Why Is CBD Oil So Expensive?

In the last few years, CBD oil has come into the limelight. Its elevation into mainstream consciousness has allowed it to flourish, with tons of companies working to cater to increased demand. As a result, consumers can find it in many places, from retail centers to online stores. Fans of this compound also tout its many potential benefits. 

These benefits may include increased relaxation, stress relief, and the reduction of body aches and pain. However, those looking for the best CBD oil may ask, “Why is it so expensive?” This latest WayofLeaf article goes over some key points regarding CBD oil prices, quality, and potency. 

What Is CBD Oil?

Before getting into pricing, it’s best to take a look into what makes up CBD oil. CBD or cannabidiol oil is a unique compound derived from hemp. And while manufacturers can get CBD from the same plants that produce marijuana, there is a stark difference. 

For instance, cannabis-derived CBD may contain THC; the substance people associate with intoxicating effects. These effects often include a wide range of physiological responses, including paranoia, drowsiness, dizziness, and perception changes. 

Typically, CBD oil that comes from hemp has a minimal level of THC. The CBD is extracted using various techniques, often along with many other chemicals, including terpenes, phytochemicals, and cannabinoids. Manufacturers suspend these substances in an emollient, which may include olive, coconut, or other oil. 

Most users take CBD oil orally. Manufacturers may include a dropper with their oils, allowing consumers to place a few drops under the tongue. They can also add CBD oils to food and drinks, such as smoothies, teas, coffees, and even baked goods. 

But How Does All This Translate to Prices?

If you’re wondering how all this translates to prices, you’re not alone. Those interested in CBD may find themselves flummoxed by the cost of an oil or any other infused product. However, we have to point out that price is relative. What may be expensive to some may not be for some. 

For this article, we’ll tie in the cost to more conventional items on the market. For example, you may find that a bottle of CBD oil costs more than a bottle of coconut or sunflower oils. There are reasons this is the case. 

CBD is a specialized compound derived from hemp, and hemp is a plant that presents a unique challenge for growers. Those that cultivate hemp are often highly skilled and trained. Growers that know what hemp needs to flourish is essential for quality, taste, and potency. Hemp, while similar to some food crops, has some very different requirements. 

For instance, to grow low THC level plants, growers must keep in mind latitude, longitude, and soil variances. Depending on the area and general climate, hemp may end up classed as cannabis. Growers must regularly inspect their hemp or risk having the entire crop destroyed. 

Inspection costs valuable time, and this often boosts up prices. In addition to frequent inspections, collecting the hemp can add to the final cost. Many farmers that produce hemp must use certain kinds of equipment, which may include a combine. A combine is a machine capable of harvesting large acres. Other equipment may consist of bed mowers and shapers. 

Other Considerations

Equipment aside, there are other reasons why CBD oil may be expensive. Reputable CBD companies must invest time and energy in creating a great product. This may include adding organic ingredients such as essential oils, quality control measures, and independent lab testing. Another consideration is the extraction method. 

The most popular and effective method uses supercritical CO2. This technique ensures that manufacturers get the highest levels of CBD, cannabinoids, and other useful compounds. The CO2 process is also cleaner and eco-conscious, but also the most costly. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to CBD oil, a good product is critical. While it’s great to save a few bucks, if you’re looking for a reliable CBD source, go with a company that uses premium ingredients. Oils of higher quality tend to last longer, taste better, and many users cite that they are more effective. 

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