What Is A Psychic Reading And Where To Find A Good Psychic Reader?

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Life is a large enigma with numerous mysteries and unpredictable events. Sometimes people may feel a bit overwhelmed with unexplained riddles and mysterious events that they seek assistance from people who see beyond the materialistic things and can explain mysterious consequences in people’s lives. This is where it makes sense to learn more about online psychic reading practices.

But where to get a psychic reading? Is it possible to get spiritual assistance online? We’ve compiled the top online psychic reading sites currently available on the market for you to entrust your fortune to specialists and have a safe experience.

  1. Keen
  2. Kasamba
  3. Oranum
  4. AskNebula
  5. AskNow
  6. California Psychics
  7. Mysticsense
  8. Psychic Source

What can psychic reading tell you?—Different types of accurate psychic reading explained

Psychic reading is an ability to tap into the energy of other people, interact with higher power and see past, present, and future events. Don’t confuse psychic medium reading with predicting the future or telling you how to live your life. A psychic reader can see only a scoop of essential events and interpret them. However, it is only up to you how to use this information.

Different people use the best psychic reading for various purposes. While some individuals struggle to improve their love affairs and perform professional love spell casting, others want to learn more about their fortune and boost their well-being. That is why it is necessary to approach the right specialist with high expertise in a certain niche. Consider the types of psychic services to achieve your life goals faster and more effectively.

Fortune telling

Fortune telling has been in demand for centuries since either kings or regular people have always wondered about their future. Being the oldest technique of real psychic reading, fortune telling has vast popularity among people from all over the world.

A fortune teller gives insight into the person’s future by analyzing past, present, and future events. Numerous experts use additional divination tools such as tarot cards, stones, or crystal balls to derive more information and work with energies.

Some fortune tellers use more sophisticated technologies like numerology readings, palm reading psychic, and phrenology to improve the client’s experience. If you approach the best psychic reader, you can better understand what is waiting for you in the future, how to avoid negative consequences after your decisions, and how to improve your state of affairs in every life sphere.

🕯If you want to get a better glimpse of your future, feel free to use Keen psychic reading services. Find the expertized fortune teller who will work for you.

Tarot readings

Psychic online tarot card reading is a process for deep learning about the world around you. With the help of the tarot cards, the expert can both predict trends from the future and give advice concerning the necessary matter. Each card from the Tarot deck is an archetype and has a set of symbols. They transmit certain information that requires interpretation from the tarot reader.

Everything on our planet is connected to a single energy space. A skillful tarot reader can interact with this information and connect it to the client’s energy to deliver accurate tarot card readings. Both parties are responsible for the result of the work. The client trusts the tarot reader and lets them into their personal space, while the main goal of the expert is to properly read the information the cards display.

🎴Those who are all about predicting their future using online tarot readings can approach Oranum. Interact with your favorite tarot readers via video chats.

Dream interpretation

One of the most popular psychic chat reading services is dream interpretation. The process of achieving predictions is rather simple: the clients tell the psychic advisor their dreams and achieve their accurate interpretation. Typically, dream interpretation isn’t a time-consuming process, though some psychic readers require more time to discover an accurate meaning of a dream.

The majority of clients approach dream analysis specialists when they have repetitive nightmares or dreams that concern them and make them worried. The dream may also be a warning that you need to be careful, pay attention to your health, or avoid some activities. Some sophisticated online psychic readers use divination tools to analyze dreams, while others just need to know the details to uncover the hidden meaning of the nightmare.

🌒Get an up to 70% discount on dream analyses on Kasamba and explore the peculiarities of your dreams.

Love psychic reading

Whether you want to improve your relationships or return to a lost lover, you should find the answer to the question: “What is a love reading?” From love spells to insightful psychic love reading advice—you can accomplish all your relationship goals by approaching the right specialist. One of the most sought-after practices to improve your state of affairs is tarot reading. The tarot card readings experts can provide you with insightful information concerning your future winnings in the love games. Nevertheless, you can use the services of other psychic advisors that work for you.

💌If you want to ask questions concerning your partner or your future love ventures, feel free to head over to AskNebula to get an informative answer.


Mediumship implies interacting with the spirits of people who have already passed away. Psychic mediums provide special psychic reading sessions by serving as guides to the afterlife and relaying messages from the deceased. This practice is especially in demand among those who accidentally lost their close people.

The majority of mediums claim that they can establish contact with the spirits of the deceased and ask them whether they rest in peace. Also, such experts can help their clients to get the answers to the essential questions concerning their loved ones.

All psychic mediums have their unique ways to connect with the spirit world. While some experts use the power of a touch, smell, and meditation, others use divination tools such as stones, crystals, Ouija boards, etc.

👳🏽‍♂️If you seek medium assistance, feel free to approach California Psychics and get the most of $20 when you join.

Astrology reading

The best psychic reading sites offer astrology readings to solve the issues that may concern you. Such an online psychic reading session implies studying the position of the stars, planets, and other celestial objects to get an insight into the client’s future. The most widespread form of astrology practice is horoscopes.

