When’s The Last Time You Had An Adventure?

How much do you know about your friends? When’s the last time you teamed up to accomplish something together? Here’s a better one – when’s the last time you had an adventure? Whatever your answers are, you should try The Escape Game.

The Escape Game isn’t just a blast, it brings out the stuff you didn’t know you had in you. There’s something about the challenge of uncovering clues and solving puzzles as a team that shines a spotlight on someone’s most interesting personality traits. What kind of team members are your friends? Can you tell which one is gonna spot the clues? Who’s the problem-solver of the group? Can you guess who might emerge as the leader? That’s one of the coolest things about spending an hour in an unplugged adventure – you’ll see a side of your friends (and yourself) that you might not have noticed before.

All the cool psychological discoveries aside, The Escape Game, above all, is fun. It’s an hour in another world, another time – a scenario you’ll probably never experience anywhere else (at least we hope not – especially in the case of their game, Prison Break). The stories and environments are immersive. The props and puzzles are like they’re straight out of Hollywood (seriously, read the reviews), and the memories are priceless.

In case you needed some reasons to check it out, we came up with some for you.

Need a fun date night? The Escape Game is the perfect fit. Join other couples or make it private and take on the mission yourselves! On top of it being exciting and engaging, this is your chance to really get to know each other. In the words of the philosopher, Plato, “You can discover more about a person in one hour of play than in a year of conversation”.

Want to get the gang back together? Like we said, there’s nothing like jumping into an escape room and seeing what you’re made of. The challenge itself is only part of the fun. You can always tell when a group of close friends is playing, cause you can hear the laughter from the hallway on the way to your game.

Need to boost morale in your office? Look no further. Learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses (and experience a crash-course in effective communication). You don’t even have to escape for it to work! Check out their team building stats.

Feeling heroic and want to flex your skills on a solo mission?! This one actually isn’t recommended… but you can do it if you want! The games are probably best experienced as a team, but who are we to judge if you want to jump in and take on the challenge?

The Escape Game specializes in providing an unforgettable social experience and making heroes out of ordinary people. Team up to solve puzzles and accomplish your mission together. You might escape, but you will have fun.

Learn more at TheEscapeGame.com/SanFrancisco and follow them on Instagram @TheEscapeGameSanFrancisco.

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