The Top 4 Online Psychic Reading Websites and What to Expect from Them: Oranum, Keen, Kasamba, and AskNow

Psychic reading services have become extremely popular across the globe. High demand for spiritual guidance led to the digitalization of various psychic businesses. That being said, people now have access to a wide array of psychic hotlines, websites, and even mobile apps through which they can receive instant feedback from top psychics from all around the world. 

Although online psychic platforms allow us to receive guidance at literally any time, they sometimes seem to be a little bit confusing, especially in regards to free services and payment options offered by specific businesses. 

In a nutshell, some free services are absolutely impressive, while others work in a haphazard fashion. The same applies to paid psychic readings. Just because you are paying for a specific service, it does not mean that you will receive an accurate reading. 

To make things more explicit, this article will focus on the top four online psychic platforms and provide in-depth information on what to expect from their services. After consulting advisors at these four psychic platforms, I share my honest thoughts and recommendations for potential users. 

The Top 4 Online Psychic Platforms for the Most Accurate Psychic Readings

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy psychic reading, here are the best online psychic reading platforms:

  1. Oranum
  2. Keen
  3. Kasamba
  4. AskNow
  5. Even though these four websites are among the most popular psychic platforms, each has its pros and cons that you should consider when consulting an advisor. Detailed information about Oranum, Keen, Kasamba, and AskNow is provided below. 

1.) Oranum – Offers Real and Accurate Answers by Trusted Psychics

Oranum is one of the most popular psychic websites that offer live readings by top psychics worldwide. Below are the answers to a couple of frequently asked questions about

How Does Oranum Work?

After going to Oranum, a bunch of psychics will be displayed on the main page. The online psychics will have a green “LIVE” sign at the top right corner. If you see an orange sign stating “PRIVATE,” it means that the psychic is in a private chat with a customer. Accordingly, a red “OFFLINE” sign indicates that the advisor is not available at the moment. 

Before even signing up for Oranum, you can access any advisor’s live channel and use the free chat option as a guest. In the case of offline psychics or those in a private chat, a specific advisor’s prerecorded video will be displayed. This allows you to learn more about him/her before paying for a session. 

If you have found the right advisor and you are willing to connect to him/her via a private chat, you will need to register for To get started, you just need to create an account by entering an email address, username, and password. Next, you just click the “Start Private Show” button to continue the conversation with a specific psychic in a one-to-one chat. What makes the experience at Oranum even more unique is that you receive a video chat reading, making it easier for you to tell if a psychic actually uses mentioned tools and techniques to derive a personalized reading. 

Some of the cool features of include:

  • Psychics at Oranum provide live readings with their cameras on, allowing you to see what they actually do;
  • Free public chat allows you to learn more about a specific psychic before paying for a session;
  • Upon registering, you receive 9.99 free credits.

How Much Does a Psychic Reading at Cost?

Like any other online psychic platform, offers psychic readings at different rates. The rate per minute of a specific reading depends on an individual psychic. Typically, advisors with more extensive experience in the field offer readings for a relatively high rate. Another factor that influences the cost of a reading session is the number and context of customer reviews as well as the overall rating out of 5 stars. Finally, psychics utilizing advanced divination methods and various tools will typically charge you more than those relying solely on Tarot card reading on astrological predictions. 

Generally speaking, you can receive a psychic reading for as low as $0.99 per minute and prices go higher. Psychic readings by some of the top-rated advisors at Oranum cost about $3-5 per minute, which is a pretty affordable rate compared to other psychic platforms. 

As a new user, you will receive 9.99 FREE Psychic credits upon creating an account. These free credits can be used for consulting any psychic advisor at Oranum. The free minutes help new customers get an idea of how the platform works and if a particular psychic is a right choice for them.  You can always be on the lookout for Oranum Deals, Coupons, Credits over At Psychic Reviews as they always are posting special prices for Oranum. 

Is Oranum accurate and a reliable Psychic Reading Platform?

Finally, we should address the issue of how reliable can actually be. Cutting a long story short, Oranum offers accurate and affordable readings 24/7. Every psychic on the platform has years of experience working in a specific field. Therefore, their expertise in different occult practices makes the platform trusted by many people worldwide. 

Summing up, Oranum is a perfect psychic platform for individuals preferring online video readings over live chat or phone readings. The filters offered on the website make it much easier for you to find the right match. 

For detailed information on what to expect from Oranum, Read my Indepth Oranum Review You will find some honest thoughts and other details about actual psychic consultations at Oranum. 

2.) Keen – Connects Customers with Top-Notch Psychic Advisors

Keen is the next popular psychic platform on the list. During the last two decades, Keen has been helping individuals find their clarity and solutions to even the most challenging situations in life. To learn more about, check out the following subsections answering several common inquiries.  

How Does Keen Work?