So, to get relevant information, you will need to tell the expert your birth date and zodiac sign. Aside from describing your personality attributes and preferences, the insightful horoscope can predict the nearest future. However, it doesn’t say which life path you need to follow. Horoscopes can give only a glimpse of the forthcoming events.

♉️If you want to read your horoscope free of charge, visit AskNow and get the daily predictions in several clicks.

Numerology Reading

Based on numerous psychic reading reviews, numerology is a popular type of psychic practice among people of different ages. Numerology experts work with number patterns and tell you what a particular combination of numbers means. Typically. numerology readers ask their clients a name and a date of birth to work with the information and predict the future.

🔢Do you believe in the mystical significance of numbers? Visit Keen to get the best advice from experienced numerology readers.

Best psychic reading online: How to connect to psychic advisors?

Suffice it to say, different psychic reading sites offer various means of communication with experts. Typically, you can get in touch with an online psychic reader via email, live chat, phone, or video chat. But what means of communication better work for spiritual sessions? There is no right answer to this question since every client chooses the most suitable way to communicate with psychic readers.

If you want to get quick psychic advice while being on the move, it is better to choose online chat. Thus, you will get the answer to your questions as soon as possible without being distracted by telephone calls or video sessions. In case you feel like you want to be closer with the expert during the session, it is advisable to opt for a phone or video psychic reading. Some websites provide multiple options to interact with users. You can try all of them to choose which way works for you.

Psychic reading websites: Features and means of communication you can use

While numerous psychic reading sites provide different features, services, and contact options, it will be good to have a complete guide on features of the most reputable platforms at hand to quickly choose the best fit. Carefully study the list of online psychic reading websites, learn their perks and communication options and use the service that meets your expectations.


Best for: cheap psychic reading, love and relationship advice, life questions, psychic tarot reading, medium services, spiritual readings, horoscopes.

How to contact experts: live chat, email, phone call

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Best for: aura readings, crystal readings, per psychic, medium services, rune casting, remote viewing, love & relationship reading, fortune telling, dream analysis, astrology reading, career forecast, palm reading psychic, paranormal cases, Eastern philosophy.

How to contact experts: phone call, chat

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Best for: love advice, tarot reading, dream analysis, career forecast, fortune telling, sound bath, numerology.

How to contact experts: direct messages, video sessions

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Best for: numerology,astrology, tarot reading, past life readings, clairvoyance, occult reading, angel reading, spirituality, Vastu consultations, mediumship, runes reading, Pendulum reading, naturopathy, shamanic healing, clairaudience, Celtic astrology, general astrology, horoscopes

How to contact experts: chatroom

🔥Head over to the site to talk to the most prominent experts in the online psychic reading industry.


Best for: daily horoscopes, phone psychic reading, educational videos dedicated to psychic readings

How to contact experts: call, chat

🔥Enjoy five free minutes to communicate with the best online psychic readers

California Psychics

Best for: love psychic, career advice, psychic mediums, tarot readings, money psychic, lost objects psychic, connection to the deceased, channeling psychic, empath advice, clairvoyant practices, numerology, oracle cards reading, gifted psychics, accurate psychics

How to contact experts: psychic readings by phone and chat

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Best for: mediumship, clairvoyant practices, numerology, energy healing, finding new love, horoscopes

How to contact experts: chat and phone psychic readings

🔥Get 5 free minutes to communicate with experts.

Psychic Source

Best for: love psychics, clairvoyance, tarot cards reading, angel card reading, numerology, mediumship, aura readings, cartomancy readings, Chakra balancing, channeling

How to contact experts: phone, chat, video

🔥Click to get chat, video and phone readings for as low as $1.

Benefits of the best online psychic reading

Even though you can approach a local specialist to undergo spiritual practices, top psychic reading sites still have benefits over offline sessions. Study all of them to determine which way of communicating with psychic readers works for you.

  1. Safety. While it seems fun to get free psychic readings just in the street, it is better to protect your money and save time using the services of a skillful specialist who has a high level of credibility in the industry. If you approach a reputable psychic reading site, you can avoid scams and get insightful predictions.
  2. Convenience. With online psychic sites, there is no need to travel to meet a specialist. You can contact an expert just from the comfort of your home. Moreover, the best psychic reading websites come with dedicated apps, so you can chat or call the professionals even while being on the move.
  3. Satisfaction guarantee. Reputable psychic websites come with a satisfaction guarantee that often ensures that users will get a refund if they are not happy with services. Keep in mind that each platform has its own terms and conditions of the satisfaction guarantee. Carefully study this information before approaching a website.
  4. Price. The bragging point of online psychic reading platforms is the price. Typically, online sessions are much cheaper compared to in-person meetings. That is because online psychics don’t pay the office rent since they are working remotely.

How to prepare for a psychic reading?

If you’ve just started your way to the psychic reading online world, you need to better understand how to prepare for the session. Here are some effective tips that will help you get the most out of your online readings and achieve the best experience possible.

