include the following:

  • Frequent crying: Three or more hours each day, more than three days a week, for at least three weeks. For comparison, a non-coliky baby on average cries two hours a day.
  • Cries at the same time period everyday.
  • Cannot be soothed, even when fed and rocked.
  • Exhibits cries that sound more like high-pitched screams.
  • Shows signs of digestive distress such as bending arms and legs toward the belly, a bloated tummy or the tightening of stomach muscles.
  • Clenched fists.
  • Flushed, red face while crying.

While medical experts define colic as frequent, prolonged and intense crying or fussiness in a healthy infant, parents like Alie Al-Jadda best describe it as pure frustration and endless soothing. It was her coliky baby daughter’s symptoms that led her on the entrepreneurial journey to start the baby brand, MEMEENO

Soothing Babies One Belly at a Time with the MEMEENO Baby Belly Band

The idea for her signature product, the baby belly band, came from a belly belt she received from a friend of hers to tie around her daughter’s stomach so that both preemie and new mama were calmed and relieved. The concept of the belly belt is nothing new, in fact, you can find mentions of mothers practicing belly banding in 19th Century England

Becoming a true believer in this ancient practice of belly banding to relieve symptoms of colic, Al-Jadda decided to reinvent this baby belly band after having her second child. While the product she used did the job, it wasn’t the best quality or design. Putting her skills to work, she created the perfect triple-layer, self-heating belly band, which uses a baby’s own body temperature to warm the tummy to relieve colic, gas and indigestion. 

As MEMEENO brings this practice back to life, there’s no need for parents to experiment with medicines, drops, waters, teas or tinctures that are often recommended as modern alternatives. 

Designing this belly band to be self-warming, it avoids the risky use of microwavable heating packets which can get too hot to use on a baby. 

MEMEENO’s signature product hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2019, it took home the National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA) in the baby essentials category. Those in charge of the awards program loved how natural and safe the product was for the hardest to soothe little ones.

Additionally, the MEMEENO Belly Band is designed with premium features parents look for in baby products.

Self-heating and organic cotton: Used front and back while the inner fleece lining heats the band using your baby’s own body temperature. 

Safe and effective: Bands are toxin-free and use water-based dyes in their fabrics.

Adjustable and secure-touch fastener: Easy to put on your baby and fits all sizes, newborns to 12 months old.

Made to Last: Outer edges are reinforced with a triple stitch binding hem.

Today, MEMEENO offers one of the world’s largest collections of fashion-forward belly bands and has expanded product lines to offer a collection of swaddles, hats and bibs. For those wondering how Al-Jadda came up with her company name, it combines the nicknames of her two children, Mimi and Ameeno, to make MEMEENO.

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