Top Challenges Homeowners Face In Remodeling Projects (And How To Fix Them)

Remodeling a house is a major undertaking. Whether you are upgrading your current home, renovating an old house or flipping one, there are several hurdles, which homeowners often complain of. We spoke with Wesley Ward, Head of Marketing at Hausera (a kitchen and bath hardware supplier). He told us that based on their 2019 consumer survey, “The top three challenges for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room renovations in the last two years among respondents were: 1) Staying on budget (41%), 2) Finding the right professionals (39%) and 3) Funding the projects (33%).” For a successful renovation it is important to identify the potential challenges in advance so that you can figure out a way to work through them.

Staying within budget

Most people start with a fixed budget but when it comes down to the actual renovation, find it difficult to stick to that as usually whatever they like seems to be more expensive than estimated. To avoid this, it is a good idea to do a little market survey before the renovation and then, fix the budget accordingly.

Finding good professionals

If you are not doing all the work yourself, finding the right people to do the renovation makes a world of difference. Plan your renovation in advance and try to get as many quotes from multiple professionals as you can. Do a lot of research, read reviews online and try to look for their previous clients. You can get direct reviews and might even get to see the quality of work first hand.

Money for the renovation

Money is a huge factor as a remodeling does not come cheap. Plan your finances in advance and budget and schedule accordingly. If necessary, break the whole renovation into smaller phases and plan according to your finances. This will help you get the job done more efficiently without worrying about money.

Acquiring the right materials

You will be flooded with choices when it comes to materials and this is where you need to tread very carefully. Decide the theme or vibes you want to go for and make a list of items to buy and budget your expenses accordingly. However do not compromise on quality. If needed, sacrifice a bit on fanciness but go only for the best brands with top quality assurance.

Delay due to lack of planning

Most of the unplanned delays that people face are due to the lack of proper planning. Keep factors such as your work, family engagements, weather conditions, future monetary situations, holidays etc in mind and prepare accordingly. While emergencies can always happen, it is best to avoid those which can be dealt with if you prepare better.

Remodeling a house or even a part of it is a big, messy and expensive business, no matter how small scale you go. Therefore, it is necessary to plan, prepare and research well before you get down to it so that you can get the best out of your effort.

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