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The Influential Mimoza Thaqi


Mimoza Thaqi is a name not unknown to the world of fashion and modeling. Her career as a model, fashion setter, lifestyle blogger, and stylist has been influential to people all around.

Mimoza Thaqi’s Instagram page (@mimoza.t) is a perfect example of how she has been setting fashion trends worldwide. Her numerous followers truly represent how she has inspired people in the fashion community. All of her posts on Instagram show off her chic style. It is sometimes casual, sometimes formal, but all of them are a trendsetter. Her styling way makes her Instagram a delight to see. Her day to day aesthetically pleasing posts appeal to her fans and make people rush to follow her style.

Moreover, Mimoza’s story about how she became a model is a motivation in itself. She was 18 years old when she moved to London . It was a bold step for such a young girl, and Mimoza took it exceptionally well. She blended in the US perfectly and established herself as a leading fashionista and model not soon after that. Her journey is an encouragement for everyone to take a risk.

Mimoza has done various modeling projects with brands like RedBull, Boohoo , Hiddenfashion, KatchMe, Airinum, Plt, Orphica’s cosmetics, FemmeLuxe, Nasty Gal, Rebellious Fashion, Lyre Fitness, amongst many others. She has also been featured on the Slovenian National Newspaper cover, which is one of her vast achievements.

Another one of her achievements is her fashion brand, ‘MimozaLuxe,’ which is her dream ever since she was a young girl come true. Her fashion-forward dresses reflect her style and her vision to make women fearless. Her goal was to do fashion her way, which is what she is doing with the projects she takes, her Instagram page, and her fashion brand. Her career is influential for every person.


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