Where To Get Past Life Reading Online From The Best Psychics?

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Past life readings may help you uncover the spiritual experiences you previously had and connect valuable insights with your present and future. Fortunately, today, it’s easier than ever to get professional guidance as you can find numerous services offering sessions with the most gifted psychics online. But how to make the right choice? The best platforms where you’ll get accurate past lives reading are listed below.

Top Online Services For Past Life Regression Reading

Brand name 👤 Number of psychics 💥 Welcome Bonus ✅ Special features
Kasamba 290+ 3 free chat minutes with each new psychic +50% OFF your first session • Live chat
• Notify me option
• Offline sessions
California Psychics 400+ First reading just $1 per minute • Karma rewards
• Free daily horoscope
• Accurate search
• Psychic video presentations
Keen 200+ First 3 minutes for free • Psychic match option
• Call arrangement
• Endorsed strengths  
AskNebula 50+ 100 Free Credits + 3 Free minutes • Range of filters
• List of favorites
• Daily summary
• Personal zodiac profile
Oranum 200+ Free chats & 10,000 coins for the card validation • Video calls
• Live streams
• Virtual surprises
• Video content on psychics’ pages
AskNow 250+ Free question with an introductory package +5 free minutes • Callback option
• Daily horoscopes
• Appointment schedule

Whenever you need a lesson that might help you change things, you should try to look for it in the world of subconsciousness. Use one of the reputable past lives reading services to connect with a professional psychic and get the desired result for sure.

Each service is described in detail below so that you know where to get the best past life reading online.


Kasamba has been on the market for over 20 years, which is a sign of great reputation. The most gifted readers helped more than 3 million people cope with their emotional issues, improve their romantic journeys, boost their careers, and find spiritual harmony. Whether you need to find past life reading near me, you can connect with the best psychics from all over the world online. You may pick from the list of top advisors or the one according to your budget preferences. You’ll receive guidance in multiple spheres as Kasamba have different specializations, including the following:

  • Fortune telling.
  • Tarot cards.
  • Love and relationships.
  • Pet psychics.
  • Dream analysis.
  • Past life regression therapy.
  • Astrology readings.
  • Career forecast.

Kasamba offers users to connect with advisors via live chat or phone. Some experts are also available for email readings. Once you need to unlock your memories and receive important insights from your past to improve your present life, you may contact an advisor in the most convenient way for $1.99, which is the lowest price.

You can read a more detailed Kasamba review for more information. However, this platform is definitely worth your attention due to a large number of professional life reading psychics and affordable prices.

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California Psychics

California Psychics started operating way back in 1995. More than 2 million people used the service to get spirit guides and discover what’s been hidden. And it’s no wonder why California Psychics is so popular. Only the best advisors can join the platform as they have to pass a strict application process. Just 2 out of 100 readers are accepted to become part of California Psychics. They work in different categories, such as:

  • Career advice.
  • Love and relationship.
  • Past life astrology reading.
  • Financial guidance.
  • Deceased loved ones.
  • Pet psychics.
  • Lost objects.
  • Tarot readings.

To contact past life psychics, you can pick live chat or the phone call option. If a reader is busy at the moment, schedule an appointment online. You only need to pick one of the most comfortable packages with prices ranging from $1 to $8 per minute. Although it costs more to start a session with a top advisor, California Psychics is the best choice for those seeking an accurate past lives reading.

📌 Sign Up at Californiapsychics.com and get first reading just for $1 per minute


Keen is a reputable platform with a 20-year-old history. This psychic network enabled over 35 million conversations on different issues. Moreover, the Keen website provides people with an excellent user experience with its top-notch features, including detailed expert profiles, accurate search, and a satisfaction guarantee. Among the offered categories to seek answers are the following ones:

  • Spiritual guidance.
  • Tarot cards.
  • Past life regression therapy.
  • Medium assistance.
  • Career forecast.
  • Money and prosperity.
  • Lost people and pets.

If you want to direct your energy correctly or learn lessons from your previous life, begin a session via a live chat or use an email form. An advisor will reply and give you an idea of how to move forward as soon as possible. The average price to talk to a psychic is $1.99 per minute. Of course, you may look for more Keen.com reviews, but you should give this platform a try for sure.

📌Sign up at Keen.com and get first 3 minutes for free


AskNebula is a relatively new player in the market, but it’s one of the best places to enjoy an accurate past life reading online. The best experts are available to start a session right now, so you’ll get the necessary assistance quickly. Their mission is to help a person find lifetime answers and sense in current situations. AskNebula advisors specialize in various spheres, like the ones presented below:

  • Job forecast.
  • Past life astrology analysis.
  • Business.
  • Family.
  • Life coaching.
  • Financial issues.
  • Health.
  • Spiritual development.

AskNebula offers convenient chat rooms for communication with readers. You just need to buy credits to pay for a past life regression therapy. The basic package costs $19.99. It’s pretty convenient, so if you’re looking for support and important solutions, AskNebula is at your service.

📌Sign up at AskNebula.com and get 100 Free Credits & 3 Free minutes


Once you decided to look for past life psychics, you should pay attention to Oranum. This cutting-edge platform is kind of unique in the niche. You can vote for favorite readers, watch their video stories, join live streams, and even send them virtual surprises. The range of specializations will also make you happy as you’ll find assistance within the following categories:

  • Love and relationship.
  • Previous life reading.
  • Tarot spreads.
  • Dream interpretation.
  • Family.
  • Career.
  • Fortune telling.
  • Sound baths.

