What is a Clairvoyant? Your Questions About Clairvoyance and Clairvoyant Psychic Abilities Answered

Everyone can form an educated opinion on what’s going to happen in the future. You might even say you “know 100 percent” how something is going to end. But having excellent skills in prediction and knowing a subject well enough to “predict the future” is still not the same thing as clairvoyance. 

Clairvoyance is quite the opposite. It’s when someone seems to have special insight into future events when they have no previous experience or knowledge base to fall back on. The information seems to come from the “divine”, or at least some kind of supernatural ability to perceive future events. 

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Usually, when one sees evidence of clairvoyance, their first reaction is, “There’s no way you could have known that.”

Imagine a magician of the mind – someone who can pull out your secret memories like a card. Or someone who knows the future as if it’s a movie they have already seen a few times. 

Trying to make sense of documented anecdotes of clairvoyance has been a challenge for centuries. In this discussion, we’re going to discuss the history of the subject, as well as take a look into today’s clairvoyant world, and the psychic market that sells bits and pieces of truth. 

What Does Clairvoyant Mean?

What is the definition of clairvoyant? The term “clairvoyance” is French in origin and comes from the combination of two ancient terms meaning “clear” and “seeing” or “vision.” 

While it’s usually a case of someone knowing the future, clairvoyance can also mean a person who has the ability to gain information about a subject, location, or even an object. 

There is usually no logical explanation for such special insight except the theory of extrasensory perception. The theory maintains that one who has a special power of “clear-sightedness” can see persons or events that are “distant”, perhaps in time (past or present) or even in space. 

Clairvoyantly practicing is not limited to predicting the future. Those who have gifts may claim to see the future have gifts in precognition, or in retrocognition, which is seeing the past, or even remote-viewing, which is the perception of contemporary events happening outside the normal realism of perception. 

What Is Clairvoyance in the Context of History?

Historically, claims of clairvoyance are well documented, even if they are sometimes spurious. No wonder because the documentation of clairvoyance precedes our modern understanding of science and causality.

But the interviews, the stories, and the documents exist recording instances of clairvoyance, either from people who claimed these gifts, or who witnessed the “miracle.”

Religious References to Clairvoyance

Religion has certainly documented episodes of clairvoyance, usually from the words of prophets, angels, or gods living on earth. From monotheistic religions to pagan religions, almost every religion has documented instances of the paranormal, whether attributed to god, or the practice of divination. 

The only argument among religious leaders is not that clairvoyance exists, which to most is a given, but whether it comes from the divine or from the enemy of the divine. In pagan religion, there is a greater emphasis on the individual practicing magic or miracles, whether to their own prosperity or detriment. 

Scientific Studies About Clairvoyance

Outside of religious histories, scientific studies of clairvoyance increased about the 18th century. The studies of Marquis de Puységur, Arthur James Fenwick, and Charles Richet were influential. Studies by the likes of Ivor Lloyd Tuckett and Joseph McCabe also covered scam artists or cases of coincidence that were likely not supernatural.

The most notable names who studied the supernatural were Arthur Conan Doyle and Carl Jung, both of whom not only speculated about psychic energy, but also ran some experiments. 

The Study of Parapsychology

One of the most significant events in clairvoyant research came from the studies of J. B. Rhine, who created a standard methodology that could test instances of extrasensory perception. Test results have proven promising if inconclusive. One of the most thought-provoking studies on psychic functioning was from Jessica Utts who also cited government-funded research. 

To this day, there is still a Journal of Parapsychology, first founded by J. B. Rhine and William McDougall of Duke University. The peer-reviewed academic journal shares findings on a variety of paranormal phenomenon reports. 

Still, a lack of scientific studies has not hindered every day anecdotal evidence from increasing over the years. People continue to share their own stories and run-ins with the supernatural online, in books, and on video. But in the end, the personal experience is what ultimately matters. Namely, what sense of joy, peace and discovery you get from with clairvoyant practice, and what you can do to improve your own abilities. 

Am I Clairvoyant?

What does clairvoyance mean to the individual? How do you know if you have such power or if it’s just a coincidence? First, don’t just think about all the cliches you see on TV or movies. You’re not going to get any visits from angels, demons, or oracles. 

Instead, consider the most common way that people say they receive messages: 

  • Dreams, especially vivid ones
  • Daydreams that seem unusually specific
  • Unusual images while meditating
  • Changes in vision, such as seeing flashes of light or a faded view – especially after visiting a doctor and ruling out other conditions
  • Experiencing strong emotions and “vibrations” from places or objects
  • Images you see from the corner of your eye
  • Strange words or phrases popping into your mind
  • You have friends who 
  • You experience strange feelings or vibrations coming from your “third eye” in or around the   forehead
  • You have an unusually vivid imagination when imagining scenes in the future
  • You have strong gut instincts that seem to always be right
  • It sometimes feels as if your senses are extra-sharp, especially when around other people
  • You can feel what other people feel, or in some cases, you know what they are thinking
  • You experience episodes of deja vu

These are some of the most common ways we test clairvoyant power. However, there are other lesser-known ways to feel your own psychic potential. One of the first steps in finding your gift is to simply open your mind. Not simply opening your mind to a specific idea, but rather to whatever idea pops into your head. 

