The online supplement market has exploded over the last decade, giving consumers tons of options but very little guidance.

Shopping for safe, effective products that help you reach your fitness goals without sacrificing your health is like navigating a minefield.

One wrong step and you’re either paying for pills filled with artificial ingredients or fillers that wreak havoc on your body… 

Or throwing away hundreds of dollars on overpriced products that do NOTHING to help you reach your goals. 

Enter Inno Supps, an industry-disrupting supplement company based in Henderson, Nevada. 

Their claim is to provide clean natural supplements you can trust, so we decided to dig a little deeper into this company to see if the truth lives up to the hype.  


Some fly-by-night supplement sellers claim to preserve your health with “sugar-free” products, stuffed full of cheap artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. What they won’t tell you is that sucralose is literally made from a sugar molecule combined with CHLORINE!


Even though it’s terrible for your health, the cheap cost is great for their bottom line. 

Inno Supps puts your health before profits. 

The truth is, making delicious healthy supplements isn’t cheap, but Inno Supps is willing to pay the price to make supplements that taste great without sacrificing your health. They use only use natural sweeteners like monk fruit that may actually BENEFIT your health.

PLUS – you won’t have to worry about exaggerated claims based on underdosed ingredients like other companies. Every Inno Supps product contains only the most highly studied ingredients at clinically effective doses to deliver maximum results for each and every customer. 

It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and with Inno Supps I know that their products are good for me and contribute to my overall health while helping me reach my fitness goals faster.” – Jerry I., Verified Buyer 


Ever wonder where supplement manufacturers come up with formulas for their products?

If you did a little digging into the ingredient list on second-rate supplements, you might realize that some companies base their products on nothing more than the results of a few google searches.

Not so with Inno Supps.  

The Inno Supps team is constantly working with world-class athletes, doctors and scientists who are on the cutting edge of natural health solutions. 

Every ingredient is backed by multiple gold-standard scientific studies that provide clinical evidence to ensure maximum results as well as safety. 

Inno Supps also partners with the world’s best flavor scientists to create delicious flavor profiles using only natural ingredients (no artificial sweeteners, remember?).

Then, each product formula is reviewed and endorsed by some of the world’s top doctors, like Cedars-Sinai’s Dr. David Filsoof. As a top medical adviser for a world-renowned medical center, Dr. Filsoof helps ensure that our supplements are both safe to use and optimized for maximum results.

“I believe that when it comes to supplements, they should be two things – natural and effective. That’s why I’m happy to stand by Inno Supps! Each one of their products is made with scientifically backed natural ingredients at clinically effective doses.” – Dr. Filsoof.

Plus, Inno Supps partners with elite athletes all over the world – like fitness entrepreneur Simeon Panda – who put their products to the test at the highest level. 

You can trust that every Inno Supps product will not only taste great but also supercharge your health and fitness results from within.


Ever worry about being a guinea pig for a brand new product that literally no one has ever taken or tested?

Simple mistakes in manufacturing could mean exposure to allergens, stimulants and other ingredients that may not appear on the label, creating a risk to people’s health. 

Inno Supps removes the risk to your health with a rigorous process of manufacturing and testing to protect customers from contaminated products. 

Every Inno Supps product is manufactured in the USA in GMP-certified facilities. If you’ve never heard of GMP,  it stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. It’s a system of regulations enforced by the FDA to ensure that all Inno Supps products are produced safely while reducing the risk of contamination to nearly nil.  

Then, Inno Supps works the Informed Choice process for third-party testing to make sure that each batch made contains only the ingredients on the label. This provides a second unbiased layer of protection for any consumer looking for a natural supplement to improve their health. 


Inno Supps’ obsession with helping people achieve their health and fitness goals doesn’t stop with their clean, natural supplements. 

Achieving results is easier when you have a whole community behind you. 

Inno Supps gathers like-minded people and provides them with expert recommendations for diet, exercise and even mindset in their VIP community group.

This level of knowledge, support and accountability can be critical for unlocking your potential and accelerating your health and fitness results. 

Here’s what two members of the Inno Supps VIP group had to say about the impact this community had on their lives:

“I am very, very impressed with the group! Everyone is so supportive and it feels like a family. I love that you get on there and you’re talking about the mindset part, because I think that is one of people’s biggest struggles in life with anything they do.” – Irene G. 

“The great part about this group is that you see every other individual participating and we all lift each other. So anytime I felt like I’m too tired or I don’t feel like going to the gym, I just hop in the group chat and see everybody else saying I was tired, but I still did this. So I feel like we all lift each other and motivate each other to continue to be consistent with our fitness goals” – Shawn R. 


Digging into Inno Supps products and culture makes one thing clear — the company is truly committed to helping men and women of all ages improve their health and fitness. 

Clean supplements free of artificial sweeteners and fillers, packed with science-backed ingredients at clinically relevant doses and produced at the highest standards help them stand head and shoulders above the average supplement company. 

Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, enhance athletic performance or improve your vitality at any age, Inno Supps has multiple solutions to help you unlock your potential and achieve the transformation you desire. 

They stand behind every single product with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can try any product on their site completely risk-free. 

Go here to learn more about how Inno Supps can help you.

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