Track Your UPS Package: Detailed Guide 2021

Nowadays, you can easily track your shipments in several ways. Pick the one that is comfortable for you. Use this simple guide to UPS tracking whenever you want to find out where your package is and see its status.

UPS or United Parcel Service is considered to be one of the biggest delivery services in the world. It is used for commercial and personal shipments. For clients’ convenience, UPS offers different ways to track the package.

Track the Shipment: Top Tips

You can use a wide range of methods to track your shipment, no matter whether it was shipped inside the country or abroad. All you need to have is the tracking number UPS provides you. You can receive it in your email after making an order or right in one of the UPS offices if you go there to arrange the delivery.

The number contains 18 digits and usually starts with 1Z. After that, you see 6 characters of the shipper number, 2 characters that indicate the service, and 8 digits to identify your package. Save this number, and you will be able to track this package once it was registered.

Official website

You can track your UPS package via the UPS website. All you need to do is enter the tracking numbers and check the shipment status in real-time. If you want to know the details, enter the number into the Help Center’s chat bot that appears in front of you.

Call the UPS

If you can’t enter the code and check the information on the website, you can always call the company. UPS accepts domestic calls via the number 1-888-742-5877, and international calls on 1-866-782-7892. You will be redirected to the call center, where professionals will help you with your problem.

My Choice

You can create an account in UPS. There will be information about all your packages, including their current position on the map, delivery alerts, and the best routes to the point where you can pick up the package. There is a free-of-charge basic package and a premium one. The premium option offers you the confirmed delivery window and the ability to change the address of the original delivery.


Track your parcel via SMS. Sign up for the messages that will be sent to you by UPS. All you need to do is indicate that you want to receive SMS from them and your phone number. Every time the package reaches the new threshold, you will receive a message from the company.

The Frequency of Updates

Updates of the current location of your package are sent to you after its barcode is scanned in the new location. The information is updated close to the current time. Sometimes drivers may delay the scanning of the barcode because of numerous unpredictable reasons, and it can delay the shipment. If you suspect it, contact UPS. At the same time, these situations rarely happen, and you can discuss them with the UPS office to ensure your shipment’s safety.

Choosing the Best Tracking Way

UPS offers you several ways to track the package. You can use all of them at the same time. If you are worried about the delivery procedure, there is always a possibility to contact the UPS call center via phone.

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