TOP 5 Essay Writing Services That Merit Students’ Trust

Essay writing is the most common college assignment. Students write them almost every day. They write essays for different subjects, Mathematical Analysis, or Chemistry aren’t exceptions. No one can avoid it. And it wouldn’t be so bad if the number of papers that have to be done simultaneously was feasible. But it is not. 

According to a survey, students write essays and do other college assignments almost for 20 hours per week. Let’s add to this, hours spent in classes, other university activities, social life and we get a schedule of a hard-working full-time manager. Again, it is fine; anyway being a student is kind of a job. But unfortunately, over 70% of college students have part-time jobs, too, and get freelance assignments to provide for themselves. How on Earth could they manage all this without any help? 

Luckily, to ease students’ struggle, today, there are plenty of academic writing assists that help them to go through this challenging period of life with less stress. If you’d like your essay to be written from scratch by a professional writer, such services are the answer. 

Essay writing services are very popular. They provide customers with exclusive essays of high quality, offer free revisions, and protect your investment using money back practice. Essay writing services help students of different majors and deliver a wide range of college assignments, biology labs, dissertations, application essays, included. From time to time, everyone needs help. And everyone deserves to get it. 

Yet, it is hard to decide what essay writing service to choose. So, we surfed the Internet and checked many different websites for legacy, sticking to requirements, delivering on time, etc. We created a unique evaluation gradation and used it in our research. So, here are our criteria:

  1. Quality. It includes language proficiency, sticking to appropriate format and style, uniqueness of the paper, topicality of the narration.
  2. Versatility. The variety of services offered. 
  3. Reasonableness. It is mostly related to prices, its dependence on deadlines.  Is it reasonable for a student to pay a certain amount of money in exchange for a certain service?
  4. Customer support. Often, customer support exactly plays a decisive role in making an order or choosing the other service. 

Now, please, find below the TOP 5 essay writing services you can entrust your essays with a light heart:

1.) PaperHelp

PaperHelp is a reliable and reputable service that proved its professionalism by more than 10 years of hard work. And it definitely deserves to be the first. 

PaperHelp writers wrote over 100,000 custom essays and other college assignments. Its popularity among students has a reason. The writers at PaperHelp can imitate your style unbelievably well and at the same time keep it professional so any professor will see just your improvement as a student. And that’s what they give you good grades for. 

The average price of a one page essay is about $10. It varies depending on the difficulty of the paper, its length and depth, the deadline. However, considering the level of this essay writing service, the price is more than affordable. PaperHelp is able to keep the prices low thanks to the number of orders they get from loyal and new clients every day. 

On PaperHelp you can be in direct contact with a writer and track the essay writing progress. You just have to be registered on the website to do it. You also can contact the writer via the customer support representative, but it takes more time and is not as comfortable as via your dashboard. 

PaperHelp delivers excellent essays but also asks for additional payment for plagiarism checks, abstract pages writing, etc. Yes, some other companies include these services in the price, but don’t forget that a low price is often a sign of poor service. The essays from PaperHelp are superb, and if something won’t fit you, the customer support will solve your problem in a most polite and delicate way. 


  • Prices are reasonable and competitive
  • Direct contact with the writer
  • Customer support is available on request 24/7


  • Plagiarism checks aren’t included in the price
  • The best writers cost more

2.) PaperDueNow

PaperDueNow offers its clients plagiarism-free papers written by English native speakers only. It is great news for students from English speaking countries and those who need flawless narration in their essays. However, it could be a problem for foreign students who would like their essays to sound real. 

PaperDueNow uses the latest software to deliver papers of exclusive quality. They have paid subscriptions for the best tools, and it obviously impacts their prices. So, as at PaperHelp, extra checking costs extra money. But we agree to play by these rules as the papers exceeded our expectations. 

Plus, ordering from PaperDueNow you can be sure the writer will follow your guidelines. There is no need to double-check it, but in case you like to track the progress, you can chat with the writer and make remarks whenever needed. 

PaperDueNow offers a great loyalty program. To participate you just have to apply for a discount when placing an order. It is one click for you and a 10% discount for the next order. 

But there is a thing that will make you say “wow” about this service. PaperDueNow gives its customers the possibility to provide payments gradually. You can pay for each chapter of your college paper when it is completed. No prepayments are needed! This way, you can order long papers with no impact on your everyday budget. 


  • Revisions free of charge
  • Beneficial loyalty program
  • Ability to assign essays to your previous writer


– No writers with English as a second language

3.) EssayAssist

EssayAssist is a perfect website for those students who need help with papers which will impact their life directly and in the immediate future. EssayAssist is experienced in long college pieces writing such as dissertations, research papers, course works, or marketing and business plans. When working on such kinds of assignments it is crucial to have the possibility to make edits, and it is granted with unlimited revisions. 

