This dating app with a waiting list, that has Silicon Valley watching

Online dating is a rapidly changing game, this is the app thats ahead of the curve.

This dating app with a waiting list, that has Silicon Valley watching

Technology has to potential to make everything easier. It’s why we love smartphones, why we’re so excited for autonomous cars, and to be frank it’s the reason why the microwave is the greatest kitchen based invention since some bright spark cut bread into slices. The Inner Circle is dating newcomer that’s making a name for itself by using a mixture of tech and a hyper-logical approach to make dating apps better for actual dating, and the waiting list shows that something is working.

Finding love is something people have made insanely complicated since the dawn of society, with archaic courting rituals (check out this British example of flowers being used as the OG emoji’s) it’s no wonder dating apps have become so common so quickly. But as anyone who’s tried them knows, they can be great for hookups but for actual romance it can be a different story.

The Inner Circle is doing this through its renewed focus on getting you off the app and on a date as soon as possible. The app pushes you to a list of top dating spots in your city, provided by other users so can actually trust the recommendation, and sends subtle hints throughout the experience to get you meeting “IRL”.

It’s able to do this by screening profiles in advance, so every user sees a choice that is tailored and curated, resulting in less time wasting and more time matchmaking. There’s no swiping, no brutal rejection, and because of the screening absolutely no catfishing. It’s this combination of technology and practicality that’s led to it expanding out of Europe, across the states, and now in cities around the world.

Everywhere it’s available it has a waiting list so sign up quickly to see it for yourself by registering here.

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