Keen offers psychic reading services through audio call or live chat features. To receive psychic guidance, you will need to create an account by providing your email and password. Next, you choose a psychic and tap on the “Call” or “Chat” icon, depending on your preferences. Although you receive 3 free minutes to consult an advisor, you still need to select a valid payment method and fill in the gaps. After adding a card or linking your PayPal account, you will need to wait for about a minute for the psychic to accept your request. Finally, you ask a specific question and let the advisor provide a corresponding psychic reading. 

Some of the benefits of include:

  • You can connect to psychics by going to or downloading their app;
  • Psychics on specialize in a wide range of psychic reading services;
  • The first 3 minutes of a psychic consultation are free for new users.

How Much Does a Psychic Reading at Cost?

Although Keen offers psychic readings by high-class psychics, the rates are pretty affordable. As indicated on the main page, the rate per minute for a psychic reading starts from $1.99 and goes up to $30.00/minute. After going through different profiles, it was clear that most psychics offer readings for less than $6/minute, while just a couple of advisors have indicated rates higher than $9.99 per minute. 

Upon creating an account, you will be granted 3 free minutes for your first psychic reading. You can use these free minutes for a call or a live chat with a psychic you select. Free minutes are perfect for learning a little bit more about a given psychic and deciding whether he/she is the right fit for you. If you are not satisfied with the psychic, you can end the session and find another one. 

To speak/chat longer, you can either add extra funds prior to connecting to a psychic or pay as you speak/chat with a particular advisor. Note that even if you add additional funds beforehand, you will only be charged for the minutes you spend talking with a psychic.  If you are tight on funds, you can often find Keen Deals and Coupons

Is Keen accurate and a Reliable Psychic Reading Platform?

Receiving quality readings that one can trust is much more important than the affordability of certain services. Therefore, you might be wondering how reliable psychics at actually are. After consulting advisors on Keen, I can tell that you receive personalized guidance from real psychics. Although I was not impressed with the readings I received, I can still say that Keen is a trustworthy psychic platform You can read more about it on my indepth Keen Review

All of the psychics on the platform have experience working in a particular field and can genuinely help people, no matter how severe their issues are. As long as you take your time to find the right advisor for you, there is nothing to be worried about. 

If you want to learn more about the top Psychics on Keen and how I tested them out, I listed the top Psychics on Keen 

3.) Kasamba – Committed to Providing Top-Quality Psychic Readings

When thinking of online psychic platforms, Kasamba might be the first one that comes to your mind. This is not only because of the touching ads featuring Kasamba psychics but also for the quality of the readings one can receive on the website. The following sections answer frequently asked questions about Kasamba. 

How Does Kasamba Work?

In order to receive a reading at, you need to create an account by entering your email address, password, and screen name that will be seen by a psychic when you chat or talk. Next, you select a psychic from the list and different categories make it much easier for you to find whatever you are looking for. After clicking on “Let’s Chat” or “Call Now,” you will be asked to provide payment information. Upon entering your billing information, you will get 3 free minutes for your first reading on the platform. Finally, you just wait for the psychic to connect and ask as many questions as you want. 

Some of the perks of include:

  • Only talented psychics are allowed to work at Kasamba;
  • Kasamba has been among the top psychic platforms for over 2 decades;
  • Kasamba offers live chat and audio call readings;
  • Kasamba psychics specialize in a wide variety of occult practices and use diverse tools for readings;
  • You receive special offers, such as free 3 minutes, when talking to a new advisor.

How Much Does a Psychic Reading at Cost?

Similarly to most psychic websites, Kasamba asks you to pay for the minutes you spend chatting/speaking with a particular psychic. The rates are not fixed and vary for different psychics. Basically, you can receive a psychic reading for as low as $1.99 per minute and the rate can go up to $30.00 per minute. 

If you are looking for an affordable reading on, go ahead and choose the live chat option. In fact, psychics offer readings via chat for lower rates than through audio calls. And even if you have decided to call a psychic for a consultation, you do not necessarily need to pay $30 for an accurate reading. Readings for $10/minute or less can also provide detailed guidance and trustworthy feedback. With a little bit of research in google, you can often find a new promotional Kasamba Promo Codes

Is Kasamba accurate and a Reliable Psychic Reading Platform?

To help you make the right choice, it is important to talk a little bit more about how reliable is. After consulting a couple of affordable psychics on the platform, I can say that Kasamba offers superb services by top advisors. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a random psychic reading, you can spend less than $50 and receive a personalized reading on Kasamba. 

Overall, Kasamba psychics (at least the majority of them) are absolutely fantastic and the readings are beyond expectations. 

For more details about Kasamba and the accuracy of the readings, read my indepth Kasamba Review

4.) AskNow – Offers Online Chat and Phone Readings by Trusted Psychics

If you are more into phone readings, Ask Now is exactly what you are looking for. By dialing 1-888-764-9994 or using an online chat right on the website, you can speak or chat with top psychics anytime and anywhere. For answers to frequently asked questions about AskNow, keep reading!

How Does Ask Now Work?

