The Ultimate Guide to Palm Readings: Learn How to Read Palms and Get a Palm Reading Online

Want to find out more about yourself and your future? A palm reading is a fun and helpful tool to learn about your strengths, your character, and even your destiny.

Palmistry, or the interpretation of palms, involves noticing and analyzing the characteristics of your hand. This palm reading guide will help you use this divination practice to interpret your own hand’s secrets! 

What Do I Need to Read My Palm?

To understand how to be a palm reader for yourself, you’ll need to know palm traits. Here are a few key terms you’ll need to know:

1. A line is a crease in your palm. For example, the creases going across your palm vertically are different kinds of lines: the life line, love line, and head line. There are also two key vertical lines: the fate line and the sun line.

2. A mount (like “mountain”) is a raised area of flesh. For example, the bump beneath each finger is a mount. A line may cross over a mount.

3. A plain is a flat area of your hand. For example, the very center of your palm is the Plain of Mars. It is also possible for a line to cross a plane.

A professional palm reading guide can help you with a more in-depth reading of palm traits. If you have difficulty identifying the characteristics of your palm or distinguishing one line from another, you can also contact top rated psychics who can provide additional guidance.

Other than this basic understanding, all you’ll need is a clean hand and an open mind. While you don’t need to cleanse your palms before a reading with anything special, washing them with soap and water can help you see a line better. 

What Can I Find Out From a Palm Reading?

Getting your palm read can teach you about four aspects of your life:

  • The element that rules you (by looking at the shape)
  • The themes of your life (by analyzing mounts and plains)
  • Your strengths and tendencies (by studying the lines)
  • Future events (also by examining the lines)

These are broad categories, of course! A professional palm reader will be able to tell you about different aspects of yourself, from your love life to the amount of confidence you have, through the study of these characteristics.

What Are the Four Elements/Types of Hands? 

The four “types of hands” refer to hand shape, including both palms and fingers.

These hand shapes align with the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. These correspond to the astrological elements. In other words, someone with an earth hand has earth-sign characteristics.

Earth Hand

An earth hand has a square palm with short fingers. Hands of this type indicate that the person is reliable and down-to-earth. However, they may have the tendency to get caught up in day-to-day life and forget to look at the big picture.

Air Hand

An air hand also has a square palm. However, unlike an earth hand, air hands have long fingers. The bones may also be visible. Air-hand people have high natural intelligence and are good communicators, though they may also experience a lot of worry if not stimulated enough.

Fire Hand

A fire hand has a rectangular palm with short fingers. Fire hands may be fleshy, with well-defined lines and mounds. These people are often easily inspired, impulsive, and motivated. From time to time, they may push forward too fast for their own good.

Water Hand

A water hand has a rectangular palm with long fingers. People with water hands are often compassionate and empathetic, with highly developed senses of intuition. Their sensitivity can be a weakness if they allow passing feelings to dominate their lives.

What Are the Mounts and Plains When Reading Palms?

These are structural aspects of your hand, with six major mounts and one plain. 

The height of a mount shows how strong a particular characteristic is. A very high mount might show an overdeveloped trait, while a very low one shows qualities that person needs to develop.

Starting at the thumb and moving outward, the important mounts are:

  • Mount of Venus: under the thumb, shows romance
  • Mount of Jupiter: under your pointer finger, shows self-assurance and ambition
  • Mount of Saturn: under your middle finger, shows responsibility
  • Mount of Apollo: under your ring finger, shows creativity and happiness
  • Mount of Mercury: under your little finger, shows sociability
  • Mount of Luna: opposite your thumb, shows emotions

The Plain of Mars takes up the center of your hand, between the mounts. It is related to inner Mars (on the palm between the thumb and index finger) and outer mars (between the Mount of Mercury and the Mount of Luna).

The three Mars parts of your hand show your character as a whole. If the Mars aspects are prominent, you may be quick to get mad or take offense. However, if they’re not noticeable at all, you may need to stand up for yourself more.

More than one short straight line criss-crossing this area indicates that you have the tendency to be argumentative.

Should I Read My Left or Right Hand?

Traditional palmistry involves studying the dominant hand, or the hand you use more. However, today, a lot of modern palm readers like to look at both hands to understand your life path more fully. 

Your non-dominant hand shows your tendencies: what you’re likely to do and how you’re likely to act in different situations. In other words, it shows your basic character and your unconscious mind.

In contrast, your dominant hand shows your life: how you have used your natural strengths and weaknesses so far in your life. It should be interpreted as representing your conscious mind.

You can just read one or the other, but it is best to examine both when reading the palm.

