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Why Low Temp Batteries are Crucial for Full Spectrum Vape Carts

URSA Extract Medical Grade Ceramic Hardware Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge

The quality of live resin vape carts keeps getting better, bolder and more aromatic every year.  Manufacturers are improving upon their ability to provide you with the full spectrum experience of cannabis and these exotic new strains are rich in terpenes, the delicate oils that give each cannabis strain its unique bouquet and flavor.  Yet few people seem to be aware that if you use the wrong battery you can burn and destroy these terpenes and completely ruin your experience.

Here is why you should use a low temperature vape battery if you are vaping top shelf vape cartridges.

1.) Not using a low temp battery can mean you destroy what you paid dearly for in you vape cart.

High temperatures burn terpenes. Terpenes are what distinguishes top shelf vape cartridges from poor quality budget carts. So if you are spending extra to get the best quality cartridge – you really need to get a low voltage battery that suits the oil in your cartridge.

2.) It tastes better.

High Temps = burned terps = bad taste. Get a better tasting hit every time when you use a low temperature vape battery.

3.) It hits like flower, but more powerful and less harsh.

If you think about what a typical indica effect is, it’s sleepy and relaxing, whereas a sativa effect is more uplifted and energized. The best weed cartridges (100% Live Resin Cartridges) can give you these entourage of effects, but only if you vape them at the right temperature.

4.) It is less likely to leach metal into your oil.

High temperatures can cause metal cartridges to leach trace amounts of the metal into your oil. When this happens, many people can taste the difference. You can see the difference when you see black trace lines, in the cartridge. Some manufacturers, like URSA Extracts use fully ceramic cartridges to prevent this contamination by metal, but low temp batteries are a must if your favorite live resin vape comes in a metal cart.

URSA Extracts Low Temperature battery and Liquid Diamond Sauce Carts

URSA Extracts, a live resin company which started producing 100% live resin vape cartridges in 2019, has led the market in perfecting the full spectrum extraction process. URSA is the first brand to offer a true low temp battery experience. So that cannabis consumers could enjoy the most out of the whole flower, live resin oil they produce.

Contact to inquire about buying a low temp vape battery. We highly recommend you try it with the recently released fully-ceramic Liquid Diamond Sauce Cartridge.


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