Why Hiring a Litigation Consultant Might Be the Right Move for Your Team

The job of a litigation consultant is to evaluate the cases of an attorney and develop sound trial strategies. They may also assess economic demands before a settlement, prepare questions for opposing forensic witnesses, and more. Essentially, a litigation consultant is an experienced and qualified fresh set of eyes, which is what some cases require for those involved to be in the best position possible before a trial. However, not everyone is familiar with the importance of a litigation consultant or the role they play in a case. The following information may prove useful. 

What Type of Litigation Consultants Exist?

To get an idea of the benefits of receiving litigation consulting in federal and state courts, it helps to have an understanding of what kind of litigation consultants exist. The type of case an attorney is working on can dictate which type of consultant they use since most will have specialties. Some of the most commonly requested are those in regulatory consulting, the medical field, construction, general legal consulting, and regulatory consulting. Whichever consultant you request, you can rest assured that they have the experience, degrees, and knowledge to offer qualified advice for defense or plaintiff teams. 

They May Increase the Odds of Winning a Case

Having a strong case andmaking few mistakes is ultimately what can allow someone to win a trial. Because a litigation consultant can test and refine cases, put together mock trials, prepare witnesses, and form focus groups, they may put a legal team in the best position possible to come out triumphant. 

Their Discovery Skills Are Superior

In some of the mostcomplex cases, having a litigation consultant advise where to focus the research can be invaluable. Their expertise means that there is less chance of something being missed of significant importance. During this process, they can also break down complicated concepts into easy-to-understand terms.  

They Can Assist With Expert Witness Selection

Some cases require an expert witness to strengthen a case. Their role is to provide information that bolsters the statements made by either the defendant or plaintiff. Choosing an expert can be complicated, whether it’s for a car accident, workplace incident, or something else. Therefore, leaving this job in an expert consultant’s capable hands can be a wise move to make. 

Testifying vs. Consulting

When you realize that there are differences between testifying and consulting experts, you may wonder how the same person can do both jobs. These are indeed two different tasks, and you learn that when discovering how to hire a testifying expert. However, it’s how a litigation consultant performs their job that creates the difference. A testifying expert will offer their expertise in authored opinions. In contrast, a consulting expert will take the stress from a litigation team by reviewing materials, performing research, and offering verbal opinions.

Even if your legal team isn’t familiar with hiring litigation consultants, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a suitable time to begin. There is a broad range of experts out there who can assist with a wide variety of case-forming tasks. 

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