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West Coast Leather – Moving locations, Moving Discounts


After 4 years at 363 Grant Avenue, in Union Square, San Francisco, West Coast Leather has announced it’s moving into a new location.

The leather retailer is moving to the former Eddie Bauer location at 128 Post Street in Union Square.  

The new location is scheduled to open in February.

West Coast Leather, owned by Skip Pas, carries on the legacy of North Beach Leather, which is responsible for creating looks for many iconic celebrities over the years, including Princess Diana, Mr. T, Britney Spears, Johnny Depp and many others

West Coast Leather is currently having a “store wide” moving sale up to 50% off until the end of January. 

Including from Skips inventory of custom designs, to his exclusivity of being the only retailer carrying the celebrity famous fashion brand, Rogue State .

West Coast Leather is located at 363 Grant Avenue until the end of January, stop by and take advantage of the final days before the move.


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