Things You Need to Know Before Building a Home in the Bay Area

While many areas of California are gorgeous, it’s hard to beat the Bay Area. With San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge part of this landscape, it’s become a popular place to buy a house. It’s also a great place to build. So, if you’ve decided on the latter option, you need to know a few things about building a home in this part before you up and move.

Hopefully, the things listed below will help you understand the types of decisions involved when building. The more knowledge you have, the more streamlined the building process becomes.

  • The Cost of Land – First, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the steep land cost in this part of California. With high demand, it doesn’t come cheap. However, the land is also an excellent investment and something you can pass down for many generations.
  • Hiring an Architecture Firm – After buying the plot of land that you want, you’ll need an architectural firm’s services to assist with planning and doing a survey. That way, you’ll know where to build the home specifically.
  • Choose a Builder – With blueprints in hand, you can then hire the builder. As imagined, you want someone with years of experience, preferably building homes in the Bay Area. The builder, along with the crew, will secure all required permits. This individual will also work closely with you throughout the year or so it takes to complete the project to ensure they meet all your criteria.
  • Setting Up Services – During the build phase, you’ll need to work on getting all utilities established. That includes electricity, water, gas, trash pickup, sewer, and internet access. This is also a great time to start looking at companies that can provide a home warranty plan. After all, with everything complete, you’ll want that extra protection. At some point, all your new appliances and systems will no longer have the manufacturer’s warranty as protection. That’s when a home warranty becomes essential.
  • Road Access – Depending on where you ultimately build in the Bay Area, you may or may not need to have an access road made leading up to the house. This, too, requires a professional’s assistance, someone who understands permits, drainage, surface material, and so on.
  • Move-in Day – With everything finished, you can now move into your newly constructed home. 

Remember, in the Bay Area, building a house means purchasing bare land. In other words, it doesn’t have any of the services you’ll need. Without question, this is a labor of love but a process that’s worth it in the end.

Some Helpful Information

When building a house in the Bay Area, keep your eyes open for bargains on lots and bare land. For this, you can work with a reputable real estate agent who’ll serve as your ears and eyes to find what you want. That same professional can help with negotiations on the price of the plot of land.

Before you even get started with building, make a list of your minimum requirements. Especially if you’re beginning, you don’t have to get everything you want right away. As you spend year after year in the home, you can slowly modify it. Eventually, it’ll become the house of your dreams. It’s better to work slowly and steadily toward a goal than to get yourself into a financial mess.

One last thing, when building in the Bay Area, try to be as flexible as you can on location. Some areas cost significantly more than others. So, consider several different locations while keeping within your budget. As expected, if you build a home within an established or somewhat established community, you’ll spend far less than building on land you purchase.

Regardless of the direction you take, make sure you have excellent homeowner’s insurance and, again, a home warranty plan. These both offer protection. One provides coverage if you ever find yourself facing a disaster, and the other if you need something repaired or replaced.

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