10 Totally Free People Search Websites & Engines

There can be times when you need to know more about any person in your life, but you have no data about him. Due to immense development in the field of technology, there are various people search websites that help you find your target person with the assistance of their name.

This help can be very beneficial for you in your life. Here, the article recognizes the reasons for using people’s finder sites. We have also précised an introduction on 10 best people search sites and beneficial characteristics of the best people search engine.

Why Use People Search Engines

There are multiple reasons that might lead you to run people searches on individuals. Here, we will state some common scenarios:

  • Knowing your New Neighbor: If there is someone new in the neighborhood, you can run people search through his name and know more about him.
  • Discovering your Old Classmate: You might need some assistance from your old classmates, and running a people search will provide you his phone number.
  • Finding your Family Members: You can also track down your long-lost family members that you lost due to long conflicts.
  • Discovering Information About Yourselves: You can utilize an efficient people search for discovering the information that is available related to you on different public platforms.

Now that you have the importance of using people search for yourselves, the article shall focus its light on the best platforms available in the market. These websites and portals provide exquisite services in helping users find their target with ease.

1. PeopleFinderFree

This application helps people to find out their lost ones by adding their names in the search bar. This is an easy-to-use people searcher that can be opened on any device, including phone, laptop, and PC.  The search engine gives you information about people’s identity, phone numbers, and social media information.

You can also find their background history and know about their educational background and job places they have worked in. So, if you feel any suspiciousness in a person, PeopleFinderFree helps you to verify your doubt by providing a lengthy and useful report.

2. TruthFinder

TruthFinder is a top people search engine that helps people to find their lost relatives and friends by adding their names in the search bar. TruthFinder is also available as an application for Android and iOS users. With this easy-to-use service, you can find out the criminal history of your target person along with his fraud and scam ratings. If he has any prohibited business, the app will also exhibit it.

TruthFinder has a legitimate feature of dark web scanning. People become a victim of online identity theft, and they don’t get to know about it. By this scan, you can find out if your identity or information is being stolen.

With TruthFinder’s people search, you can find your target’s pre-existing record in a single report. It will include his phone numbers, social media profiles, relatives, address, and age. His assets, liens, licenses, and possible relatives are also accessible via TruthFinder.

3. CocoFinder

There are times when you want to know the complete history of someone, but all you know is their name. CocoFinder helps you get to your target and catch massive information about them via their full name.

Due to the accessible database directories and public search engines, CocoFinder finds out the oldest history of people. The people search app can get access to your target’s current location, past house addresses, aliases, and property information. Moreover, this free people search website finds out criminal history, traffic records, financial status, and scam or fraud ratings.

If the person is attached to any prohibited activity and it is declared in public records, CocoFinder will fetch and display the complete details about it.

CocoFinder has a simple and precise procedure to find people. You just need to enter the name of your target, and the application will start running its search. In no time, you will find your relative target’s profile.

4. Instant Checkmate

As visible through the name, Instant Checkmate provides instant and extensive reports about the target’s identity and history. With this people search app, you can download and share the target’s report with ease. It also allows you to run a people’s search on yourself to check your public details and erase the search.

Moreover, this people search is famous for fetching someone’s criminal history and arrest records. You can get unlimited reports with Instant checkmate, and it also offers a 5 day free trial for $1. With this people search engine, you can find out birthdays, age, relatives, phone numbers, and voters registry of people.

The bankruptcy information is also visible via Instant checkmate. You can find their social media profiles and dig more deeply to find their educational information and employment history. It is considered a reliable and true information-provider app that has an easy-to-use interface.

5. FindPeopleFast

Finding people on the internet seems like a slow process with lots of ads and errors, but FindPeopleFast tends to find information fast. You can check the history of people, including their addresses, social media applications, and criminal history. Moreover, it also finds criminals registered in your neighborhood. You can check if your target has any traffic record or arrest warrants on his name.

With FindPeopleFast, you can access your target’s children, marriage, and divorce records. It has an accessible interface that can be operated by any non-professional person effortlessly. However, it has confusing price subscription packages and sometimes shows old criminal records of people.

