What Type of Bed is Best for You?

Getting a good night’s sleep is something that many of us strive for, and how much success we have depends on a number of factors. Having the right bed can be essential to getting the rest you really need, however, there are so many different bed frames and mattresses on the market how are you supposed to know which is best. Buying the wrong bed is damaging to the budget, and you do not want to constantly try to purchase something else until you find what works. Bed SOS understand the struggle with sleep and have this helpful guide to the best beds at the best prices.

Divan Beds

Probably the most basic bed frame on offer, you can get a divan base that holds a mattress and nothing else, or you can bag a frame that comes with storage in the form of drawers to the cavity underneath. Divan beds offer a firm and sturdy base for the mattress and could be one of the best frames for those who prefer a harder bed due to back issues. They do not tend to be pretty or flashy, it is definitely practicality winning here, but they are a nice height and practical for getting a good night’s sleep, the other pro, of course, being that they tend to be lower down the budget. Adding a headboard will bring the price up a little but you can choose any style of headboard to go with it, and they work with any mattress type you want.


If you are interested in the Eastern practice of floor sleeping but want a barrier between you and the draughts then why not consider a futon base. Made from slatted wood, this again offers a very firm sleeping base and you can either stick with tradition and have a futon mattress which is more like a thick pad, or you can get a more conventional and thicker sprung mattress or memory foam mattress for the perfect night’s sleep. There is no give in the slats, so this again is akin to sleeping on the floor and offers a very solid base. Clean and functional, futon bases tend to be light enough to move to make cleaning under the space easy, but you will have to get used to sleeping at ground level.

Slatted Base

Most other bed frames have slats of some kind and come in variety of wood and metal designs. Some are material covered, and some are plain, and there are two main types of stats. Fixed slats are similar to those found on futon bases, but the bed sits higher in a more conventional style. Sprung slats are pieces of wood that have a natural curve built in to give the bed some movement; this is not so good for those who like a solid base but will work well for others. Slatted bed bases are suitable for all types mattress so you can create a level of firmness or softness that works for you.

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