Hand Lines and Reading Palms 

Palm lines show the major events in your life. There are five main types of hand line to examine during a palm reading.

The Heart Line and Palmistry

The heart line (also known as the love line) goes horizontally across the top of your palm, from under the little finger to below the middle or index finger. The love line shows your emotional life.

A deep heart line shows how important love is to that person, while breaks in the heart line indicate moments of stress in relationships. 

A long heart line shows that the person is extroverted, while short lines show introversion. When the line starts below the index finger, the person will be happy in love.

The Head Line and Reading Palms

The head line runs below the heart line, crossing the center of the hand. The head line shows a person’s main life lessons. The depth of the head line shows how intellectual they are.

A straight line in this area shows that the person is complex. When there are breaks in the head line, they can represent either moments of deep confusion or mental breakthroughs.

The Life Line and Palmistry

The life line circles from between the thumb and index finger to the wrist. It doesn’t show how long you will live. Instead, a shorter life line shows extreme independence and health, and a longer life line shows more reliance on others.

The depth of the life line shows how intense and rewarding your life is. A broken or chained life line represents problems. 

The Fate Line and the Palm

The fate line divides the palm, appearing along the center, across from the middle finger. It shows how much you have control over your life. A deep fate line shows that you’ll have great success, while a shallow fate line shows more challenges in this area. 

The Sun Line and the Palm

The sun line appears underneath the little finger. It indicates your talent and public role. 

Read the sun line in combination with the fate line: separated lines show that you’ll be able to take charge of your public image easily.

Where Can I Find a Professional to Read My Palm?

It can be difficult to do your own palm lines reading if you don’t have other hands to compare yours to or experience in palmistry. Reading palm lines takes time and experience to do well, so you may wish to consult a specialist.

Palmistry specialists can work virtually, through video calls. Some may be willing to work via chat or phone to guide you as you read your own palm. Still others require photos of your hand, then conduct palmistry phone readings for line and trait analysis. 

The best palmistry experts:

1. Kasamba Palm Readings

Special Deals: 3 Free Minutes

Kasamba offers 49 palm readers. Some of their palmistry experts specialize their reading in areas such as love and career, while others do a more general palm reading.

Kasamba’s consultants work in different ways, though they are likely to ask for a photo of your hand during your chat or before your call. This ensures they can read your palm clearly during the palm reading, seeing the lines and mounts up close.

Because the site offers other services, some of their palm specialists also have experience in clairvoyant connections, tarot cards, dream analysis, and astrology. Depending on the expert you choose, you may be able to combine a reading with separate tools.

This variety of choice makes Kasamba’s readers popular with a wide audience, while their detailed descriptions of their guides’ experience and approaches make choosing the best fit for you easier.

To try them out, the site offers three free minutes, then 15% off your first call. These three free minutes apply to each new advisor you try, ensuring that you can find someone who makes you feel comfortable while providing the information you need.

Read the full Kasamba review.

2. Oranum Palm Readers

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Oranum‘s palmistry consultants work exclusively via video, so you can see them read your palms in real-time. 

Their experts in palm analysis often have other specialties, too, so you may wish to combine a reading with other tools to answer particular questions. These include angel cards and communication, Chinese astrology, clairvoyance, dream analysis, chakra healing, and other areas of expertise.

The palm reader you choose will either conduct a general palm reading or answer specific questions you have. If you want specific information, write down your question ahead of time and be sure to let your reader know at the beginning of your session. 

Oranum’s readers come from around the world, so you can find one who speaks your native language to ensure that you understand the information they pass on most clearly. 

It is easy to find a palm reader who appeals to you on Oranum, because their experts’ pages feature live streams, video introductions, and personal information about the reader.

Oranum offers between three and ten minutes free for new customers, depending on the level of reader you choose to talk to. 

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Recap on Palm Readings

To read palms, you’ll need an understanding of your palm’s basic characteristics. Palmistry involves analyzing their mounts, plains, lines, and overall shape. By studying the shapes and traits on your palm, you’ll come to a better understanding of your life path. For more in-depth information, or to answer a particular question, consider getting a professional palm reading done. 

Palmistry Takeaways

Palmistry involves more than just noting a particular line on your hand. A palm reading means gathering information about your palm’s shape, high and low points, and lines (including line characteristics), and analyzing it as a whole. 

As you read your palm, you may notice you have features with opposite meanings. To find out what this means for you, you may wish to consult a professional in palmistry and find out how these traits complement or contradict each other. You also might try free psychic readings online before committing to a paid service.

What’s unique about your hand? Your special line traits and interpretations might lead you to knowing yourself better! 

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