Top 5 Delta-8 THC Brands Online

With dozens of brands offering Delta-8 THC products shipped directly to your door, the options can be overwhelming. After testing countless products from the most popular retailers online, our favorite brands of 2021 are below.

#1 BudVault : Best Vapes, Gummies, Flower with Amazing Deals

BudVault has gained a big following over the past year thanks to their incredible selection of Delta-8 (and now THC-O and Delta-10!) products.

BudVault is run by a group of serious enthusiasts, and their passion for the plant shines through in nearly every product on their site. From their commitment to safety and purity to their incredible deals and freebie giveaways, we can’t get enough of this Delta-8 focused company.

BudVault also carries excellent tincture options for a price you won’t find anywhere else for those who prefer a sublingual tincture.

In addition to their vast selection of edibles and vapes, BudVault also offers our all-time favorite line of disposable Delta-8 vapes. These sleek vapes are potent and ready to smoke, delivering unmistakably uplifting and calming effects we haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Their fantastic selection of XL 1000mg screw-on cartridges also tops our list of favorite Delta-8 products of 2021, all offering a broad range of effects customizable to fit your individual needs.

#2 Bliss Herbal : Best Gummy Selection and Strong Effects

You simply can’t talk about Delta-8 THC gummies without mentioning BlissHerbal. This company has been around for a while, initially specializing in CBD products before switching gears and jumping headfirst into the world of Delta-8 – and we’re so glad they did! Their collection of D8 gummies is out of this world. With one-of-a-kind offerings like their famous relaxing Reefer Sharks and unique Buzzy Cola options, there is something for everyone in their ever-growing selection of specialty edibles.

Like BudVault, BlissHerbal also offers a “Free Gummy” option, allowing you to try two different gummies for the price of one!

#3 Just Delta : Best Bulk Program and Beautiful Products

This out-of-this-world brand has a smaller collection than the other companies on this list, but we can’t get enough of their space-themed offerings. When we sampled Just Delta for the first time, we unanimously agreed that this packaging would make a great gift or stocking stuffer, thanks to their fun galactic theme that hints at the beautiful effects to come. Their wholesale and bulk program for anyone looking to get more than the average buyer or retail is the most comprehensive in Delta-8.

#4 Direct Delta 8 Shop : Best Marketplace

While we prefer to shop our favorite brands directly, we would be remiss if we didn’t include one “marketplace” option on our list of top brands. Direct Delta 8 Shop is slightly different from the other companies on our list because they don’t have an in-house brand – instead, they sell a curated assortment of dozens of Delta-8 products from a wide range of pre-vetted companies. So for users looking to sample a bit of everything without making tons of separate purchases, Direct Delta-8 Shop is the perfect place to dip your toes into the world of D-8 as you discover your next favorite brand.

Shop Direct Delta 8 Sh

#5  Diamond CBD : Great Variety and Vape Liquid

Diamond CBD has also been around for a couple of years, catching our eye in 2019 as one of the more prominent CBD tincture brands at the time. Since their inception, they have opened their catalog to include a wide variety of Delta-8 THC brands. But what truly captured our attention was Diamond CBD’s unique line of vape juice, or “Vape Additive,” as they call it. This vape juice can be added to any “e-liquid” for a buzzy little boost – and each concentrate contains a balanced blend of both CBD and Delta-8 THC. This consumption method is a mellow and subtle way to reap the benefits of the cannabis plant without overdoing it – and a great choice for those already using an e-vape recreationally.

Buying the Best Delta-8 THC Online:

BudVault is currently running a promotion offering a FREE gummy pack with any gummy purchase. In addition, bud lovers can also cash in on significant savings at BudVault, thanks to their free 1/8th deal with any flower purchase. Not only are these deals unbeatable, but with some of the most consistent and effective Delta-8 products available online, we can’t recommend this brand enough.

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