  1. Make sure you have a good reason to approach an online psychic platform. Let your mind open and be ready that a specialist will interact with your energy.
  2. Use the services of the best online psychics. First, it is necessary to decide which life sphere you need to work with, and only then you can choose the right specialists to get assistance.
  3. Prepare your questions beforehand. Numerous online psychics charge per minute. If you have no idea what to ask, you will waste your valuable time and money. Try to ask special questions (What, When, Why, Where) to derive more information. Avoid general questions since you will hardly get a better insight into your problem while getting only Yes or No answers.
  4. Get notes. You may miss some important details during the session, so it is always good to make notes. What is even better, you can record a voice call or a video chat. Thus, you can better analyze the words of a specialist and better understand how to accomplish your life goals.

Are online psychic readings reliable?—Find the best online psychics for an excellent experience

The modern market offers numerous online chat readings platforms. However, not all of them are created equally. Some questionable free psychic reading online sites may deliver a poor level of services. Moreover, you can become a victim of a scammer if you address the wrong platform. That is why it is necessary to conduct research before investing in spiritual practices.

Start with reading expert reviews and user testimonials. You can use the services of trusted platforms such as SiteJabber or Trustpilot to ensure a particular psychic reading site delivers authentic services. These platforms show a rating of a certain online psychic reading platform. So you can see the overall satisfaction of the users.

Our team has tested and proved numerous psychic websites to facilitate your search for a reliable platform. Look through the scheme to find out the best offer that meets your purposes.

Site🌟 Best for🧘🏻‍♀️ Special offers💥
🔮Keen Fortune telling, astrology reading, live psychic reading 3 minutes for free
🔮Kasamba Those who want to try multiple means of communication with psychic readers 3 minutes for free with multiple experts using chat
🔮Oranum Clients who want to interact with the psychic experts via video means of communication Get 10,000 free credits upon a registration
🔮AskNebula Fortune telling, dream analysis, tarot card reading, and other popular psychic readings 3 free minutes for getting spiritual advice
🔮AskNow Those who want to have quick chats with experienced psychic specialists 5 free minutes; generous introductory packages
🔮California Psychics People who want to change their lives after the chat psychic reading sessions Get $20 after the registration
🔮Psychic Source Users who want to get the most out of psychic sessions via phone Packages with minutes at reduced prices; 3 free minutes
🔮Mysticsense People who like flexibility and prefer to work with different psychic niches 5 free minutes

How much is a psychic reading?—The cost for online psychics outlined

Suffice it to say, high-quality psychic readings require investments. There are multiple factors that may affect the price per minute or a chat session. Some of them include:

  1. The reputation of the site. The best online psychic readings platforms provide higher prices compared to their contenders with a questionable reputation.
  2. The expertise of the psychic master. Typically, the niche a certain expert works in has a different price bracket. For example, mediums can charge more than tarot card readers.
  3. The experience of a specialist. The more experienced the experts are, there more expensive services they deliver.

If you are still hesitating about which platform to choose, look through the scheme to choose the best psychic readings you can afford.

Site🪐 Prices💸 ⚡️Interesting paid offers⚡️
Keen Chat—$1.99 per a minute 10 minutes for only $1.99
Kasamba Chat—$0.99 per a minute 70% off on the site services
Oranum Video session—from 2K cons per minute $10 for 10,000 coins
AskNebula Chat—30 credits per minute 150 credits for $19.99
AskNow Calls and chats—from $1 per minute 30 minutes for $30 20 minutes for $20
California Psychics Calls and chats—from $1 per minute Discounts for the services of some experts 20 minutes package for $80 instead of $150
Psychic Source Calls—from $1 per minute Psychic readings as low as $1 per minute
Mysticsense Chat—from $0.99 Call—from $1.69 Video—$2.99 Some psychics provide discounts  

Final word: What to expect from online psychic readings?

Psychic readings online can be a helping hand when you need advice concerning difficult life issues. Sometimes people encounter even mystical events. In this case, getting professional online psychics may be a great solution. During the sessions, you can ask the questions that concern you and get insightful answers. The bragging point of psychic readings online is that you can choose the most suitable method of communication and contact a specialist wherever you are. The main thing here is to choose the right site and expert to rely on. Fortunately, the above-mentioned picks and tips will help you make a formal decision.


How to prepare for online readings?

Choose the expert and make the appointment at the most suitable time. Nothing should distract you from the session. To make the most of your session, prepare the questions beforehand and make the notes.

What are the main advantages of an online psychic service?

The main strength of getting accurate readings online is the price. Compared to personal meetings, you can drastically save on the session. Moreover, it is convenient. You can get insightful advice without leaving your home.

Which aspects affect psychic reading prices?

The factors that affect the price for psychic services are the reputation of the site, the niche an expert is engaged in, and the total experience of spiritual practices. Find out more about cheap psychic readings.

How often can I approach a chat or phone psychics?

You can address the best psychics as often as you want. However, it is necessary to remember that the experts can just analyze your energy and give the possible direction for solving your problem. It is only up to you which life path to choose.

How to find the best psychics?

Although getting a free psychic session seems a rather good idea, you can find true professionals only on reputable sites. Check out the experience and real user reviews to determine the authenticity of the services of a certain expert.

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