Weekly Installment Loans And Their Associated Benefits

While some people don’t like the idea of borrowing money, others may find it necessary since not everyone is fortunate to have a safety net of cash. Taking out a loan might be their only option to cover unexpected expenses.

There are many types of loans available, but an installment loan is the most sought-after due to its accessibility. Many consumers prefer it because it can be acquired quickly. Aside from that, paying high unexpected expenses is more manageable with it. An installment loan allows you to pay your debt back in a series of fixed payments.

Installment loan repayments are usually made monthly, but you can also opt to pay weekly or bi-weekly. The repayment schedule is determined before you take out the loan. However, if you are considering applying for this type of loan, weekly installments might be a wise option.

Pays Down Debt Faster

With frequent payments, you can pay down your debt more quickly. If you pay your loan four times a month, it would only take you six payments to be debt-free instead of twenty-four.

Paying off your loan faster would lead to other beneficial effects as well. While loan options help you cover emergency expenses, accurate financial planning is still better. The faster you can repay your loans, the easier it is to achieve financial stability.

Without you realizing it, your debts can continuously affect your financial decisions. The longer you remain in debt, the more difficult it becomes for you to take advantage of investment opportunities.

Lowers Interest Rate

Several factors can affect the interest rate of your loan, and one is the loan’s repayment term. Shorter loan terms will require higher repayments with less interest, while longer terms mean lower monthly repayments, costing more interest.

If you choose weekly installments, the interest charge will be less since the payments are made more frequently.  Since you would be paying down the principal amount faster, the accumulated interest will be reduced. Thus,  you would be able to save some money with weekly repayments.

Allows Flexible Budget

With the money you can save up with low-interest rates, you can make your monthly budget more reasonable. Weekly repayments could allow you to manage your bills in a way that is more compatible with your other financial responsibilities.

Some sites like www.creditninja.com/dojo/installment-loans can help with your interest rates so you can plan better on your loan repayment. Once you have a solid plan for payment options, you won’t run into problems such as late payments.

Gives Way To Investment Opportunities

Long term loans can hold you back from better investment opportunities. The money you pay for your loans could have been used to invest. But if you take weekly repayments, your money won’t be stuck on repaying loans for a longer time.

Your money has a time value that you might not be aware of. By investing earlier, you can significantly grow your money due to the power of compound returns. Thus, the sooner you get out of debt, the more chances you will have with greater investment returns.

Reduces Financial Stress

Debt is composed of several aspects that can cause stress. If you take out a loan, things such as monthly payment, interest rate, length of repayment, and the principal amount owed could be one of your financial concerns. Most importantly, the fear of not being able to meet payment schedules can be stressful. The longer you stay in debt, the more you have to deal with these stressors.

By paying your loans faster through weekly installments, you can reduce the effects of financial stress. It would give you a break from having to worry about repayments for a longer period.

Aside from that, long term loans might cause a default or missed payments. If you want to avoid further financial stress, weekly installment loans might be a better option.

Other Essential Points To Consider

While weekly installment loans can bring several benefits, there are essential points that you need to consider before committing. One is your capacity to repay the loan in a short period. It might become a debt trap if you’re unable to keep up with your loan repayment plan.

When opting for weekly repayments, assess your financial needs. If you’re applying for a loan to cover an emergency, short term loans might be suitable. However, if it is not a temporary, personal, or business need, weekly repayments might bring more harm than good.

Aside from that, it is essential to be aware of hidden charges when applying for this type of loan. Some lenders might charge different types of upfront charges, which would not be appropriate for weekly installments.


Borrowing money is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Before applying for any loan, it’s helpful to assess one’s financial need and come up with a better financial decision. Not all loan options may work well with your needs and resources. Thorough research is essential before committing to any lender to find the one that suits you best.

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