The quick Meeting Room Booking Systems in 2021

For many businesses, meeting rooms are a necessary evil. These costly spaces must be booked in advance, and invariably someone is left without space. The unfortunate meeting-goers can wait days for a room to be free or find themselves crammed into an undersized space that’s far too small for their needs. In many cases, this means that a significant part of your company’s revenue is lost in the process.

Meetings at hotels and conference rooms aren’t going away, but meeting professionals still have to contend with dated booking systems and the inevitable delays associated with them. In 2019, these meeting room booking systems need to be replaced in order to streamline operations. Think about the future needs of your meeting clients—and what you need to build for them now. Consider these four ways to reimagine your meeting room booking system in 2021:

1. Speed is everything

The number of meetings booked every day is high, and the average annual growth in total meeting revenue is 6% percent. And yet, hotels are booking rooms at a much lower rate—1.5% in 2018, down from 2% in 2017. At the same time, more meetings than ever are happening offsite (up 66% since 2010, to 17 million meetings per year). To stay competitive, companies need to adapt faster meeting room booking systems.

2. Mobile Solutions

In 2018, AIM picked up more than 700,000 new meeting bookings daily via its mobile apps and websites. This technology has become a crucial element for the modern meeting professional, and yet it’s still rarely used by hotels. Meeting professionals should consider their mobile options for booking and managing their meetings, as well as incorporating this technology into your meeting room booking system.

3. Space You Need

The spaces used for meetings today are getting smaller and smaller with a third of hotels reporting a reduction in meeting space in the last five years. Meeting professionals should prioritize making sure they have enough space for their meetings. But temporary solutions like portable walls, and popups are too expensive and don’t always offer the flexibility they need.

4. Collaboration and Co-Location

We Work, one of the world’s fastest growing co-working companies, is seeing a 25% year on year growth in memberships as more people begin working outside of traditional offices. Another way to attract new members is to offer co-location and collaboration opportunities. Co-location sites let meeting professionals book meeting rooms and connect to other meeting professionals in the area, while collaboration platforms provide space for remote team meetings.

For your company not only to achieve success this year but also in 2021, you need to take a look at how your meeting room booking system could be reimagined. With the right technology and infrastructure, you can streamline operations by improving efficiency between rental sites and clients. Likewise, you’re in a prime position to offer more collaborative and co-location options to attract a wider range of users.

Benefits of Meeting Room Booking System

As an individual who wants to improve their business, it is important to know the benefits that you can gain if you decide to use a meeting room booking system. we will discuss the different ways in which these systems can benefit your business.

We are all aware that the market is looking for a new and improved design, and this is where the meeting room booking system comes in handy. As technology advances, we also need to improve our designs to keep up with the flow of time. If you want your business to grow and reach out to more people, then you will need to look into the bookings systems.

The main reason why so many offices are switching over to these systems is that they are better at managing the meetings as compared to other methods. The primary functions these systems have are,

  • They keep track of all the bookings and make sure that they are filled in at the right time.
  • They ensure that the rooms are kept well-furnished and equipped.
  • These systems ensure that you can determine how many people will be attending each meeting.

You are able to schedule your meetings as you want them, all you have to do is pass on the date and time to the booking system. Now, the system will take care of getting all the attendees and making sure they get into the right room.

  • These systems are also good when it comes to requesting a booking. You can go on and give the details about your meeting like the guest list, purpose, and date.

These systems have made it easy to manage meetings in bulk and ensure that everything is going according to plan. You no longer have to worry about things such as double booking of rooms or availability of people because everything is already taken care of by these systems.

Another great benefit of booking systems is that you can use them at several locations. Since they are cloud-based, they can be accessed across different locations and ensure that everything is up to date. You can also manage this system from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

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