Top 3 CBD Capsules For Sale (Based On Test Results)

There are many different methods of consumption when it comes to getting your daily intake of CBD, and other cannabinoids. One of the easiest, and most effective ways to consume CBD is through CBD capsules, or CBD pills. However, there are many different brands, strengths, and products to choose from, so how do you find the right one for you? Real Tested CBD has been acquiring CBD products, and testing them at our partner’s 3rd-party, independent lab, and publishing the results online. 

We have tested and reviewed several CBD capsule products from many different brands. Below are the top three that we have tested so far, based solely on test results, CBD content, rare cannabinoid content, and our experience with purchasing the product. You can find the full results of the best CBD capsules by clicking here! Keep in mind, as we receive new products, these lists will change, so always visit Real Tested CBD for the latest CBD products & CBD reviews.

1. CBD Essence Hemp Phyto – Cannabinoid Capsules

CBD Essence Hemp Phyto-Cannabinoid Capsules are currently our highest-recommended CBD capsules that we have tested. This CBD capsule is made from full-spectrum hemp, and contains all 5 major cannabinoids! This is extremely rare, and why it is at the top of our recommended list. This product contains a total of 1,000.54 mg of CBD, but also contains 9 mg of d9-THC, 11 mg of CBN, 11 mg of CBC, and 12 mg of CBG. Check out CBD Essence CBD products by visiting their brand page.

If you’re a senior looking for high quality CBD products, visit Blue Ribbon Hemp!

2. Highland Pharms 15+ Hemp Softgel Capsules

Highland Pharms 15+ Hemp Softgel Capsules comes in second on our current list of the best CBD capsules for sale. This product is highly recommended as well, because it tests very high in the other major cannabinoids. These CBD capsules have a total of approximately 450 mg of CBD including 12 mg of d9-THC, almost 20 mg of CBC (Wow!), and around 14 mg of CBC. As a result, Real Tested CBD recommends this Highland Pharms CBD Product!

3. Palmetto Harmony Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil Capsules

These Hemp Oil Capsules from Palmetto Harmony come in third on our list of the best CBD capsules for sale. This product is highly recommended by our staff at Real Tested CBD, and actually comes in with more CBD than the label claims. This product, like the previous two from Highland Pharms and CBD Essence, tested for rare cannabinoids! These CBD capsules contain approximately 6 mg of d9-THC, 7 mg of CBC, and 7 mg of CBG. Our team recommends this product. However, we must mention that the CBD oil from Palmetto Harmony tests slightly higher for rare cannabinoids, and actually has a better value (CBD mg/$). You can view that product by clicking here. If you’d like to view all Palmetto Harmony CBD products, just visit their brand page on Real Tested CBD.

As always, if you’re looking for the best CBD products for sale, visit Real Tested CBD for the most up to date results, CBD reviews, and CBD products!

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