The Restroom Kit Proudly Donates to Those Risking Their Lives Everyday

The small business distributed 200 kits of restroom essentials to those hard at work on the front line everyday.

At a time when reducing disease, bacteria and viruses is more important than ever, The Restroom Kit plays an impactful role and it’s supporting first responders and medical professionals in the process. This compact, all-in-one pack provides the four most essential items needed when using an inadequate or unsanitary restroom to protect against germs and harmful bacteria.

So far, 200 kits have been donated to the police department, state troopers, fire department and urgent care centers in Prince George County, Maryland, product headquarters of The Restroom Kit. 

For co-inventors Bill and Sonia Massey, there was no hesitation in giving back to these individuals after everything they’ve been doing for the community to keep everyone safe.

“It is important to give to first responders at this time because we feel we have a responsibility to take care of the people who are taking care of us,” they said. “The first responders are our first line of defense so we have to make sure they stay healthy.”

As COVID-19 is changing the perception of public health, people are beginning to focus not only on their hand-washing habits but the environment they are washing them in. Even if a public bathroom looks clean, it doesn’t mean that it is. Germs and bacteria are present on every surface and the act of flushing even causes them to float into the air contaminating toilet paper. 

Each Restroom Kit includes one patented oversized toilet seat cover, three feet of clean toilet paper, a lightly scented individually wrapped sanitizing hand wipe and a lightly scented individually wrapped tush wipe.  

The Masseys explain that The Restroom Kit solves the unpleasant public facility experience by giving you P.E.A.C.E:

PPortable:  Carry what you need when you need it.

E Essentials: You will always need toilet paper, a toilet seat cover and a hand wipe to clean your hands and a tush wipe leaving you feeling fresh.

AAllowing: Options! Don’t settle for the bacteria and germ-infested toiletries that may or may not be in there.

C Cleaner: Always have sanitary toiletries that leave you feeling clean and refreshed.  

E Experience: Walk-in with peace of mind! Walk out with a satisfying experience. 

Although many Americans are using their facilities at home, once the pandemic passes, they will be back out in public reintroducing themselves to harmful bacteria they haven’t been exposed to in awhile. For those who currently need to leave their homes, this is one item to always have on hand.

Look for this husband and wife team as they strive to educate consumers on restroom cleanliness in the U.S. and abroad. As the novel Coronavirus continues to change the landscape of the current health climate, The Restroom Kit offers a solution that enhances your situation when entering any bathroom facility. 

About The Restroom Kit: Bill and Sonia Massey are the husband and wife team behind The Restroom Kit. In 2017 the product received national attention as a winner of Steve Harvey’s Funderdome during the first season. It’s the premier invention of their veteran-owned product development company Timeaway LLC founded in 2012. The Masseys have started multiple businesses together from real estate investing to network marketing. As CEO, Bill has multiple

certifications in the information technology field and graduated from TESST College of Technology. Serving as CMO, Sonia among her many accomplishments has earned two degrees in the field of information technology from Strayer University.

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