Yet, it is too hard to deliver a deep and long essay on a short deadline, and there aren’t any complaints from our side. If you want to be paper original, well-though, free of mistakes, you have to understand it takes time. However, if it is an urgent issue, EssayAssist might not be the best choice. 

EssayAssist has a money back guarantee so students are sure their money wouldn’t be wasted. It is even more important considering the prices aren’t the lowest. Again, it is due to the kind of papers EssayAssist writers are capable of writing. It is a price for professionalism, academic writing literacy, and your sanity. 


  • Unlimited revisions
  • Strict privacy 


  • The shortest deadline is 8 hours
  • Higher than average prices 

4.) EssayGoAway

Though we put EssayGoAway service in fourth place, it doesn’t mean it is a service you should avoid. If a website is lower in the rating, it is because it has fewer options like a range of college assignments you can order, levels of writers you can choose, etc. It can be a problem for students of certain majors, but there is a limited number of those. Still, the EssayGoAway services package will be enough for most of the students. And the papers are as good as on the previous websites. 

EssayGoAway writers are skilled enough to help you with the majority of college assignments. They have easy to use guidelines on how to make an order and the list of stages through which your essay will go. When you have a written plan in front of you, the hours of waiting go faster. 

Each paper you get becomes yours. EssayGoAway gives you academic ownership rights the moment you’ll receive the essay. You can use it as you want. They will not use it anywhere, as they have no right to do it. 

EssayGoAway crafted a stylish and user-friendly interface which while being not as important as the quality of the papers adds some extra points to this safe and reliable service. 


  • Academic ownership rights
  • Writers’ versatility 
  • User-friendly interface 


  • Small writers’ staff

5.) Help-With-Homework

This brilliant service is the best pick for high school students and college applicants. They are masters in coping with problem solving, biology labs, physics assignments, literature or movie reviews, and admission essays. They have everything high school students need. Sure, they offer help with college papers as well, but the variety of high school homework is just astonishing. 

Although the usual deadline is about 8 hours, Help-With-Homework writers deliver papers much earlier regularly. First of all, they are professionals who have written thousands of essays. And next, they respect their customers and do everything they could to submit the paper before the deadline so the customer doesn’t get nervous and have enough time to get familiar with the assignment. 

Moreover, before submitting a paper to the customer, HelpWithHomework specialists perform quality assurance checks to eliminate even the tiniest possibility of mistakes. 


  • Wide range of custom homework assignments 
  • On time delivery
  • Quality assurance checks
  • Balanced pricing system


  • Narrow focus


Can I be confident the quality of a paper I am ordering is high?

It is frustrating when you pay for a service and get poor results in the end. Especially, when it is about college paper, as it impacts your reputation, too. To check if the essay writing service delivers good college papers and stick to obligations you have to read the reviews on it. The most trustful review platforms are TrustPilot and SiteJabber. These websites have a strict policy for publishing reviews, so most of them are real. Yet, even on such platforms, you can find fake reviews. So, you should know how fake and real reviews differ. Also, to get a good paper, try to make an order in advance, so the best writers would be available.

Are essay writing services legal?

Yes. They are completely legal. They act within the law, and so do you. Your cooperation with essay writing services isn’t against any law. Nevertheless, conduct research and avoid scammers, who pretend to be professional essay writing services, but in fact, take your money and disappear. Also, pay attention to college rules and policies. Though essay writing services are legal, your college might have a policy that forbids their students to make use of them. Make informed decisions. 

How can I check the writers’ proficiency?

Writers’ proficiency is the most important yet disturbing issue when ordering essay help. Indeed, it is hard to check if the writer is a professional before you get your essay done. Yet, there are some rules to follow, so you won’t regret your decision:

1.) Choose only reliable essay writing services.

Do your research, read the reviews, check if there is an actual company that provides academic writing assistance. Professional companies hire only talented and skilled writers. If you have some doubts, take a break and decide later even if you are tight on a deadline. 

2.) Pay attention to the website. 

If it is designed professionally and written in rich English, it is a sign of a trustworthy service. On the contrary, if the language is poor and the website seems like it was made by someone without experience, it is better to look for something else. 

3.) Pick English native speaking writers.

If you are worried about the writer’s proficiency, assign your essays to English native speakers. It is not a guarantee of good quality, but it decreases the chances to get a poor essay to the minimum. 

What if I won’t be satisfied with the paper? 

It is not a frequent problem, but it happens. We have different views on the same issues and our approaches could vary. Thus, almost every essay writing website offers free revisions. In case, they won’t make a difference, there is a money back guarantee. You can read more about it in the Agreement you are signing with the essay writing website. 

Bottom line

There are many reasons why students decide to get academic writing assistance. Some have no time; others want to polish their essays to make them perfect. No matter what your situation is, today plenty of companies could make your college life easier. 

They say you don’t have to endure pain if there is a pill. We say you don’t have to struggle with academic writing if there are essay writing websites like we’ve reviewed in our article. Life offers us more and more opportunities to live it to the fullest. Why neglect them?

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