For instance, synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon that some people associate with psychic energy. Literally speaking, synesthesia is when the stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to an involuntary experience in a second sensory pathway. In other words, you perceive other people in different light – beyond normal reality. 

A person you encounter may seem to project a certain color or be surrounded by musical notes. You associate an image or a place with this person but for no apparent reason. Sometimes you can’t even explain what you feel or put it into words – except that you are sensing very strong vibrations, either positive, negative, or neutral. 

Maybe what you feel is an underdeveloped but still very potent gift for perceiving what others do not see. 

What Is a True Clairvoyant?

As you consider your own potential and seek to find a mentor who can help explain how clairvoyance works, it’s important to consider what they do and what services they offer. 

Of course, you cannot afford to trust anyone who claims to be a psychic. After all, many websites report on psychic scams and there are probably a few high-profile celebrities that come to mind, when you think of entertainment psychics.

Clairvoyant: How to Spot the Real Thing

According to one article, psychic con artists are fairly easy to spot, because they lure you in with an emotional hook and then request money to tell you the rest of the reading. They also tend to charge exorbitant prices, rather than building a relationship over time with a client. 

Real psychics usually don’t claim to be literal mind readers. They pick up on energy and may sense strong emotions or stark images. They are curious as to why they sense these things and will open a dialog with you, so that you can both better understand the situation – namely, where that energy is coming from and why. 

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Reach Out to Clairvoyant Helpers

Many psychics believe the process is not about mind-reading, but about feeling the heart and soul. There is no such thing as a psychic who guesses everything exactly. We are all human beings and prone to make mistakes, even doctors, scientists, and artists. 

Above all, a psychic is a helper, someone that can help you reach your full potential and help you find your true purpose in life. Try to remember what psychics and clairvoyants really are – just people like you who are slightly more experienced in developing their potential and making accurate readings, to the extent that they can make a career out of it. 

Not all psychics work for money. Some psychics are born with an innate gift, whereas others have studied, been certified, and even earned a PhD in a related field. Over the years, they have learned invaluable lessons on meditation and found ways to explain and understand things that many of us have no answers for. 

Tips for Consulting a Clairvoyant 

What should you expect when you get a reading from a clairvoyant? When you decide to reach out to a psychic, it’s important to first learn the process. Not only will you put the psychic at ease, but you will also gain more from the experience and not leave disappointed. 

Be Specific About Your Clairvoyant Reader

First, try to specify what kind of psychic you want to speak to, and specifically, note their area of focus. Do they most practice in love and relationships? Or career or health? Do they come with references, or a long list of satisfied clients who appreciate their manner? 

If you’re consulting with a psychic clairvoyant, ask yourself if you want help with past, present, and future dealings, or if you want to time travel. Or, do you seek the expertise of a psychic medium, who specializes in communicating with spirits? 

Keep an Open Mind

An in-depth reading might even be a past-life regression, not merely answering a few questions, or explaining some tarot card. Simply put, don’t presume to know what the psychic offers or should tell you. 

Go into the experience open-minded and know what answers you seek, so that the psychic can understand what is required of them. Yes, it’s also wise to “follow your gut” and find someone that you personally connect with and can build a good rapport with over time. 

Who Are the Top Clairvoyants?

To begin your journey start looking at some of the top-rated and reviewed websites for clairvoyants and psychic readings online

1. Kasamba – Three Free Minutes or read a Kasamba Review

2. Keen – Three Minutes Free or read a Keen Review

3. Oranum – 9.99 Free Credits or read an Oranum Review

Some of the best-reviewed clairvoyants online include: 

  • Matt Warren (Oranum)
  • Sebastian Leo (Oranum)
  • Julia Jordan (Keen)
  • Christina Blu (Keen)
  • David James (Kasamba)
  • Sherry Taylor (Kasamba)

Bear in mind, however, that not all psychics use their real names. Some use aliases or just their first name. Each provider’s price is listed, phone number, as well as their specialty and a short biography. 

Final Thoughts on Clairvoyant Psychics

The bottom line is that everyone must learn their own life path and their own secrets in a safe and natural way. Some believe that higher powers are protecting you from learning information that could be upsetting, or that could change your way of thinking and leaving entirely. 

A top psychic doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear, nor does he or she blurt out truths or supposed truths, that may be detrimental. The best clairvoyant readers only want to give you information that is in your best interest and that will help you on your personal journey of discovery. 

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