10 Free Ways to Find Out Who Called Me

Almost everyone receives phone calls from unfamiliar phone numbers. Many people prefer to ignore the phone call instead of calling back. Well, the call may belong to any family member who needs you. Therefore, a reverse phone number lookup provides efficient results on any phone number.

These phone lookup services aim to perform an in-depth search to find out who called me. This article covers all the major and best phone number lookup services to check whose phone number is this.

Who Called Me and What Is a Reverse Phone Lookup?

The use of mobile phones and technology has combined various factors that are rising day by day. On a daily basis, many people are receiving calls from unknown people. Therefore, a reverse phone lookup service is necessary to find out who called me.

These phone lookup tools aim to provide a detailed identification report on your entered phone number. It includes name, alternate phone numbers, address, email ID, or social media accounts. Phone lookup services are always helpful when you want to decide whether you should call back or not.

Here is a list of people who might call other people from unknown numbers.

  • Phone Harassers

Many harassers already know the high-end ways to harass people. They have mysterious phone numbers that are not easily traceable. Phone harassers can call you from their different phone numbers to annoy or threaten you.

  • Stalkers

There are several people around you who keep an eye on your every single activity. Stalkers aim to trace you by physically following you or calling you.

  • Telemarketers

Nowadays, social media has so much power and influence that organizations and businesses prefer online marketing. Telemarketers tend to call you from different phone numbers to promote their product/ service.

  • Old Relatives/Friends

Almost all of us happen to lose contact with our close relatives or friends. Still, there is a chance that they can call you with their new number that might be unknown to you.

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What Makes the Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services?

There are many things that come up at the moment when you need to choose the best reverse phone lookup services. From quality to price, one should observe everything in a phone lookup service. Following are some key points that make the best reverse phone lookup services.

  • Legalized Details

It is important to know all the legal and ethical aspects of accessing any person’s data and information. In case if you don’t know the terms and conditions, then subscribe to the service and get all the details on the usage of the data.

  • Information Type

This depends on what kind of information you actually need. Many phone lookup tools are particularly providing services for employers, businesses, or personal use. Therefore, you need to decide first what information you require.

  • Accuracy and Quality

The best phone lookup service is dedicated to providing accurate and quantitative data. You should also observe what the delivery time of the lookup service is.

  • Limit to Search Phone Numbers

Some services provide their services on subscriptions. Well, some offer hundreds or few searches in a month. Many phone lookup services have hidden charges, subscriptions, and trial cancellation fees. The user can reveal a lot by analyzing how easy it is to cancel a subscription.

  • Customer Help and Support

It is an unignorable factor to look at the lookup service’s customer support team. The qualified and skilled team can have a severe effect on the service’s reputation.

10 Best Free Ways to Find Out Who Called Me

Nowadays, unknown calls can be traced in a hassle-free manner by using reverse phone lookup tools. You don’t need to worry about an unknown individual’s identity as it provides personal details, addresses, or social media profiles. Considering this, we will list down the 10 best free ways to find out whose phone number is this.

Out of all, the top 3 reverse lookup tools are.

  1. NumLooker – Identify Any Unknown Caller within a Matter of Seconds
  2. PeopleFinderFree – Safe your Money from Scammers by In-depth Results
  3. PeopleFinders – Get the Name of the Caller with Detailed Report


NumLooker is always on the list if we talk about free phone lookup services. It aims to access all the public information of any individual without going through any lengthy process. The function of NumLooker allows you to search all your queries without any limit.

Association with several credible data sources, this lookup tool gives you reliable and accurate information. NumLooker gathers factual data and makes a comprehensive user report that is helpful to obtain on-point information.

You can discover almost every single piece of information on your entered phone number. NumLooker promises to be one of the best phone lookup services to find out who is calling me.


The largest phone lookup service that helps to locate who is calling. As the name suggests, PeopleFinderFree is a phone lookup service that has the ability to fetch information on anyone. It provides in-depth searching options to get the personal details on your target phone number.

