What To Declare Before Entering US Territory

International flight travels and visits are exciting experiences. Imagine the feeling you have when you travel from one part of the world to another, more interestingly is traveling to one of the most desired countries in the world, America.

Apart from obtaining the Visa required for your stay, there are usually other papers, documents, and items you may be requested to declare before you are granted access into your country of intended visit.

This article gives valuable information on the things to declare before entering US territory. Find more information here.

9 Things To Declare Before Entering The US

According to the United States Customs and Border Protection Department, information that is expected to be declared by each traveler or member of a family can be grouped into the following 9 categories.

1. Personal Information

In this category, as a traveler, you need to give details about the following; your name (as it appears on the traveler’s international passport) and date of birth details (in full).

2. Travel Details

Here, the customs service requires that the travel states the United States street, city, and address of the destination.

3. Passport Details

One crucial document that is necessary for obtaining access to the US is a valid passport. As a result of this, the US CBP department requests for the following passport information; Passport issuing country, passport number, Country of residence, other countries visited before the intended visit to the United States, A well-screened photo confirmation

4. Travel Purpose

In this section, you declare the primary purpose of your visit to the United States. Your visits could be recorded under business purposes or other reasons like training, seminars, or conferences.

5. Food Items And Biological Samples

Usually, some travelers may have in their items food such as meat, vegetables, grains, or powder. Some other travelers may have seeds and biological samples like cell cultures and other micro-organisms media.

Additional samples may include soil, farm, and pasture materials. Therefore, it is required that all of these items are formally declared screened to ensure that the items meet the regulatory standards of the US CBP.

6. Commercial Merchandise

Usually, for business trips, travelers want to go with a few samples of their products. However, such merchandise products are not considered personal items, hence the need to declare such things. So, if you are planning on a business trip to the United States, be prepared to declare any commercial products.

7. Currency And Money

As you schedule your travel to America, you will have to declare what currencies and money you will be traveling with, if you plan to go with cash in your purse. Note that such a declaration is highly important if your money is worth $10,000 or more both in US dollars or other foreign currencies.

8. Record Of Proximity To Livestock Or Other Animals

This declaration is also essential at the customs department. In addition to the declaration stated above, you are to declare how intimate you have been with animals in terms of touching or handling prior to your travel.

9 .Total Value Of Items (Including Merchandise)

Finally, you must declare the total money value of all items you will be with during your visit to the United States.


Entering the US requires paying attention to every detail. There is no better time to prepare for your next visit to the US than now. You are assured of one of the best vacation experiences.

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