6. NumLooker

NumLooker helps people find their old friends by acquiring their full names. The application provides valuable information about a person’s identity. This includes his relatives, friends, business details, loan details, and warrant details. If he has any public record of any crime, it will be shown to you within minutes.

NumLooker helps you know about his education, past and current addresses, and job places. Moreover, you can also access his date of birth, age, landline, and phone numbers. The promising application respects user privacy and does not save any information of user or target on its servers.

7. RealPeopleSearch

RealPeopleSearch allows you to find people within the US state. You need to add their names, and the application will show the results of relevant people and their profiles. Your access to their social media accounts can lead you to massive information about them. It includes their friends, family, photos, education, and residing city and country.

The defect with this website is that it has an ambiguous interface. The application shows only people with profiles on social media apps. Moreover, it does not show accurate results every time and only shows people registered in the United States.

8. SearchPeopleFree

Due to interlinking with public records and search engines, SearchPeopleFree finds revealing information about people and provides an extensive report to the user. The report will contain information about the target’s location, age, phone numbers, and relatives. You can also access his current and past addresses and relatives.

However, you cannot download and share the people’s search report, and it only shows the result of people registered in the US. SearchPeopleFree works to provide criminal records of people with accuracy. You can also achieve the marriage, divorce, and children records of the target person via SearchPeopleFree.

Finding someone with their name is very simple. You are required to add the target’s first name, last name, city, and state, and SearchPeopleFree will show you the found results. SearchPeopleFree has promised user privacy and does not save any data on its online servers. Even SearchPeopleFree employees are not allowed to access user and target’s records.

9. TruepeopleSearch

TruepeopleSearch provides complete biodata of target via his name. You can find the background history of your target by just providing his full name to the app. His identity information is also accessible as you can find his age, relatives, and addresses. You can easily access his phone numbers and find if he has registered any fake and fraudulent company in his name.

His police records, traffic records, civil judgments, and contact information will provide you an insight into what you might be looking for. TruepeopleSearch is a free people search website which is why it sometimes provides inaccurate information about a person’s age and criminal history.

10. That’sThem

You can access your target’s phone numbers with That’sThem people search engine. It provides valuable information about a person’s location. The public search engine also finds out the email address of the target person with his factual information. You can access his job place and get to know his net worth and annual income.

If the target person has any bank loans, That’sThem also provides evidence to the user. That’sThem shows accuracy with its provided history results, but sometimes the app fails to show accurate social media profiles of a target. Furthermore, it has a very transparent policy and warns the user not to misuse the provided data about target people.

How to Choose the Best People Search Engine

This is crucial to choose a truthful and best people to search application. Here, we will acknowledge the best qualities that must be present in your people search website.

  • Bigger Database

The people search engine should have maximum interconnections with federal, national, and international database directories. This helps in finding fresh and accurate results about people. Due to this ultimate feature, the search engine would be able to get the highest “Unrevealed” information about your directed individual.

  • Data Security

It is a legitimate part of the best people search engine to provide security to users and target persons. The chosen application should be encrypted with 256-SSL or more. It should not save the private information of the target on its servers.

  • Reasonable Pricing

Another important characteristic about the best people finder app is its affordable pricing plans with a maximum number of detailed reports. This would help all the individuals to happily run a people search on their lost relations.

  • Accuracy

While talking about a history finder, accuracy must be non-negotiable. A trustworthy app must provide accurate information about people as misguidance can create problems for users. The provided data about the target must not be outdated or false.

With all the above-mentioned characteristics, it is mostly clear that PeopleFindFree is the best application for finding people with accuracy. This website shows accurate information with reasonable pricing and considers data privacy as its top-most priority.


This article explains why one can need search engines to find people. The review further explains the 10 best people search engines that provide valuable information about people by their names. In the last, the article concludes with major characteristics that one should look for while choosing between people finder websites.

It is concluded that PeopleFindFree stands as a top-notch application that contains all the supreme features. Anyone looking for accurate information will be assisted by the article.

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