With its simplest and efficient interface, the user does not require any skill to operate it. All you need to do is enter the target’s phone number, and the results will be displayed on your screen within no time.

PeopleFinderFree aims to give beyond the typical searching results. Such resultant data contains valuable information that uncovers the mysterious identities of the callers.


Search your target’s phone number with a hassle-free search engine. PeopleFinders provides accurate public records on anyone with its powerful directory. It is a reasonably priced and easy-to-use lookup service that assists you in identifying someone via phone number.

PeopleFinders is the fastest database that instantly analyzes who’s calling me free. You can get a free detailed report containing the target’s details, address, email addresses, and social media accounts. Search unlimited queries to get authentic information on any individual.

This lookup service features an advanced search function that allows access to the court and criminal records of a target.


TruthFinder has extended details on any particular person that provides you the ease of accessing the public records. You can perform a phone number search on your target individual with an effortless procedure. It tends to give you the owner’s name, contact details, and other available public records.

With its straightforward interface, the user can easily get all the details. It keeps all the users’ data in a highly confidential manner without selling it to any third-party app. You can perform an anonymous search and uncover the social media accounts or criminal records about a person. 

Instant Checkmate

Another cheaper and effective phone number lookup – Instant Checkmate, runs a quick lookup on any phone number. It offers incredibly valuable data to find out who called me. The platform puts effort into its provided services that ensure the users access reliable data.

Instant Checkmate gathers valid data through different databases and data sources. Its cognitive interface has the ability to look up any phone number within a few seconds. The service is determined to locate and reveals the identity of who is calling you.


RealPeopleSearch offers the simplest approach to find who’s calling me with an unknown number. It allows the user to access the target’s all information and public records through phone numbers only. Trace your close relative or friends and find what is happening.

Offering various search facilities-RealPeopleSearch is able to catch the scammers, fraudsters, or pranksters. It facilitates the users to view the basic information, as well as court records and criminal records.

The platform has end-to-end encryption that protects the users’ personal data. However, RealPeopleSearch is exclusively designed to find who’s calling me free.


This phone number lookup platform aims to get the desired results on any unknown phone number. SearchPeopleFree uses an algorithmic search that instantly locates who called me. It is connected with various data carrier companies that perform an authentic phone number lookup.

SearchPeopleFree ensures data integrity and promises to keep your information secure. It offers efficient services to the targeted person and compiles the verified results in a report. Hence, it is a completely effortless solution to locate the mysterious phone calls.


As the name depicts, FindPeopleFast provides its dedicated service to lookup any phone number fastly and securely. It allows you to search any phone number and check out its history. One can get a full name, other phone numbers, addresses, and social media profiles through this platform.

FindPeopleFast has a vast database that provides valuable data to make important decisions on it. Its high-end features increase the effectiveness and take deep insights to identify an unknown caller.


TruePeopleSearch is an extremely accurate lookup service that consists of tons of information. It has all the updated data that can not be reached through any standard lookup site. Interlinked with various database directories and public records, it can truly assist you in finding who is calling.

The lookup platform has the simplest procedure to find people. It allows access to the target’s residential address, current or past location, and other details. Undoubtedly, TruePeopleSearch is above board to locate and explain every point precisely.


The easy to tackle tabs and simplicity make FastPeopleSearch into this list. It helps you in locating an unknown call and gives you all the details about who called you. The lookup service sets apart when it comes to its fast phone number searching.

FastPeopleSearch combines various public records and databases to offer authentic information. Moreover, it exhibits criminal records, scam ratings, and scams to the report.


The above article has discussed the ways to find out who called me. There are many phone number lookup services available that offer free and unlimited searches to the users. However, it is always a crucial step to select the most appropriate lookup service for your needs. For that purpose, we have gathered the best reverse phone lookup tools that will help you reveal who is calling me from an unknown number.

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