Oranum allows users to get past life astrology analysis and other types of readings via video chat, phone, or messenger. However, you’ll need to top up your balance with coins first. Prices start at $0.39 per minute, while the cheapest package goes for $27.99. As you can see, the system is really attractive to try Oranum.

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📞Call: 1-(888) 584-9992

AskNow is another excellent service to enjoy accurate past life reading online. The service was created in 2005 to gather the most gifted psychics and help clients find balance. Professional advisors are available 24/7 to provide high-quality assistance to people worldwide. Whether you need support in one of the next areas, you’ll get valuable insight:

  • Past life regression therapy.
  • Money & finance.
  • Astrology.
  • Career & goals.
  • Tarot cards.
  • Spiritual guides.
  • Numerology.
  • Dream analysis.

To connect with an advisor for a psychic past life session, pick one of the offered ways of communication, including live chat and phone call. The lowest price is $1 per minute, making the service one of the cheapest. Thus, if you want to explore consciousness and what’s locked behind, AskNow is a wonderful choice.

📌Sign up at Asknow.com and claim an introductory 5 FREE minutes

What is past life regression?

Past life regression is a therapy conducted to help you uncover deep memories from your previous existence, look for emotional trauma, and explain the context of what’s happening right now. In fact, our minds hide tons of information stored in the depths of subconsciousness, and sometimes demons of the past start disturbing us in present. That’s why it’s important to recognize things that require research at a spiritual level to heal souls.

A good past life analyzer may help you figure out the origin of your fear, anxiety, connection with certain places, and confusing emotions. For instance, people with different diseases can find out what in their past caused their health conditions now, or how to heal the soul after tough circumstances. An experienced psychic makes it possible to discover blocked memories and explore the energy that affects your present.

When to get past life psychic readings?

In some cases, when you have that deja vu feeling or think that you know a person you’ve just met for ages, you experience a strong connection with the past. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to look for a psychic immediately if you have such a moment. But there are serious situations requiring a deeper analysis of your previous life:

  • You have a severe disease and passed a long period of treatment, but nothing helps.
  • You suffer from depression, phobia, anxiety, insomnia, or other mental disorders.
  • Your romantic life remains unsatisfying.
  • Career and business failures keep returning over and over again.
  • You want to discover your soul’s journey.
  • You strive to do everything to cope with addictions.

Anyhow, there may be more reasons to get past life regressions. Listen to your heart and inner voice to realize that you need to receive insight from within. The point is that you have to be mentally ready for the therapy even before seeking accurate psychic readings to access secrets hidden behind the curtains and shift the perspective.

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What to expect from a past life psychic?

The past life regression reading process may differ from advisor to advisor, depending on your needs and their skills. In some cases, a clairvoyant will scan your energy to dive into the depths of your previous experiences to explain the value of the current situation. An expert will find insights relevant to your question and give you a picture of how your soul evolved over time.

Another type of regression therapy requires hypnosis to be involved in a psychic past life session. Clients will see the scenes from their previous lives that affect their present circumstances. A professional advisor will connect you with your unconscious mind to unlock important memories.

By the way, if you want to receive important information in any sphere, you can also try tarot card readings online.

How to prepare for a past life regression?

To get all benefits of working with a past life analyzer, follow these recommendations:

  • Take a day off at work or make a space in your schedule to prepare for a past life regression and have some free time after the therapy.
  • Make a list of people playing an important role in your life if your reading is connected with them.
  • Relax and try to avoid disturbing thoughts before the session.
  • Find a quiet place where you would concentrate on yourself and wouldn’t pay attention to anything else.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or taking drugs as your mind should be clear.
  • Release from any expectations to open your heart and mind.
  • Write down questions you’d like to ask.

Chances are some of the examples provided below will help you.

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Past life regression questions examples

When you ask powerful questions during a past life reading session, you get more valuable information. You may use the following phrases as templates to make your therapy effective:

  • How can my soul be better expressed in the present?
  • In which life did a specific problem appear first?
  • What lessons did I have to learn then and did I learn them?
  • Which past life traumas require healing?
  • What role did my closest people (or a particular person) take in my past life?
  • Do the actions of my ancestors or what I did in past life affect my situation today? How can I change that to cleanse spiritually?
  • What relationship contracts lasted during past lifetimes and returned again? How to revoke undesired contracts?
  • What was my status, financial situation, or profession in my past lifetimes?
  • Did I face the same problems in my past life? What should I do to stop recurring circumstances?
  • How many lives did I previously have? How do they affect my current situation?

As you can see, it doesn’t take much time to find accurate past life reading near me. You may pick one of the services presented above and have a session with an experienced advisor from any part of the world. Prepare appropriately, and your past life regressions therapy will give you deep insights for adjusting your soul’s journey.


How to find your past life name?

If you want to know your past life name, ask a professional psychic this question. They’ll use special techniques during the session to unblock your memory and find out all about things you’re interested in.

How to know your past life by date of birth?

You need to find an expert in a past life astrology reading. Tell them when you were born and other necessary details. A professional advisor will tell you how situations and people from your past and current life interlink with each other and what to do about it.

How to find out about your past life?

Contact a professional past life psychic and describe your purpose. You can use questions from the article or ask about things that disturb you right now. Depending on the methods of work, a reader will guide you through your previous experiences and point at lessons you should learn.

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