To receive a psychic reading on, you need to create an account. To do so, you either register on the website or dial 1-888-764-9994  to create an account over the phone. Next, you simply go through the list of psychics and pick the one you like the most. Finally, you go to checkout, provide billing information, and you are all done. As a new customer, you will receive an intro package with a discount on your first psychic reading, no matter if it is done via phone call or live chat. 

Some of the advantages of include:

  • AskNow comprises trusted psychics only;
  • You can connect to world-class psychics using your phone or live chat;
  • As a new user, you receive 5 minutes for free with an additional discount;
  • As a new user, you can receive your first reading at $1 per minute.

How Much Does a Psychic Reading at Cost?

The rates for phone and live chat readings on Ask Now start from $6.99 per minute and go up to $15/minute. Although the rates might seem to be relatively high compared to other psychic platforms, special offers make the sessions pretty affordable. 

As a new customer, you will be granted 5 free minutes for your first reading with particular psychics. In the case of other advisors, you can receive your first reading at $1.00 per minute and save up to $330 for a 30-minute-long session. If you are a first time user, you can often quality for special Ask Now Deals and Coupons

Is AskNow accurate and a Reliable Psychic Reading Platform?

Ask Now has been offering psychic reading services since 2005. Over the last 15 years, the company has become one of the leading psychic platforms worldwide. And more importantly, psychics working on have even more extensive experience in providing psychic readings. Whether you are stuck in your love life, or your career does not seem to be successful enough, AskNow advisors are there to help you 24/7. That being said, AskNow is a trustworthy platform with lots of talented psychics worldwide. 

The Advantages of Online Psychic Reading Platforms

In the previous sections, we discussed four of the most reliable psychic websites. If you are still wondering whether online psychic platforms are worth paying some cash, this section is for you. 

Obviously, in-person psychic readings have tons of benefits. For instance, visiting a psychic and having face-to-face communication enhance the bonds between you and might lead to more accurate readings. However, you end up spending too much time and money for traveling to a specific psychic and receiving guidance. It might even be pretty challenging to find the right psychic in the area. Besides, psychics usually seek some clues during in-person sessions to complement their readings. 

Luckily, the availability and accessibility of online psychic platforms make things much easier. Without spending too much time, energy, and cash, you can find a suitable advisor and receive an unbiased psychic reading within a couple of minutes. Along with that, psychic websites and apps allow us to connect to top-notch psychics literally at any time. For that reason, online psychic readings have partially replaced traditional psychic services and are becoming more and more popular throughout the world. 

Should I Trust Free Psychic Reading Offers?

We have seen ads about receiving free stuff, but at the end of the day, we realize that not everything works the way it was shown in the advertisement. The same applies to some of the online psychic platforms. 

When you come across a special offer stating that you will receive 3 free minutes for your first reading, you might not be allowed to use these free minutes without providing billing information. Of course, you will only be charged after the free minutes are expired and you can even end the consultation before that. Some psychic websites limit these free minutes for live chat readings only, while others enable you to spend the gifted minutes for audio/video consultations as well. In any case, free stuff offered by psychic platforms is genuine, but there might be some tricks hiding behind the offers. 

When it comes to trusting the readings received during free minutes or at discounted rates, there is no specific answer to whether one should rely on them. The fact is that some psychics really want to help people and provide genuine readings, even during the free minutes of the consultation. On the contrary, some advisors type slowly and ask additional questions during the free minutes so that you have to extend the session and pay for it to receive feedback. 

We should note that online psychic platforms grant you free minutes or readings at discounted rates to let you explore the website/app before investing extra cash. Therefore, if you are talking with a reliable psychic, you should not worry about receiving a fake reading because your conversation was free, or you paid less than his/her regular rate.  

What to Ask During a Psychic Reading Session?

If you have a hard time thinking of the questions to ask at your psychic reading session, here are a couple of ideas for you. 

First of all, you should visualize the current situation and the occurrences in your life. Next, think about what makes you frustrated or if there is a question mark over something. Finally, come up with direct questions, but avoid asking for specific dates since our dynamic lives make it hardly possible to be accurate with timeframes. 

Some of the most common question topics to be asked at a psychic reading séance include:

  • Love and Relationships
  • Family and Friends
  • Career and Work
  • Business and Finances
  • Health 
  • Deceased Loved Ones

If you are confused on what to ask a psychic, we have prepared a detailed guide on what to ask at a psychic reading,  so you can get the clarity you need during your psychic reading.

Additional Online Psychic Reviews of Psychic Reading Platforms that You Might Want to Explore

While this article focused on the top four psychic websites, including Keen, Oranum, Kasamba, and AskNow, there are lots of other platforms that you might want to check out. 

The list of popular psychic platforms, along with honest psychic reviews by Psychic Reviews, is provided below.

  • California Psychics– Audio call and live chat readings from only $1.00 per minute.
  • Psychic Source– Over 30 years of experience in providing the best psychic readings. 
  • Psychic Encounters– Offers psychic readings by phone or chat for as low as $0.99 per minute.
  • Purple Garden– Live chat and voice/video call psychic readings for $0.99 per minute or more. 

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